South Park: Beyond Time And Space

So here are the plot holes for each episode.

  • Brainwashed- Wendy realizes that Tween Rave is brainwashing people, so she enlisted Coon & Friends to help her shut down the music. Meanwhile, Professor Chaos has become more evil and has recruited Trent Boyett, Dougie (who is already with him), and Scott Tenorman to commit a terrorist activity at New York City.
  • Digital Stop Watch Time Machine Part 1- The boys (including Butters) discovered a time traveling stop watch during a field trip to the Grand Canyon. But things get out of hand when Butters accidently sent them and himself back to season 1.
  • Digital Stop Watch Time Machine Part 2- Kyle, Stan, and Kenny secretly changed the past and the present has been altered. To fix their mistake, the rest of the boys travel to the future and see what has become of South Park.
  • Sleeper Agent- Professor Chaos and Dougie sent a message to Eric that Scott Tenorman has brainwashed one of the 4th graders into a sleeper agent. Eric is then led to believe that someone is out to get him due to the traps that have been attacking him. But theres more to the warning then meets the eye.
  • Beyond The Alley Of The Cartmans- Clone of Eric have raided South Park and the boys need to find out who is controling them and where they came from. Meanwhile, Randy is fending of the Eric clones to protect his family from their clutches.
  • Return To Imaginationland or Saving Private Butters- Butters/Professor Chaos had vanished off the face of the Earth. The boys (with Dougie) done their super heroe personas and search to where they last heard where he went, so they can collect ther reward money. But when the find him, they end up trapped in the evil side of Imaginationland. Can they save Butters and get out with their lives?
  • Going Down To Hell- The boys end up in the train station to Hell where they need to retrive the souls of the characters that died during the saga. Can they get the souls back from Satan, or will they get trapped in Hell for all eternity?

Give me ideas on who the main villains of the episodes after DSWTM Part 2 will be.

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