Today was normal, I sat in class like nooothing was happening. annnnd at the end of the day the teacher was all "You have two assignments to finish by friday and A project due two weeks from now" I nearly flipped. I wasnt paying attention the whole class sooooo I guess it serves me right? No idea how I got in this situation. But anyways, after school I got to finish the character entries (YAAAAY) my fingers are cramping right now but ya know, the most time I've spent on the computer is 13 hours so this finger cramping is normal for me. I'm thinking about skyping my friends but im not sure, Adrianna is probably still annoyed that I made her a South Park chacater considering she hates South Park (Anything I like that she doesnt understand she hates >.<) she's all "YAODHKUBJKEGB WHY'D YOU MAKE MEH A CHARACTER >:(" But ya know, I ignore it. Averi and Aspacia are kind of cool with it. Averi loves south park so shes totally fine with the whole thing, but Aspacia doesnt really get it. Sooooo....  YEP! (Did I do good? :l) 

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