Valentine's Day Blues
Fanfic Information
Author Icelilly
Genre Romance
Rating K+
Pairing(s) Candy, Minor Clybe
Written January 8, 2011
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
Link Valentine's Day Blues
Fic Chronology
Pitching a Tent Valentine's Day Blues Not-so Forgotten Birthday

Valentine's Day Blue is a Candy fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and DeviantART by Icelilly.


Wendy is sick on one of her favorite times of the year. While she's recovering, she gets a Valentine's Day card from an unlikely person.


Wendy is laying in bed, sick from a serious case of the flu. She's angry over falling sick on one of her favorite times of the year, Valentine's Day. She had started working on hand-made Valentine cards weeks before hand and finished them just before getting sick. She feels as if her all her hard work went to waste.

She decides to check in with Bebe and see how her day has been. She picks up but Bebe is giggling non-stop throughout the call (because of Clyde tickling her). She tells her that she plans on spending the day with Clyde, who plans on doing a dinner and movie date. Wendy decides not to keep her and she wishes the best on her date. Bebe thanks her and wishes for her to get well soon. She comments that she'll fill her in with any missed things.

As she hangs up the phone, her mother knocks on the door and enters. She walks towards Wendy, holding a variety of different papers. Wendy asks her who dropped off the papers. Her mother, unsure of the individual's name, calls them "that fat kid who wears the red jacket and light blue hat." Shocked to find out that it was Cartman, her mother tells her that she has to get back to the oven and also tells her not to hesitate to call her if she needs anything. She smiles at her mother as she shuts the door.

Wendy begins going through all the papers, most of it being missed school work and cards from her classmates. At the bottom of the pile, she finds a red envelope with her name on it, written in Cartman's handwriting. Thinking that he sent it to her to smite her, she opens it anyway. To her surprise, it was the opposite. It was a Valentine's Day card that had the message, "I won't lie. I'm grateful you're sick right now. Not because I truly hate you but because I didn't want to be caught saying this in public. My rep means a lot to me you know that right? Well, here it goes. Wendy, would you be my valentine? ~Cartman" She later states that she always thought that there was heart underneath that "fat body of his."

A week later, she is back at school feeling better. Her girlfriends welcome her back with open arms stating that it was boring without her. She laughs though she believe that they are lying just to make her feel better. As she walks with them, she notices Cartman and Kyle going through their usual fights, Stan gripping onto Kyle's arm. The two of them leave, leaving Cartman on his own. The girls asks if she's coming with them and she them that she'll catch up to them later as she forgot something in her locker. She sneaks up to Cartman and places a kiss on his cheek. Cartman's eyes grow wide from her kiss. She tells him that she would be more than happy to be his valentine.


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