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    South Park Season X

    August 12, 2014 by JJHero

    "South Park Season X " is a fan-made spinoff of South Park created by JJHero. The season consists of 20 episodes. New episodes will be uploaded approximately three times a week.

    Cuts at work cause Randy to end up on the short list for downsizing after a disastrous situation at work. Worried for his family and his 'expensive social life', Randy decides to enter a new, far more dangerous business to keep the money flowing: the drug business. But to protect himself and his family, he creates an alter-ego with a history of drug dealing: the mighty Meth Man.

    Randy is sitting at his desk doing nothing. Every now and again he pushes a button on the computer. He sighs with boredom and continues doing nothing. He looks around and checks to see if anyo…

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  • JJHero

    South Park: Season 17 is a fictional season of South Park, starring Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Butters! It was created by 09jhero. It will contain 25 episodes. A second season is currently being broadcasted. If anyone wants to rate an episode, please feel free to edit the page under the ratings section of each episode. Just remember to add your user name. It has been moved to a blog post because DeviantArt doesn't work on my computer (don't know why) and I don't really like the idea of joining FF. So..... enjoy!

    Summary: Stan discovers that he has a great fear of the dentist. Meanwhile, Cartman swaps dental reports with Butters.

    Plot: At South Park Elementary, the 4th Grade class are informed by Mr. Garrison that there will be a dental c…

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