I've decided to put up to discussion some upcoming rule changes. I've been working on the new rules on and off, and although in the end they're not terribly different, I want to make everyone happy.

  • From now on, if an OC or fic article doesn't have a link, you will be notified on your userpage and have a set amount of time (probably a week) to give an admin a link or add one to the article before deletion.
  • While we will still no longer allow fics on pages, there will be full clearance to post them in blogs, as we already do - but now it'll be official :P
  • Pairing articles for which a fic and art example cannot be obtained will be deleted unless somehow notable (i.e. particular show origin) However, in terms of fic, the example does not have to be the sole pairing. (i.e. if is a Style fic with Candy, it may be an example for Candy.)
    • Speaking of which, I'm going to officially add rules against anything larger than Love Triangles and normal pairings (i.e. no Love Octagons or anything)
  • Author pages with only two South Park fics or less, unless particularly notable, will be deleted. (I don't think there's many of these but just to be safe.)
  • The format for Canon Character pages will be revised to remove canon information - with direction to the South Park Archives for that - and instead be used to include popular fanon.
    • In addition to the above, I think we may add articles for episodes which impacted the fandom significantly, such as "The Coon" in Season 13.
  • I am hoping to find a way to better include fan art and role plays in the Wiki - however, it is difficult to do fan art due to ownership issues, and roleplays are often started and seldom active.
  • More to come...

Note these are NOT yet in effect yet and are here for discussion purposes.

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