"South Park: A New Adventure" is a fan-made spinoff of South Park created by GodzillaIsland7.2. The main characters of this series are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick. Like the 8th-16th season(s) of South Park, each story arc will contain 14 episodes. If anyone wants to give me episode suggestions/ideas for un-announced episodes or what I could've for any of these episodes, then feel free to submit them by comment.

Story 1

Mecha-Streisand's Counterattack


Mecha-Streisand is back for the third time to wreak havoc in South Park, but this time she's even stronger than ever before, she's so strong and devastating that not even Robert Smith can stop her.


At the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch, Dr. Mephesto was working on one of his latest experiments until a bunch of men in black robes broke-in to the lab and attacks Mephesto until he falls unconscious and finally, they take him away once he fell unconscious.

Later at Barbra Streisand's Mountain Condo, Dr. Mephesto wakes up only to realise that he is surrouned by five men in black robes which they reaveal themself's (they did not remove their robes) as Barbra Streisand's henchmen. There plan was to reconstruct Mecha-Streisand so that they can take over the world and rebuild civilization into their liking and if Dr. Mephesto doesn't help them rebuild Mecha-Streisand, they will scald him to death and finally, Dr. Mephesto agrees to help rebuild Mecha-Streisand as he states that he would rather rebuild her than steam up like a vegetable which pleases Barbra Streisand's henchmen. So Dr. Mephesto and all of Barbra Streisand's henchmen start rebuilding Mecha-Streisand (although, Dr. Mephesto has the feeling that this is wrong) and soon, Mecha-Streisand is ready to attack as one of Barbra Streisand's henchmen pushes a button, then flips a switch, starting up Mecha-Streisand, Mecha-Streisand is now out to attack the town for the third time with all of her henchmen laughing evilly. "Can I please go home now?" Dr. Mephesto asked as if he didn't care seeing as his work with Mecha-Streisand. "Yes" said Barbra Streisand's henchmen before he knocks down Dr. Mephesto with a punch in the face, causing him to fall unconscious again. When he finally woke up, he's actually back at the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch with no memory of men in black robes ever breaking into his lab and attacking him or even being forced to rebuild Mecha-Streisand.

Later back in South Park Elementary, everyone started hearing giant footsteps, "What was that?" Kyle asked. "Oh! Some Dinosaur's coming or something, I don't know." said Mr. Garrison before the school bell goes off as a fire drill. "What the hell?" said Mr. Garrison. "All students are to evacuate the school immediately!" Principal Victoria said with the PA system. In the front of South Park Elementary, all the kids pour out happily, the boys then walk all the way to the Bijou Cinema as an after school treat, before they went in to get a ticket to see a movie, the whole theater explodes right infront of them and behind the fire appears Mecha-Streisand, who then roars at the boys with vengeance, causing the boys to scream and run away in terror, Mecha-Streisand then fires a stream of explosive fireballs from her genital area at the boys which were all miss fires, but it does, however, kill Kenny in the process. "Oh my God, she killed Kenny!" said Stan. "You ba--!" said Kyle before Mecha-Sreisand once again attacks the boys with explosive fireballs she shot from her from her genital area, and the boys once again ran away from her, but this time, they successfully managed to get away from her. Everyone else started running away as well, as Mecha-Streisand starts destroying everything like hospitals, schools, retirement homes, grocery stores and even a bowling alley, she even picked up a white woman's car while she's still inside and looked at her in the window with her big eye like in Jurassic Park, the aircraft fighters came and tried to destroy Mecha-Streisand, but Mecha-Streisand took them down with her orange-yellow lightning-like beam that she shot from her mouth. No one could stop her until Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith all came out of nowhere in their giant monster forms and attacked Mecha-Streisand from behind and they all began to do battle with her. Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith tried everything to destroy Mecha-Streisand like Laser Beams that are shot from Leonard Maltin's eyes, plasma fireballs which Sidney Poitier fires from his mouth and Cross Heat Laser beams from Robert Smith's antennas, but none of them all worked and Mecha-Streisand unleashes a stream of explosive fireballs from her genital area which knocks Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith all down.

Later at Broflovski Residence, Kyle watches all this all in the news, he kept watching and hoping that Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith will destroy Mecha-Streisand until Stan enters the house, telling Kyle that Ike is going to fight Mecha-Streisand which leaves Kyle shocked and worried and soon, the two go out and find Ike, but when they finally arrived, Ike has already gotten the Triangles of Zinthar and Krewluck in his hands, he then combines the two triangles together to form the Diamond of Pantheos even though Kyle keeps telling him not to which transforms Ike into Mecha-Ike, Mecha-Ike then goes out to find Mecha-Streisand so that he can fight her, Kyle goes out and tries to stop him and Stan told Kyle once not to go because it's too dangerous, but ends up going after him and it is revealed that Cartman witnessed and heard the whole thing and he goes after Stan, Kyle and Mecha-Ike.

Mecha-Ike is finally arrives in town, Kyle and Stan managed to catch up with him and Kyle keeps convincing Ike not to fight Mecha-Streisand because he doesn't wanna lose his brother to the mechanical dinosaur, Mecha-Ike then feels like not fighting Mecha-Streisand which makes Kyle happy until Cartman arrives and convincing Mecha-Ike to fight Mecha-Streisand, and then said in his thoughts that by convincing Mecha-Ike to fight Mecha-Streisand, it would upset Kyle. Kyle then kept on convincing him not and soon, the two got into an argument, during the argument, Kyle told Stan once to help him, but Stan states that he has nothing to contribute about the argument. "CRAP!" Kyle yell out in anger.

