South Park Kids Adventure (my fanmade fanfiction series) that been made in 2019, but this series will be aired on 2002 (which i was borned).
This fanfictions series is about Stan,Kyle,Cartman and Kenny and the other childrens are on the adventure for other stuff. Stan is an leader of his gang. Kyle is an hot-tempered and an passionate jew member. Cartman is an evil and racist member of Stan gang. And let's not forget Kenny, an "blonde hair wearing parka that always get killed" member. This fanfiction will have 8 season with 18 episodes. It's will have Humor, Drama, Comedy, and Action.

Characters on this series

Stan Marsh
Kyle Broflovski
Eric Cartman
Kenny Mccormick
Butters Scotch
Craig Tucker
Tweek Tweak
Token Black
Clyde Donovan
Jimmy Valmer
Timmy Burch
Dogpoo Petsuki
Wendy Testaburger
Bebe Steven
Jason White
Kevin Stoley
Sally Turner


The boys and the rest of the childrens (also parents) having an crazy ass adventures, likke traveling the U.S.A. States, superheroes , pirates, etc. The can still have fun in schools.

Season 1

The first season

Episode Titles Summary Status Author
Bloody Fundraiser The kids are playing a game called “Bloody Mary” until they realize they got cursed by it.Meanwhile,Stan and Kyle are making cards for an Annual Fundraiser for South Park Elementary School. Me
An Daily Life of Pets All the childrens pet’s are having fun on their own,making havocs,causing an mess and having an great time,well also everyone. The grumpy budgie decided to ruined their pet party. ???
Cartman’s Diet Eric Cartman have been make fun of for being fat. So he go on the diets to stop being an fat boy. But when he see sweets. He go bonkers and can control it. Kenny is going to Biloxi with Clyde. ???
Brimmy’s Diary This bluecap child named Brimmy have his normal life as a child. But when the new girl move to town, he become more antisocial with the new girl. So Stan and Kyle help him to meet the girl of his dream. ???
The Ballad of Dogpoo Petsuki The talent show are opening to day at school. But unfortunately for Dogpoo. He is an ballad lead singer. But he could think of the song to sing. So he decided to made one ???
Craig’s Gang Freak Show Craig and the rest of his gang decided to throwing a freak show for the others. Unfortunately for Tweek,he is so scared to perform in the freak show. Me
Survival of the Dumbest Stan's Gang decided to go camping without their parents. But when they stay there too long, Eric want wild. While Stan,Kyle and Kenny want to go home. Me
Real Superpowers, Cool!! While doing field trip, Stan,Kyle,Craig and the others accidently fell into an radioactive wastes. But they didn’t get hurted from the radioactive waste. They have real superpowers. Except Kevin. Me
Treasure Hunters Kenny, Wendy, Kyle, Dogpoo and Stan are playing Pirates,until the map flew by an real treasure map, it on Tampa Bay. When Cartman saw the real treasure map,he become more jealousy and find the treasures before Stan’s Pirate Crew do. Me
Robo-Stan 2000 During to Stan’s pain after the football game,he was sent to the hospital.But unfortunately he ended having robot parts. He was built to be an normal kid and an robotic kid. His life was good, but not too long. His mind is starting to cause chaos and destruction. ???
An Blue Boy Who Lost His Hat Craig lost his blue chullo hat after school. Tweek and Jimmy want to help Craig to find his missing hat. Unfortunately they ended up lost in the forest with scary creature that lurked at night. ???
Dumb Kyle Kyle accidently knock his head out completely and have an pretty hard brain drain while playing baseball. Kyle making house for birds and picking his nose and eating boogers,and the worse part is.. Kyle love Cartman’s rudeness. Stan,Kenny and Cartman want the old Kyle back. ???
Kenny’s Worst Nightmare (Kenny Special) Kenny was nervous about being killed or getting burned into ashes. But he has flashback how he was killed. ???
Stanley Goes Green Stan is sick and tired of being an only boy who think garbage is fine with them. So Stan decided to be an healthy new man. While Craig Gang decided to hunt for wild animals. Me
For the Birds Kyle and Stan are helping the birds for “South Park Bird Day”. But unfortunately, everyone try to kill the birds for some ridiculous reasons. Me
Hero for Hire Brimmy decided to join the team. But some of them think that The Bat (Brimmy) are so old school. But when Brimmy slip on an toxic waste.he gained bat powers ???
Fishing Problem Stan’s Gang decided to find the “Crimson Mountain Tuna” But unfortunately, the crimson mountain tuna is one of the biggest tuna in South Park. It’s impossible to catch it Me
Kenny The Rich Boy Kenny literally won the lottery jackpots. Cartman grew jealousy when Kenny has his new parka and his million dollars. Cartman decided to take away all of Kenny’s million dollars Me

