Hey guys, it's me, Dereviewer. I got a little bored so I decided to write another blog. This one's about the love triangle between Cartman, Heidi, and Kyle. We all know that when Cartman and Heidi first started dating back in Season 20, they were an awesome couple. But then Cartman reverted back to his old self and started being abusive to Heidi. Then, Kyle meddled in their relationship and temporarily stole Heidi from Cartman. Though Heidi ended up rejecting Kyle and going back to Cartman. But in "Splatty Tomato", she finally realized how much she had changed because of Cartman, and finally broke up with him.

After seeing all that, I've wondered how the love triangle is going to go in the future. Now that Heidi and Cartman are broken up, what do you guys think could happen in the future? Will they get back together, will Heidi start dating Kyle? Or will she just not date either of them and go back to being single? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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