Meanwhile, during the fight with Mecha-Streisand, Mecha-Streisand was about to kill Robert Smith first with her chainsaw arm, but she heard Kyle and Cartman's argument about whether Mecha-Ike should fight her or not and apparently, Mecha-Streisand lets out a roar, run towards Mecha-Ike which causes Stan to warn Kyle and Cartman that Mecha-Streisand's coming which then causes Kyle and Cartman to stop their argument, the three soon got out of the way as Mecha-Streisand then attacks Mecha-Ike from behind with her tail, knocking him down. Mecha-Ike then gets up and turns around for her attention and soon, the two began to fight. Mecha-Ike tried everything to destroy Mecha-Streisand by jumping towards Mecha-Streisand and ramping her and firing Baby Blue Fire Rings from his palms which can either strangle or immobilize Mecha-Streisand, but nothing still works and Mecha-Streisand starts firing rockets from her shoulder mounted rocket launchers at Mecha-Ike which is enough to knock him down for a while, Kyle then starts to freak out about it and tried to run to him, but Stan holds his arms from the back and saying to Kyle that there's nothing he can do to save Mecha-Ike now.

Later at the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch, after seeing this all on television, Dr. Mephesto finally regains his memory about men in black robes ever breaking into his lab and attacking him and being forced to rebuild Mecha-Streisand and rushes to South Park to help.

Meanwhile, Mecha-Streisand keeps attacking Mecha-Ike with her tail, not being able to get up, making Kyle more upset with Stan feeling really bad for him and soon, Dr. Mephesto arrives and tells the boys Mecha-Streisand's one weakness which appears to be the bead on her forehead, the bead is what keeps Mecha-Streisand strong and devastating and if it ever cracks, then Mecha-Streisand will become weaker and with that being said, Kyle tells Mecha-Ike to focus his attack on Mecha-Streisand's forehead and Mecha-Ike listens and karate chops Mecha-Streisand in the forehead so hard that an electrical surge appears on Mecha-Streisand's forehead which causes Mecha-Streisand to roar in pain, revealing that the bead on her forehead was cracked which made Kyle very happy, soon enough, Mecha-Streisand roars at him with anger and tried to attack him with her tail again, only for the tail to be blown off by a plasma fireball shot by Sidney Poitier, who's already up again along with Leonard Maltin and Robert Smith to help Mecha-Ike defeat Mecha-Streisand once and for all. Mecha-Ike, Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith all continue fighting Mecha-Streisand and eventually, Leonard Maltin fires three Razor Halos from his hand which slices off Mecha-Streisand's chainsaw hand and both of her shoulder mounted rocket launchers which causes Mecha-Streisand roars in pain once again, Sidney Poitier then forms a fiery plasma fist and drives it into Mecha-Streisand's chest which fatally weakens her enough to be killed once and for all and finally, Leonard Maltin fires his Laser Beams from his eyes, Sidney Poitier fires a plasma cannon from his chest, Robert Smith fires Cross Heat Laser beams from his antennas and Mecha-Ike fires a Baby Blue energy beam from his chest, they all aimed at Mecha-Streisand's wounded chest and it explodes cauing Mecha-Streisand to let out one last roar and finally, she falls down and dies (she did not explode this time). Everyone cheers that Mecha-Ike, Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith all defeated Mecha-Streisand, Mecha-Ike then farts out the Diamond of Pantheos, causing him to turn back into regular Ike which makes Kyle so happy and gladful that he runs up to Ike and hugs him.

The town works on re-building itself, the Diamond of Pantheos is taken away to the museum for display so that nobody can have it's kind of power it holds from within, all of Barbra Streisand's henchmen were all arrested for their evil crimes, Robert Smith takes Mecha-Streisand's dead body out to the sea and he drops it into the depths and was never to be seen again so that no evil mastermind like Tom Cruise and his army of celebrities or even Barbra Streisand's henchmen can ever use her for their own evil plans and Stan walks up to Kyle, letting him know that his brother was really brave out there and Kyle agrees with Stan. Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith then came to Stan, Kyle and Ike in their giant monster forms. "Ike, you shown great courage, and we're very greatful to you. Barbra Streisand is now sinking very deep into the ocean for all eternity. Thank You." said Leonard Maltin. "You're welcome, Leonard Maltin." said Ike. Finally, Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith fly off into the sunset, still in their giant monster forms, with Stan, Kyle and Ike waving to them. "Goodbye, you guys!" Stan said to all three of them. "Disintegration is still the best album everrr!" Kyle said to Robert Smith.


Oh No! Here Comes the Gull!


Cartman is trying to get rid of a seagull that he believes is conspiring against him.


The Marshes, Broflovskis, Cartmans, McCormicks and Stoches are seen having a barbecue at the beach. Cartman was ready to eat a hot dog until a seagull appears and lands right next to him. The seagull then opens its mouth and points at it with its left feet. Cartman doesn't seem to understand what the seagull wants, Stan then comes and he tells Cartman that the seagull is hungry and want him to share his food with it. Cartman then tells the seagull that he can't have any of his food because it is his food. The seagull then starts to beg Cartman to give it his food, but Cartman knocks the seagull away. Stan was not impressed with what Cartman just did, but Cartman then points out that this is exactly why he hates Stan before he walks off with his hot dog as he eats it. The knocked down seagull then lifts its head up and glares at Cartman.

One week later, Cartman is seen walking on the side walk minding his own business until he hears an eagle-like sound. Cartman then looks around and sees the seagull standing on top of a building roof, who's looking down at him. Cartman seemed confused and continues walking until the seagull takes off, defecates his jacket and attacks him. "Dude! What the hell's your problem?!" said Cartman.