Season 2

Another Season of SP: Kids Adventures

Episode Title Summary Status Authors
Battle Of The Band Stan’s gang decided to beat Craig’s Gang to an band battle. One of them have to win the prize. But unfortunately for Clyde terrible guitar playing, he couldn’t win for them
Game Night The Marshes are playing an game night. But Randy went a bit overboarded with the “whole game night stuff” because he keep on winning. Stan and his mother decided to help Randy.
Screwballs South Park Cows are playing baseball once again. But this time they have an rival games between South Parks and Colorado Springs Elementary School. They want to win the games to ended baseball game.
Kyle the Vampire When Kyle got bitten by an vampire bat, he become an vampire and sucking peoples bloods, including Cartman’s. Kyle need Stan’s help to become an normal kid again
My Stinky Step-brother When the bus drove by on South Park Elementary, there’s only an ball of stinky clouds, but smell terrible. But it’s turned out to be Arnold Petsuki, His step-brother.
Arizona Ranger Cartman and Clyde went to Glendale,Arizona to become bounty hunters. They seek cash and of course more money.
The Cold Case Craig Gangs are playing detective, But when the murder come to South Park, they really need to find out who the murder is.
Whodunit The kids are playing fancy party with costumes. But someone killed Cartman, They need to find out who done it.
House Of Morph Stan and the others are in a parallel universe what they can shapeshift into anything. So they try to use their morph ability to get out of this universe.
The Tale Of Two Stans Stan was been taken away by fancy people. While Stan's Lookalike named “Jonathan Chesterfield” was moved to South Park.
The Lost Bed Cartman lost his beloved bed when spring comes, So Stan, Kyle and Kenny decided to help Cartman find his bed in the junkyard.
Kenny The Knight Kenny want to be an knight when he grown-up. But during to get killed alot. He wear armors to protect his damages. But when the real knight come to South Park, They demolish all the buildings.
Voodoom Stan saw an castaway voodoo doll on the beach. When he started to touch the doll, he accidentally touch himself. But the evil spirits inside of him is taking over Stan destroying an entire city. So Kyle,Cartman,Butters and Kenny try to stop the voodoo doll.
New Lifes Stan,Kyle,Eric, and Kenny accidentally switched bodies when they got beaten up by an bully. Their new lifes turned out great, but unfortunately it’s turned into an horrible nightmare
The Kid Prostituter An strange woman who want to have sex with younger boys. So the boys decided to stop that crazy women before she make love with another boys
Super Girls League Girls decided to make their own league. But the boys teams think they'll lose their hero deeds. So they decided to stop the girls.
Follow That Parrot! Tweek lost his beloved parrot in his room. Craig and Tweek decided to get the bird back.
Hellywood Cartman want to make an movies about his life. But unfortunately for Kyle, He wouldn't allow him on the movie.

Season 3

Third Season of SP: Kids Adventures

Episode Titles Summary Status Author
Kyle The Magnificent Kyle was putting on an magic show act to entertain the other kids, well almost everyone. Which is Cartman. That's cause Kyle to grow anger at Cartman.
Pip and Damien Pip and Damien are doing their original task. But their on an deja vu timelapse. So together, they try to escape the deja vu, by doing an different thing.
There Snow Place Like Blizzard The boys got stuck in school while in the harsh blizzard. While Kevin and Jason won an million dollars.
Talent Show The boys are practicing on their talent for the talent show. But some of the students have an stage fright. And that's is Butters.
Attack Of The Gingerbots The doctor arrive to warn the town about Zygons, who impersonate anyone. Dr. Mephesto has nothing to do about the doppelganger
Back to the 90s The kids travel back in time to the 90s and trapped in this past year. They need to escape the 90s to go home in the present
Maine Problem They decided to go to Maine for the Lobster Festival. But all the lobster went missing. So the boys are helping the citizens of Maine to get the lobsters back. While Tweek having an hallunctions panic attack
The Good,The Bad, and the Token Token was dreaming about being an sheriff. But his dream turned out to be real. He have to save the citizens and face one of the most sinister outlaw of all - One Eyed Denny
To Be Hammer or Not To Be Hammer Stan was stuck in hammer form when Token accidentally freeze him. But the other “living” objects known that he actually an normal boy in a form of an hammer.
The Story Of Louis This is an story of Louis. An average boy with his average lifes. After a while, He was treated like slaves by an group of bullies. So he'll determined to stay up to himself and been an grown man.
Sleepwalking Kenny was sleepwalking after an slumber party. So the boys are trying to wake up Kenny. But Kenny is an heavy sleeper.
Boxing Fray Butters was entered at the boxing match. But he didn't know how to box. Luckily, Cartman alway have his sides. Cartman will have to train Butters to be an professional boxer
What's Dumb Luck Token accidentally broken the mirror when he brushing his hair. Butters warn him about bad luck. So he try to find an good luck charm.
We All Scream For Ice Cream Stan and the others was sweating and hot. When they here noise, an ice cream truck appeared. The want ice cream really badly.
Turd War The boys are having an turd war. But when there parent saw them playing, They immediately banned this so-called game. The kids decided to unban the game by making an community.
The Quest of Calvorn The boys are playing an new medieval game called “Quest of Calvorn” However they got trapped in the game. So they try to beat all the level to get out of this game…or they'll stuck in this game…..FOREVER.
Girl's Night out The girls are having an night out. But the boys were curious about the girl's plan. So they have an stakeout to see what the girls are doing.
The Three Blondies Kenny, Butters and Tweek are having fun each others in Hawaii. But when the volcano erupted, the people were killed or got burned by it. It's up to them to stop it, by making an sacrifices.

