Sonic Ace Blur


Sonic Ace Blur is a secret kid with special power that can help or cause destruction against the earth. When he is in danger he will use his chaos powers but will have no memories about the event, also because of his destruction power he have amnesia and cause his own family death.


Every emotions can cause different effect of his power of good or bad


Increase his power, uncontrolled and unstable power, and can transform to his dark form


Emotional waves, increase power and defense, and happening events around him


Increased power and defense, speed double, happening events around him


Static Powers, Increased power and defense, emotional waves, and elements powers


She is like the other peoples. She have blue hair which is always out. She wears a black shirt with red shorts and wears black shoes, but sometime she is sometime mistake as a boy because of her tomboy body and attitude.





Emerald green






Human, Hedgehog, Jew



Character History

She have no memories for is families. all She know is that she powerful and special than the other people.She also have a adopted mother, father, brother, and sister.



His Mother name is Amy Blur, her age is 33. She is a slut she will either fuck you or rape you no matter what your age, kid or adult, and because of that he have be came a asshole.


Sarah Blur is a 8 years old girl that have demon powers. She attended to south elementary school and is a 4th grade. She obtain her powers by having a near death experience by a gun shot from the robbers


Because of her devil powers she have become a pure hearted to have a dark hearted. Once every 3 weeks a black moon will increase her power to become a destruction force to the earth but because of her Good Counterpart her brother she can destroy the earth, and without her counterpart she will die too


Thunder Blur is a 8 years old boy that have god powers. He attended to south elementary school and is a 4th grade. He obtain his powers by having a near death experience by saving a women from a drunken driver.


because of his angel powers he have become a pure hearted person with no evil in him. Once every 3 weeks a white moon will increase his power to become a Simi-Power God to protect the earth but because of his Bad Counterpart sister he have focus to calm her down, and without his counterpart he will die too


Sonic's Father is her real father that survive the explosion but cause him to transform into a dragon with his own will by saying "Dragon Rage" His age is 34, and his name is David


Kyle Broflovski

Kyle and Her are enemies when they have 1st meet each other because sonic had made a joke about him been a jersey red hair Jew and also he defend Eric Cartman ever time they argue. He also call his mom a bitch, his father as a fucking faggot, and call his little brother a Canadian dildo dick wad. They are 2 main reasons that I hate about him.

Reason 1

Is that he think that he is perfect and better then my family and my self

Reason 2

He hate that Stan want to more time with me not him and jealous that I love Cartman not him

Stan Marsh

Me and Stan are OK they may argue a lot but then they come around and became friends again but sonic hate that he a hippie, Kyle best friend, and call Eric, Cartman or fatass.

Kenny McCormick and Butter Stotch

Sonic despite Kenny because he is a pervert and will do any thing to grab her ass or get her into his pants, and he hate butters because he too soft, close to Eric but like him because he have no evil bone in his body, kind to him and his family no matter what happen.

Eric Cartman

Eric Cartman is his idol. She love everything about him, he is a teddy bear, he is a evil genius , and he does not care about anybody but him, and also Sonic can see the real Eric Cartman. The real Eric Cartman is lonely and scared, and since sonic understand him and her pain so because of that Eric Cartman only show his true emotion only to Sonic.


In school everyone expect for Kyle tease about Sonic and Cartman about being a couple. for the rest of there life they have call them SonMan and when Cartman accidentally said I love you in front for everybody, Sonic and Cartman become a officially couple.


Because of her attitude and personally she is the biggest and dangerous person even worst then Eric Cartman.


Ever since she was young she have a hidden power inside of her that she cannot unleased but does not mea that his can't use her powers


Sonic is the fastest person alive and reach the limit of 1,700mph, but that at her minimum speed her max speed is 9,500 mph

Chaos Power

This is the hidden power that can be use if she in danger or use her negative emotion

Chaos Techniques

Lighting Bolt

Envelops a blue aura around the user and zips through the enemy

Ultimate Boost

the user surrounds themselves in a fiery aura and launches themselves forward at the enemy

Chaos Control

Used to warp time and space. It can be used to stop or slow down time temporarily. More often it is used to instantaneously transport matter from one place in space to another or increase or slow the speed of time in specific areas.

Chaos Spear

A lightning bolt attack released while charged

Chaos Impact

A powerful chaos energy-enhanced ground punch that creates a small earthquake

Chaos Burst

A powerful radius blast of Chaos Energy with a small radius, the user can hide in space before appearing to activate the attack

Chaos Heal

A variation of Chaos Control, the user uses time/space regression to heal any wounds or injuries

Chaos Blast

A very powerful shock wave that basically decimates all within a twenty yard radius

Chaos Lance

An upgraded version of Chaos Spear, stunning enemies and damaging them, doing more damage than normal by exploding

Spear of Light

The user fires red bolts of energy which home into the opponent. A fully charged Spear of Light can fire eight bolts simultaneously in a circular pattern, and does more damage.

Shield of Light

user creates a large shield of green, psychokinetic/chaos-enhanced energy that captures anything caught in its radius. Anything caught in the radius can then be thrown at opponents.

Chaos Rift

The user creates a sphere that is thrown to the opponent. Upon touching someone, it immediately seems to send them into space, or if it fails, it makes them dizzy, instead



Sonic was a boy before the explosion but after the explosion He become a She permitted


Sonic's father at first didn't remember his sonic because before she was a he


All chaos moves is own by sega


At first she was a tough tomboy but after Cartman confession she change to a shy girl but still have the strong attitude


She have a dark side heart and light side heart because of her explosion spilt her heart


She Idol Cartman for 4 years

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