Later at Ronny's Diner, Stan, Kyle and Kenny are in a booth, together. Cartman then comes in and asks for their help. He then explains to them that the seagull from the beach barbecue is out to get him, this causes them to tilt his head in confusion. The boys then walk outside and see nothing until the seagull walks right next to them all peacefully, it seems. Stan then tells Cartman that there's nothing to be afraid of, with Kyle telling him that he's just being paranoid. The three were then about to head back inside until Cartman tries to tell them what's really going on, but they ignore him and go back inside before the seagull once again attacks Cartman.

Later at Stotch Residence, Butters is seen in his room, and Cartman comes in begging for help. Butters then asks Cartman what the problem is, and Cartman explains to Butters that there is a seagull out to get him. Butters doesn't believe him at first, but Cartman then explains how much of an evil, psychotic devil-bird the seagull is, and also explained that nobody believes him. Butters, feeling really sorry for Cartman, decides to help Cartman with his problem.

On the side walk, bird seeds on a plate are seen with Cartman, holding a bird cage, and Butters hiding in a dead-end. The seagull descends from the sky and starts eating the seeds (Like the Road Runner from Looney Tunes). Cartman then moves in for the capture of the bird, but he ends up missing hen the seagull quickly saw Cartman from behind. Stan, Kyle and Kenny approaches him and stops by, wondering what Cartman is doing on the ground with a bird-cage in his hands, and Cartman tells them that he and Butters are trying to capture and get rid of the seagull. "You're such an idiot, Cartman." said Kyle with half-closed eyes before he, Stan and Kenny walk away, leaving Cartman with the seagull, who then attacks him again. Unlucky for Cartman, Butters doesn't pay attention to the attack, as he is standing in front of an ice cream truck, buying a vanilla-flavoured ice cream (Cartman and the seagull can be seen from a distance from Butters and the ice cream truck).

Next day at South Park Elementary, kids are coming out of the school, but Cartman is seen in his locker, with Craig, Clyde and Token moving in from behind, and Craig startles Cartman by making bird sound, and he, Clyde and Token all start laughing. Token then tells Cartman that he needs to relax, as he can't believe that he's scared of the seagull that's been following him, with Craig revealing that Stan, Kyle and Kenny told them about the seagull. "Aw! Those assholes!" thought Cartman. Craig, Clyde and Token then walk away. When Cartman exits the school, he realizes that he's all alone, so he moves as slowly as possible as he can. He is too nervous to think about anything else because he kept waiting for the seagull to show up for the next attack, and he has no traps set either, and soon enough... THE SEAGULL SWOOPS DOWN AND ATTACKS CARTMAN ONCE AGAIN! Luckily for Cartman, he manages to escape the seagull's raid and begins to run as quickly as he can. Mr. Garrison then comes out and sees Cartman running from a distance. "Damn, what's his problem?" said Mr. Garrison before he briefly turns his head to the seagull before walking away.

Later at sunset, Wendy, Bebe and Red come out from the South Park Mall with shopping bags and having a laugh until they see Cartman running this way screaming in fear, and the three girls quickly move out of the way before he knocks them down like bowling pins, causing him to unintentionally enter the mall instead. "What's his problem?" said Bebe. "I think we should ask." Wendy suggested. So the girls go back inside the mall and asked Cartman what's wrong, and Cartman explains to the girls that there is a seagull out to get him. The girls tilt their heads in confusion until Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Craig, Clyde and Token all come and explain everything about the seagull to them. Wendy then wondered if Cartman's story was true. To get everybody to believe him, Cartman tells them all to come outside with him, so they all go outside and, once again, see nothing with the seagull sitting very peacefully. Wendy then moves in close to investigate. She pick up the seagull, and pets it, causing the seagull to purr. Stan, once again, tells Cartman there's nothing to be afraid of with Kyle, once again, telling Cartman that he is just being paranoid, but Cartman then tries to beg everybody to believe him. "Out!" said Kyle before he, Stan, Kenny, Craig, Clyde, Token, Wendy, Bebe and Red all leave Cartman with the seagull, who then attacks Cartman yet again. The seagull then wipes its feet on the ground it stands on right in front of Cartman's face before it takes off.

Next day at South Park Elementary, Cartman walks into Mr. Mackey's office. "Oh, hi Eric. Come on in." said Mr. Mackey. "I understand you have somethin' important you wanna talk to me about, m'kay?" he then said. Cartman then tells Mr. Mackey that he's being attacked. Mr. Mackey then tells Cartman that he can tell him anything, and then asked Cartman who's been attacking him, and Cartman says that it was a seagull. "A seagull's been attacking you? Oh for cryin' out loud, you can just tell it to, you know, go away! m'kay?" said Mr. Mackey. They then hear an eagle-like sound, turn to the window, and the see the seagull waving its right feet at the window. "OH GOD, IT'S GONNA KILL ME!" screamed Cartman, but Mr. Mackey then tells Cartman that there's no need to frighten. He then goes to the window, opens it and lets the seagull in, despite Cartman's begging. Mr. Mackey then gives Cartman a demonstration on how this bird means no harm to him, the conclusion of the demonstration causes Cartman to tilt his head in confusion. Later, all the kids come out with Cartman being the last one out, once again alone. He walks all calm, minding his own business until the seagull comes down and attacks Cartman again, Cartman, this time, tries to fight back, but keeps missing because the seagull keeps flying away, and the seagull, once again, retreats. Cartman then shakes in anger and says that he's going to kill the "stupid bird" if it's the last thing he does.

Later at the park, the seagull is seen sitting and viewing the things that are going on in the park from a bench, but, without a single notice, Cartman, disguised as a shrub, then moves in very slowly. "Aha!" shouted Cartman after he grabs the seagull before he escapes without anyone knowing.

