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Fall of the House of Pierzynski (S1E06)


Humor, Drama, Family


Having been recently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, the school decides to have Charlie meet with Mr. Mackey on a regular basis. Over the course of several meetings, she tells him about her life before she moved to South Park. Meanwhile, Cartman invents a delicious but dangerously unhealthy condiment, which is eventually outlawed by the FDA.


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Mistletoe Immunity: A Musical Christmas Adventure (S1E07)


Humor, Holiday, Friendship, Family


After learning that Kyle doesn't celebrate Christmas because of his religion, Charlie starts a wide-spread social movement to "bring Christmas to the Jews". Cartman and Mr. Hankey take Becca to see her baby brother. Featuring some awesome song parodies and original tunes!


To be added.


  • "Christmas Break" (to the tune of "Jingle Bells")
  • "(I Declare) Mistletoe Immunity"
  • "Bringing Christmas to the Jews"
  • "Sewer Wonderland" (to the tune of "Winter Wonderland")
  • "Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo (Reworked)"

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  • "Aunt Cindy's Wedding" (S1E09) - Charlie stays at the McCormicks' while the Marshes go to Sharon's eccentric Aunt Cindy's wedding.
  • "On the Shores of Badassia" (S1E11) - Cartman wins the lottery and uses the money to fund a full-scale military invasion of the Federation of Micronesia.
  • "Wiki Warriors" (S2E02) - Cartman, Kyle, and Charlie discover that Wikipedia is actually a massive scheme to change the course of the future by altering humanity's knowledge of history.
  • "Coon & Friends: The Warren Case" (S2E06) - The Coon & Friends team up with the Mole to infiltrate and take down a snuff pornography ring centered in Park County.
  • "Invasion of the Body Slashers" (or "South Park is Even Gayer") (Short #2) - Kyle has a nightmare in which all of the nation's ten-year-olds (besides himself) have come out as gay, and all three of his best friends are suddenly attracted to him. This strange turn of events turns out to be caused by an organization known as the Fangirls of America (FGA). Slash parody.


  • Something to do with breast-feeding... I have a feeling that I could squeeze out a whole episode given that premise alone... (One day later: no pun intended...)
  • Stan is hospitalized with a stomach condition (not sure what yet; I have to do a bit of research) that causes his chronic nausea/vomiting.
  • Some subplot that references back to "South Park Is Gay" - During the metrosexual fad, Charlie recorded footage of some of Stan, Cartman, and Kenny at their gayest, and now she uses it to blackmail them. This wouldn't be the main premise of a full episode, but it could be a subplot in an episode starring Kyle.
  • An episode that focuses almost exclusively on Cartman and Becca, probably on a strange adventure of some sort.
  • Craig's guinea pig, Stripe, dies. (Subplot...?)
  • Something with Towelie. Anything with Towelie.

Other Things

The Charlie Arc

I would like to split up this page into different pages for separate episodes. The different stories are published separately on dA, and they are all distinct from one another plot-wise. I plan to edit/workshop "Charlie" and "Brainwashing" to work out some bugs. Maybe I'll publish them all separately to FFN after this...

In the meantime, I'd like to see what I can do about splitting up the Arc article here into separate pages, since it would be more convenient for me to be able to reference the various episodes individually. I'm hoping, since they are published separately on dA, this can be done... and without having to rewrite the "plots" for each of the separate episodes on the Charlie Arc page. (Since the plots took me freakin' FOREVER to write...)

One of the Girls

This story was an experiment in the narrative style. While I'm happy with how it turned out, the sudden change in style is awkward for the continuity of the episodes. I plan to rewrite this as a script, while keeping most of the dialogue and description the same. (Since the narrative was written in the omniscient third-person present tense, it should be relatively easy to replicate.)

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