Season 4

The fourth season of SP: Kids Adventures

Episode Titles Summary Status Author
The Last Straw Kyle has enough of Cartman’s annoyances. Kyle trick Cartman by going to Africa. But Cartman was captured by african warriors. Kyle must have to save his “fremeny” from danger.
Demon Wings Randy was entering to the “Hot Wing Eating Contest” in Buffalo,NY. He need to train better to become an hot wings champion.
A Very Wendy Christmas PT 1 Wendy was planning to save christmas from Cartman’s evil plans. It’s up to Wendy,Kyle,Stan,Butters and Gregory to save christmas. While Mr. Mackey was planning an christmas play.
A Very Wendy Christmas PT 2 Christmas must be saved from evil Cartman. While Wendy was captured by Cartman It’s up to Stan,Kyle,Butters, and Gregory to save Wendy and christmas.
Mid-Life Cartman Cartman was disappointed because he can’t be an cool guys. So he on his mid-life crisis to fulfill his life. But some of his friends think he pushed it too far. Meanwhile, Clyde and Token are having an conversation about Jimmy.
The Missing Parka Kenny lost his beloved parka. Stan and Kyle have to get the parka back for his poor friend. Well, almost. Cartman and Dogpoo are planning on a bowling team.
Crypto-Mania Kenny saw an unusual zipping bug. Stan realized the little creature is actually an skyfish. Kyle and Cartman thinks Stan and Kenny is insane, So they try to teach them that skyfishes are an bunch of baloney. While Brimmy and Emerald are having an relationship.
Amnesia Kenny forgot that who he is, since the car accidents. The boys have to refresh Kenny’s memories.
The Midnight Getaway The boys are at the trip at Las Vegas to see the world famous person, Wayne Newton, but he was taken by thugs. The boys have to save him before his song started. Meanwhile, Sharon and Sheila went to the girl’s night out.
Bad News Cows The kids were pissed off of the basketball tournaments. Stan and Kyle need an plan to end the tournaments to enjoy the rest of the spring. While Wendy and Bebe are in detention for some reason.
Going Crazy For Sweets Tweek saw the newest candy on the commercial called “Sugar Crave”. When he eat his new candy, he begin to enjoy it’s. But when he eaten too much, he’s become from an coffee addict into an candy craving lunatic.
Hypnosis Cartman use Butters to hypnotized Kyle to do all the chores for him. Stan and the others wasn't sure about it.
South Slammers The boys went to jail when they steal candies bars. They meet their worst nightmare - Trent Boyett. They need to escape the jail..or else they'll be spending the time in jail and Trent Boyett in 4 years.
Movie Trouble The boys are watching a bunch of scary movies. But when the DVD player broken. The monsters popped out of the TV and terrorize the citizens. They have to stop the monster from scaring all the citizens.
Imitation Boy An new kids who can copy others people's voices, and it's kinda annoying. They wanted to get rid of him. But it's turned outs, he was deaf and was born to mimic others voices, and also polite and sweetheart.
That Is An Abomination!! Christophe and Kenny accidentally fuse together into like an freak of nature. Apparently, the freak of nature made more fusions,quite disturbing is it.
Alaska Travelers The boys are lost in Alaska and very cold. They need to find the home. All of the parents of South Park were very worried about their children.
We Stand Tall Some mean landowners want to buy South Park for an amusement rides. The boys need an plans to stop the landowners from buying their beloved mountain town.

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8


  • Some of the minor characters can be sometimes an main characters
  • The ship will appear thatt depend of what fanfic i wrote
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