Later at the docks, Cartman is seen arriving, holding a bird-cage that contains the seagull and a brick tied with a long enough rope, while whistling. Cartman then asked the seagull if it had any last request as he takes the seagull out of its cage before he drowns it. The seagull then begs Cartman to spare its life, but Cartman says it's too late for that. However, the seagull kept on begging, despite Cartman's denying, and Cartman eventually came into a realization that the seagull was just lonely, and that it was looking for someone to play with. Cartman then sees a flock of seagulls in the sky, and this causes him to set the seagull free to be with others of its own kind. Cartman then heard clapping, he turns around and sees Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Craig, Clyde, Token, Wendy, Bebe and Red, who all then congratulate Cartman for doing the right thing before they all leave. Cartman then heard the sound of a flock of seagulls getting louder, he turns around and sees the flock of seagulls coming down to attack him, causing him to scream and run away in terror.

Cartman's Gone Wishing


Cartman wishes on a shooting star that he was mayor of South Park.


At South Park Elementary, Cartman wins the "How I'd Run the Town if I Were Mayor" essay contest and it is announced that the mayor will be coming to Cartman's house for dinner.

Later at Cartman Residence, Liane started baking sweet-potato pies for when she and her son have dinner with the mayor. She entrusts Cartman to tell her the pies are done when the oven timer dings before she leaves to take a shower. Cartman, in the mean time, starts thinking about what he should do while the pies start cooking, but can't really seem to think of anything, and ends up falling asleep out of boredom, he then starts dreaming about rubbing that he "won" the essay and his "awesome" dinner with the mayor right infront of Kyle's face. When he wakes up, he is surrounded by Liane, Mayor McDaniels, Wendy, Mr. Garrison and Principal Victoria. Liane told Cartman that he was supposed to be watching over the pies and he let them burn, the mayor said that it was the worst dinner she ever had, and Wendy then told Cartman that she told everyone that he actually cheated on the essay by crossing off Token's name and putting his own name in its place. Mr. Garrison gives Cartman his real paper, which is given an F- for his sentence sounding like whatever Hitler would do, and Principal Victoria explains to Cartman that being mayor is a very big responsibility, and that he should not treat people in a similar way to Hitler. The mayor then leaves in anger, calling Cartman a "lying pie burner", and Liane then grounds Cartman and tells him to go to his room.

Later that night, Cartman is seen in his room in anger, not because that he got grounded by his mother, but rather because Wendy came to his house and "ruined everything". When Cartman comes up to the window, he sees a shooting star. Knowing that a wish he makes will come true, Cartman wishes that he was mayor so that he can run the town his way, and everything fades out to white.

Once everything fades in from white, Cartman finds himself inside the mayor's office, sitting on the chair that Mayor McDaniels would be sitting on. The mayor's aides come in and tell him that there are a few thing they need to go over. Cartman is very surprised that his wish came true, but his aides tell him that it wasn't just his wish, but, rather, the town's people's wish, and it's to have a leader that's inspiring and intelligent. Cartman then asks his aides how he actually became mayor of this town, and his aides tell him that when kids got the right to vote, he actually won by a landslide. Cartman then asked if the mayor's desk and chair, as well as the whole town itself, is all his, and his aids tell him it's all his. Cartman then noticed a red button on his desk and asked if it's a button, and his aides told him that it's not just a button, but, rather, his button. He then asked what the button does, and it is shown that his aides don't know what the button does. This got Cartman thinking that he should choose when to use the button, so that he won't make any mistakes. Cartman's aides then tell him that he has a meeting in 20 minutes, and also tells him that he should look at a file that just came in, and Cartman tell them that he will do so.

Later at City Hall, Cartman is seen sitting on his chair, and his aides come in his office, and asked if he read that file yet, but he said that they should have the deputy mayor, and from there, it is revealed that Wendy is deputy mayor, much to Cartman's joy because he can boss her around. Cartman is then presented the file by his aides, he takes it, gives it to Wendy and tells her to read it and do something about it. Cartman's aides then let him know that the file describes sightings of a UFO and that alien robots have landed on the mountains, but Cartman said that Earth is enclosed in a gigantic, cubical force field, created by the Federation of Planets. However, his aides then tell him that the aliens used a beam that was powerful enough to create a hole through the forcefield, allowing them to pass through inside. They also said that these robots could be a threat to the town and could cause alot of chaos and panic amongst the town's people. Cartman then tells his aides not to worry and tells Wendy to handle the situation before he leaves his office to do "his business".

Later in an exhibit dedicated to Cartman as the mayor, Liane is revealed to be a tour guide for the exhibit. Cartman shows up causing everyone to gather around him. Cartman then tells the people on the tour to feel free to take pictures of him if they pay 10 dollars, and the people do so. Wendy then comes up to Cartman, telling him that the alien robots are magnetic, and are sending down beams that turn humans into robots as well. Cartman doesn't believe it at first until he is pulled into Tweek, when he got hit by the beam along with Clyde while Cartman was doubting. When Cartman got himself free, he sees that Wendy has also become a magnetic robot. When he tries to run away, he gets blocked by everyone on the tour, who also became magnetic robots, and so Cartman tries another direction to run away to, and he was lucky enough to escape, with the robots following him.

While Cartman was trying to get back to City Hall, he sees that everyone else in South Park has become evil alien magnetic robots. Although, he also saw that Butters was the only one who hasn't become a magnetic robot, and so they go to City Hall to hide from the robots together.

Later at City Hall, Cartman and Butters were able to make it back into the office alive. Cartman then tries to lock the door so that the robots won't get in. Unfortunately, the robots are also proven to be strong enough to bust down the door and they all come in, circling around Cartman and Butters like a group of sharks, chanting "Get Eric". It is soon revealed that Butters is actually working with the alien robots, and that he is the one controlling the town's people. His reason for siding with the robots is so that he can be mayor because all that Cartman has done as mayor was ignore his responsibilities and only wanted people to think he's "cool". Butters then commanded all the robots to attack Cartman, and the robots begin to close in on him, and he can't escape because there are just too many for him to escape from. His only hope was the button on his desk, so he pushes it, and it reversed everything back to the way it was before he made that wish.

Back in his old room again, Cartman sees the wishing star through the window again. But this time, he just ignored it, as does not want anything to do with wishing stars after learning that some wishes can go horribly wrong. He then said in his thoughts that he'd rather be grounded than be torn apart by evil alien magnetic robots, as he goes to bed and falls asleep.


Cartman and the Beanstalk


When a beanstalk sprouts from the backyard of his house, Cartman climbs on it, and Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Butters must climb up to get him before something really bad happens.


Cartman is riding his Big Wheels down the road, singing to himself. He soon reaches the bus stop with Stan, Kyle and Kenny standing there. Kyle asked Cartman what he's so happy about, and Cartman tells them that he got, from what he is told, three magic beans. The three didn't believe him at first, but Cartman then shows them the beans, which are three green-coloured beans. He then told them that he got them from a passing-by man in medieval clothes, and that all he needed to do was to trade him with a cow. He then says that he'll grow them to see if there magical, Stan suggests to Cartman that it isn't a good idea, but Cartman tells him not to worry and asked what could possibly go wrong.

Later at night, Cartman is seen in the backyard of his house, already done putting the seeds into a hole and covering them with the dirt, he then proceeds with watering the hole, so that the seeds will grow when the sun comes up. After that, he goes back inside to get some sleep. Meanwhile, the seeds begin to grow roots underground without proceeds either knowing, or noticing how fast the seeds are growing.

It is now morning, Cartman goes outside to check on his beans, and, much to his surprise, he sees a beanstalk. Knowing that this might be like the 1807 fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cartman then knows that he must climb up the beanstalk, thinking he will find solid gold goods on the very top.

Later, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Butters are seen walking on the sidewalk of the neighbourhood until they see the beanstalk from Cartman's house. They entered through the gates and see Cartman, already up climbing the beanstalk, Kyle asks Cartman what he is doing, and Cartman replied that he is climbing up the beanstalk to get solid gold goods, Stan then told Cartman to get down, as it might be dangerous, but Cartman doesn't believe him and he claims that he's only trying to scare him and also said that it's not working, before he continues to climb up the beanstalk, despite Kyle telling him to wait. With no other choice, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Butters must climb up the beanstalk get Cartman before he gets in trouble with whatever's on top of the beanstalk. However, before they climb the beanstalk, they have to get axes so that they can chop down the beanstalk after they get Cartman back.

Later, Cartman made it to the top and sees a ginormous castle ahead. He then proceeds to walk forward and he comes across (as expected) the giant. "Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman." said the giant. Cartman then screams in terror and tried to run away. Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Butters also made it to the top and they see Cartman running from the giant, who is actually walking due to his size, screaming in fear. Kyle and Kenny grabs both of his arms and ignore his begging to let him go with Stan punch Cartman in the face. "I told you this wasn't a good idea." said Stan. The giant catches up to the boys laughing evilly, "Butters, take care of Cartman." said Kyle, "Let us handle this." said Kenny before the two along with Stan confront the giant. "I smell the blood of Englishmen." said the giant. Stan, Kyle and Kenny then proceed to tell the giant that they did not climb up to his area to cause any trouble, but rather to get their fat friend back. This causes Cartman to tell Stan, Kyle and Kenny that he is not leaving the place without the solid gold goods. This causes the giant to knock Stan, Kyle and Kenny out of the way, causing Butters to come up to them and ask them if they were alright, and grab Cartman. "I'll grind your bones to make my bread." said the giant before he walks away.

Later inside the giant's castle, "This ought to grind his bones very nicely." said the giant after he gets a pepper mill, Cartman looks through the glass cake cover in terror, worried that he will get his bones grinned before he gets the solid gold goods. Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Butters arrive with a glass cutter and freed Cartman. When the giant checks on Cartman, he sees that he is gone with a hole on the glass cake cover. "What?" said the giant in shock.

The giant then chases the five around his castle, as they are trying to escape. The chase continues until Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Butters managed to trip the giant, using a long rope, knocking him unconscious. The five then proceed to get out before the giant wakes up, however, Cartman attempts to tie the giant's shoestrings together as an insurance policy in case he wakes up, but ends up waking him up as a result by accident. Thus begins yet another wild chase for him only, with the giant in hot pursuit of Cartman, as Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Butters climb down the beanstalk. At the bottom, Stan, Kyle and Kenny proceed with chopping down the beanstalk, causing the giant plant to topple backwards and causing the giant to fall to his demise, the five were able to get out of the backyard and into the safest distance before the giant could crash. Stan then tells Cartman that he owes him, Kyle and Kenny an apology for doubting them with Kyle to support that by saying that if he hadn't climbed that beanstalk, he wouldn't have been in a situation like this. However, the only thing that Cartman really cared about was the fact that he was unable to get those solid gold goods at the top of the beanstalk, this causes Stan to punch Cartman in the face, knocking him down before he, Kyle, Kenny and Butters all leave him.

Chaotic Split


Butters accidentally gets hit by a beam that splits him into two separate Butters', a sweet, innocent and gullible Butters and the exact opposite that later becomes the new Professor Chaos, so Kenny must become Mysterion in order to stop him.


At South Park, Mint-Berry Crunch is seen battling with a supervillain named "The Separator". Durring the fight, The Separator fires a beam which Mint-Berry Crunch dodges, and it hits Butters, who was passing by along with Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. Mint-Berry Crunch quickly tries to defeat The Separator, but he ends up retreating to see Mint-Berry Crunch another day. After The Separator got away, Mint-Berry Crunch changes back to Bradley Biggle and approaches the boys. They see Butters stroking out, so they take him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Kenny, Bradley, Stan, Kyle and Cartman were told by the doctor that their friend, Butters, will be fine and just needs some rest, much to their relief. However, at that night, while Butters was sleeping, black liquid, from what it appears to be, begins to leak out of his mouth. It makes its way to the floor where it began to take form. Later at Stotch Residence, something came up to Butters' room, went into the closet and sees Professor Chaos' clothes.

Next day at South Park, Mint-Berry Crunch is, once again, seen battling with The Separator, and, what appears to be, Professor Chaos appears and enters the battle. As it turns out, he appears to be an evil-for-real version of Butters that was created when The Separator blasted him with his beam yesterday. When The Separator hits him with his beam, he is completely unaffected, due to only having one personality, evil. He defeated Mint-Berry Crunch by knocking him down mercilessly and kills The Separator by stabbing him with a knife. After the fight, he moves on to proceed with his reign of terror.

Later at the streets, Professor Chaos is seen walking on the sidewalk thinking about how he should begin his reign of terror until he saw a truck full of toxic waste pop a wheelie, causing the tanker to separate from the back, and the loose tanker came down infront of Professor Chaos. He then pulls the loose plug from the tanker out of curiosity to see what happens, and this causes the tanker to splash Professor Chaos with waste. He then glows green for a shot second and unwittingly fires lightning from his hands. This causes him to realize that the toxic waste has given him superhuman powers. And with that, he begins his reign of terror by attacking the town.

Later at McCormick Residence, Kenny sees it all on television, this causes him to visit Butters' house to see if he's actually home, and he's very surprised that Butters is still at home. To be 100% sure, Kenny turns on Butters' television, goes to the news channel and he sees Professor Chaos, still causing destruction, from the television. Kenny eventually comes to a realization that the beam Butters got hit by yesterday caused him to split into two personalities, and also realizes that what he saw on television was the evil Butters while the other that's with him now is the good Butters. With that aside, Kenny goes right back home into his room where he goes to his closet, opens it and pulls a curtain off a hidden chest of drawers. He opens the top drawer and pulls out a Mysterion costume. Mysterion then exits the house and goes off to stop Professor Chaos.

Later at sunset, Mysterion arrives at South Park and encounters Mint-Berry Crunch, Mysterion then explains to Mint-Berry Crunch that the Professor Chaos that's attacking the town was created as a result of Butters getting hit with The Separator's beam, Mint-Berry Crunch then suggested to Mysterion that they need to work together in order to stop him, and Mysterion accepted. And so, the two run off to find Professor Chaos.

Later at a warehouse, Professor Chaos is seen walking around while tenting his fingers, Mysterion and Mint-Berry Crunch then show up before him. Professor Chaos then reveals his plan to the two heroes; he took the snuke bomb that was removed from Hillary Clinton's vagina from the junkyard, burried the bomb somewhere under the town, and lastly, blow up the entire town. Mysterion then said to Professor Chaos that he will not get away with this, with Mint-Berry Crunch saying that he and Mysterion will both stop him. And with that, Mysterion and Mint-Berry Crunch both battle Professor Chaos, and they all seemed evenly matched. However, once Professor Chaos killed Mysterion by striking him with lighting, Mint-Berry Crunch was left as the only one to fight him, and Professor Chaos then charges for an attack before the scene immediately cuts to Kenny waking up in his bedroom. "Son of a bitch!" he then said in anger. Kenny then sits up and starts to think about a plan to find the bomb, stop Professor Chaos and save South Park from total annihilation with his eyes closed. "Of course!" said Kenny as he snapped his fingers after he opened his eyes, he then got out of bed and took off.

Back at the warehouse, Mint-Berry Crunch is getting beating from Professor Chaos. Just when all hope is lost, Mysterion returns with the bomb, much to Professor Chaos surprise. Professor Chaos then ask how he found the bomb, and Mysterion explains that he got a metal detector, used it to find the bomb, which was buried in the center of the town, dug it out and used a diagonal plier to cut the right wire that would activate the bomb, Professor Chaos is now furious with Mysterion because of it. Mysterion then helps Mint-Berry Crunch battle Professor Chaos once again, and they gain the upper hand this time, and Mysterion then kills Professor Chaos by stuffing his mouth with firecrackers and setting them off, causing his head to explode. And with that, Professor Chaos is gone for good.

Later at South Park City Hall, everyone cheers for Mysterion and Mint-Berry Crunch after defeating Professor Chaos and saving the town from a crisis, Butters was very surprised that his alter ego took on a life of its own and caused all of what has happened, but he is glad that the situation is all over with now.


Dumber Cartman


After thinking too hard and angrily on a given assignment, Cartman has a mental lapse and starts doing even stupider things and starts running outside only in his underwear.


At South Park Elementary, Mr. Garrison takes Cartman to the principal's office after finding out that he didn't do his History report for homework and failed his presentation because of it. Cartman is then seen in the principal's office being told off by Mr. Garrison, Mr. Mackey and Principal Victoria for not doing his assignment, which was very important. Liane was then called in, and she is informed that Cartman has failed his last three History reports disastrously and that if he doesn't actually work on them, he will be shipped off to a full-time reading school. Liane comments that she had no idea, Principal Victoria then asked her if Cartman has actually studied at all on his History report, and Liane sighs and reveals that he hasn't. Cartman screams at her for being "a back-stabber" and storms off. Principal Victoria suggests that Liane should not let Cartman watch television, play video games or hang out with his friends until he is finished with his History report. Before she leaves, Mr. Garrison gives Liane a History book filled with alot of pages for Cartman to read, and she thanks him as a response.

Later at Cartman Residence, Stan, Kyle and Kenny approach the door, Kyle rings the bell and Liane answers it, but she tells them that Cartman can't play with them until he's finished his homework. Stan and Kenny were surprised that Cartman has yet to finished his homework, but Kyle, on the other hand, was not, as he knew Cartman was "dumb" enough to not bother to read his History book, he then suggest that they hang out without him to which they both Stan and Kenny agree on before they left.

Inside Cartman's room, the door is locked, the windows are shut and locked, and Cartman is seen doing his assignment by reading his History book, and he is seen thinking and working too much. Eventually, his brain overloads and Cartman goes into a mental lapse and starts doing stupid things, such as taking off his clothes and running around his room naked with only his underwear on, before jumping through the window, which was loud enough to be heard by Liane, who then runs up to Cartman's room and see that he has escaped without her knowledge as to whether he is finished his homework or not, so she goes out to try and catch Cartman before he does something really crazy.

At Café Monet, Randy, Sharon, Gerald and Sheila are seen dining al fresco until Liane came up to them and asked them if they saw Cartman anywhere before they saw Cartman running by laughing like crazy. Randy asked Liane what her son is doing, and Liane told him that she doesn't know what happened and explained that she was told by the school to not let Cartman watch television, play video games or hang out with his friends until he is finished with his History report, so she closed the windows shut and locked the door to his room and wouldn't let him out until he's finished with his homework. Sharon asked if she ever let Cartman out for a break, and Liane admitted she never thought of that, and Randy, Sharon, Gerald and Sheila were annoyed of this. However, they later decided that they will help Liane catch Cartman if she promises to give him breaks every now and then, to which she accepts the promise.

Later at Marsh Residence, a tent is built in the backyard, and Randy, Sharon, Gerald, Sheila, Liane, Stuart, Carol, Stephen and Linda are all seen dressed up in army uniforms, while Randy recaps what they were told by Liane and also explains his plan of "attack": surround Cartman, close in on him and catch him. Liane ask if the plan is really necessary, with Stephen to remind her that she let her son go crazy in the first place, much to her disappointment, and with that said, Randy orders the group to move out, which they do.

Later on the sidewalk, Cartman is still running until he saw a tail of Reese's Peices on the ground, so one by one, he picks them up and eats them. From the bushes, the adults are hiding, waiting for Cartman to step on the right spot for the strike, and once he does, the adults all jump out of the bushes at the same time, surround him and quickly close in on him. Unfortunately, this only caused a chase between Cartman and the adults, with Cartman managing to get away.

Later back at the tent, Randy informs the other adults that they're gonna have to change they're "battle plan", as Cartman, with this much insanity, is much clever than first estimated before he recaps a little bit of what happened in their first plan to capture Cartman. Stephen asked Randy what's his new plan of "attack", and Randy tell him and the others that they will make a smoke bomb filled with sleeping powder.

Later, Butters is seen playing with some apples on a checkerboard blanket on the front lawn until he sees Cartman running by, making Butters tilt his head in confusion.

Meanwhile in the kitchen of Marsh Residence, Randy already finishes making the bomb, with Gerald hoping that it will work.

At an area where all the children are playing, Cartman is seen running by everyone, with Butters following him and informing everybody that Cartman is running around in his underwear, gaining the attention of Wendy, Bebe and Red, then Craig, Clyde, Jimmy, Token and Tweek before everyone else followed Cartman to see him, Cartman then starts doing stupid things that the children find funny until the adults show up with the bomb, causing all the children to run quickly as quickly as they can, Randy throws the bomb and it goes off, releasing smoke that causes Cartman to fall asleep. After that, Liane takes his son home, and vows to keep the promise she made to the other adults.

The next day at South Park Elementary, Cartman does his History presentation, which turned out to be way better than his last presentation according to Mr. Garrison, which left Cartman relieved. Later when everyone leaves the school, Stan, Kyle and Kenny all came up to Cartman to let him know that he gave out a really impressive presentation today, and Cartman tells them that he'd do anything to not shipped off to a full-time reading school. Kyle then ask Cartman what is he going to do now, and Cartman tells him that he has to go home because he's grounded for running outside almost naked, making Stan remember that and point out that everyone's been talking about it, the trio and Cartman then depart.


South Park Renaissance Fair


During the South Park Renaissance Fair, numerous glitches caused the town's new prototype dragon to go out of control. Meanwhile, Stan just can’t seem to quit trying to get the sword out of the stone.


The town of South Park hold their first annual renaissance fair, and everyone in town is dressed up like they're in medieval times. Stan, Kyle, Ike, Kenny, Cartman and Butters, with feelings of excitement, are wondering what to do today. Randy, Gerald, Stuart and Stephen bring in a robotic dragon (though it's covered in sheets), Sharon asked Randy if he and the other guys are going to be okay handling the dragon, and Randy tells her that they will be fine. Meanwhile, the boys observe this year's trophy for winning this year's games, the Golden Garuda (a golden trophy that resembles said creature), Kyle bets he could win it, but Cartman states otherwise, but Craig's Gang eventually joins in on the competition, saying they will win before leaving, causing Kyle and Cartman to change their plans on a competition against each other and work together instead. Stan then tells his friends that he will be unable to participate in this year's games as his parents were to busy with this years dragon. They're disappointed by this, but Stan informs his friends that it'll be okay and also told them that he'll find something to do for this year before departing from the group.

At City Hall, the men bring the dragon over outside. In the inside, Mayor McDaniels' aides inform her that the dragon is here, Mayor McDaniels hopes to see that the dragon is well built, so she goes outside where Randy unveils the dragon infront of her. Mayor McDaniels appears to be impressed about how well built the dragon is, and that everyone's going to love it.

The first of this year's games are escaping a maze. Cartman will be racing for The Boys while Craig will be racing for his gang, and the two then began racing through the maze when they are told to go. Although, it is very obvious that the two have no idea where to go, but Craig makes it out of the maze first, causing the boys to lose the first events.

Meanwhile, Stan is seen walking around the fair until he saw a sword stuck onto a stone on a three step wooden bench and no line ups to it what so ever. Stan grows curious to know if he should go ahead and try pulling the sword out of the stone, a passing-by man tells him that no one has been able to pull the sword out of the stone yet, and that Stan should think twice if he were him before walking away. Stan, however, shrugs, goes ahead and try it anyways, and starts pulling.

The second of this year's games is archery, Kyle will be shooting for The Boys while Clyde will be shooting for Craig's Gang. Kyle takes the first shot, which turned out to be a perfect shot. Clyde, on the other hand, didn't shoot well enough, and Craig's Gang loses because of it.

Meanwhile, Stan is still seen trying to pull the sword out of the stone. Officer Barbrady is strolling around, sees Stan pulling trying to pull the sword out of the stone, but continues strolling anyways.

The third of this year's games is tug of war, Kyle, Ike, Kenny, Cartman and Butters of The Boys are seen pulling a rope from Craig, Clyde, Token, Jimmy and Tweek of Craig's Gang, and Craig and his gang were able to pull the five boys into the mud, giving them another win, much to the boys' disappointment.

During lunch, Stan reunites with his friends and asks them how they've been doing during the games, and his friends tell him that they only have one win so far, Stan is shocked to here about this. Kyle asks Stan what he's been doing the whole time, and Stan tells his friends that he's been pulling a sword out of a stone, Butters asked if Stan has been able to pull it out yet, "Not really." said Stan. Kyle and Cartman suggest to Stan to just quit right away, as nobody in this town has been able to pull the sword out of the stone this year so far, but Stan replies that he has to, and states that maybe he could make something out of himself just by overcoming the impossibility to pull the sword out of the stone before leaving again. Cartman asks what's up with Stan.

The third of this year's games is a game of tennis, both The Boys and Craig's Gang put up a good game, but Craig's Gang still wins it.

The fourth of this year's games is a trivial challenge, Kyle once again plays for The Boys and he goes up against Token of Craig's Gang, Kyle was able to get enough right answers to give his gang the win.

The fifth and final of this year's games is a castle building contest, and all the contestants are building as best as they can.

Meanwhile, a show that retells the story of a noble knight rescuing a beautiful young princess from the ferocious dragon (which is the one Randy built for the show), a battle between both the knight and the dragon takes place, and all seems well until the dragon did something that Randy did not tell it to, he tries to get the controls working but to no avail, and the dragon then goes berserk and goes on a rampage all over the stage, strolled through the audiences chairs as the people themselves evacuated the the show, and escapes by bursting out to the town where it causes more destruction. Mayor McDaniels asked Randy what happened, and Randy told Mayor McDaniels that the dragon may be experiencing numerous glitches. Distraught about this, Mayor McDaniels asked how it could get any worse, causing the skies to become cloudy and then it started to rain, much to her annoyance. Meanwhile, Stan is still seen trying to get the sword out of the stone in the middle of the rain. When lightning is about to strike, Stan quickly moves back, and the sword is stuck by lightning, causing its steel blade to start glowing light blue, much to Stan's amazement.

Meanwhile at the castle building contest, the players are still building, but it looks like Craig's Gang was about to win the final win until the berserk dragon crashes in and starts running all over the place, everyone evacuated except the boys, who were hiding underneath their table when the dragon came in, and the dragon leaves. Cartman claims that "this is pretty sweet", and that now they have enough time to finish up their castle.

Meanwhile, Stan is still viewing the now glowing sword. He then approaches and touches it, but doesn't get shocked, which made him relieve himself. He then proceeds with continuing with pulling the sword out of the stone, and this time, he succeeds in pulling the sword out of the stone, giving him a feeling of excitement, seeing that he has pulled out the sword from the stone, something that no one has ever done during this year. From a distance, the dragon rushes towards Stan without him knowing it, but the sword has revealed to have turned magnetic when it was struck by lightning, as it pulled Stan into the direction where the dragon is going to rush over for an attack and flew towards the mechanical dragon with Stan still holding it. The dragon and sword are about to clash into each other with great speed. When Stan sees the dragon, he says "Dude! Is that the dragon Dad built?!" before the steel blade pierces though the dragon's chest, and then give it an electrical shock that was so critical that the dragon blew up into pieces, and Stan was knocked unconscious to the ground. Everyone in town gathered around to where the explosion occurred, they see the dragon in pieces, and a thought-to-be-dead Stan, still holding the sword. The rain stops with one last drop that made Stan regain consciousness, the skies begin to clear up and the sunlight shines down onto to Stan, and everyone began cheering for him, and hailing him as a hero for "slaying" the dragon, even though his act was unintentional, Kyle was surprised that Stan actually managed to pull it off in such a big way.

At sunset, for being the only contestants with a castle still intact, the boys win the Golden Garuda, much to their joy. Stan was also awarded for saving the town from destruction, he not only receives a golden king's crown with gems around it, but is also awarded with a kiss from this year's most beautiful young female warrior, who was the winner of a contest for whoever girl warrior was the most beautiful, Stan tries to talk his way out of the kiss because he already has a girlfriend, but the female warrior tells Stan that it's okay as she reveals herself to be Wendy, making Stan accept his second half of his award as well. Stan and Wendy look into each other's eyes as they smile, but Stan begins to get queasy and he throws up on her. "Eeewwww!" said Wendy, "Sorry" said Stan, "Oh, that's okay." said Wendy before the two share a laugh with each other. The episode ends with Sharon telling Randy that he should leave mechanical dragons to the professionals, to which Randy agrees to.


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