South Park 2: War of the Stick, is a non-existent game following South Park: The Stick of Truth, an existing game based on the show which was officially released on March 4, 2014. 


The story starts in the town of South Park, where the kids in the town have been caught up with a live-action high-fantasy-themed RPG. After the events of South Park: The Stick of Truth, the Stick has been thrown into Stark's Pond, and thus the Elves and Men may have peace. The world of the game has improved, and the kids have formed many "towns" in their backyards and garages, and clans within social ranks and interests. However, two Jakovasaurs have discovered the Stick, fetching it from the water; one named Azhul and the other named Tebaug. The Az-hul wants the stick, but Tebaug will not give it to him. So Az-hul drowns Tebaug to death in the pond, and takes the Stick. Eventually, he is poisoned by the dark powers of the Stick, and becomes a cursed, ugly, and evil creature. And as the stick is discovered once again, the days of peace have gone, and the clans have begun to war against each other for the Stick of Truth once again. Its up to the new kid in town and the Fellowship of the Stick, led by the wizard, Cartman the Fat, to bring peace back into the Town. Just like in the real game, this game follows the story of a boy who has newly moved to the town of South Park, not knowing the nearing chain of events that will impact the lives of the children of South Park. However, this child, unlike the one in the first game, is a normal child. The series takes place after the events of South Park: The Stick of Truth, in which the town has gone into a 10% increase in poverty, after spending too much on growing the town, and the kids need a way to bring back the town. At the City Hall, the mayor, desperate, discovers a way to revive the city and make it rich; a long lost treasure, a holy sacred object worth billions of dollars, buried by the city's first mayor and founder, John Parker, a Mormon pioneer originally aiming to get to Utah. To get the treasure, you need all of the fragments of the treasure map, and a wooden stick soaked in Stark's Pond for a week. In the previous game, The Stick of Truth, Cartman throws away The Stick of Truth, a wooden stick, into Stark's Pond. So all of the nations involved in the RPG, the kids from North Park, the Park County education bureau with their Ginger army, aliens from outer space, the nation of Canada, al Qaeda, NAMBLA, the Church of Latter Day Saints, and many others join the epic war for the Stick, and the treasure. Soon the much city of South Park goes into chaos, and once again the kids must put on their wimpy costumes and take back the Stick. The new kids can pick between joining Kupa Keep, Cartman and Princess Kenny's kingdom of men, Elvenking Kyle's elven kingdom of Elvendor, or Northeld, Dwarf King Stan's dwarven fortress. You can pick between being a male dressed as female (like Kenny), or just a male.


The objective of the game is to go on quests to protect the Stick of Truth, obtain certain items, defeat other clans, save the people of South Park from the thieving North Park kids, negotiate between clans, build up Kupa Keep (the base of your clan), socialize with friends, and etc.

Gameplay System

The gameplay mechanics in SP2 are relatively similar to SP: The Stick of Truth, with its 2D roleplaying cartoon graphics. However, the game has now provided a bigger world, more tools, and systems.

Getting Around

In the game, the player can control the player at a 3rd-person angle, moving the character in multiple directions. 

There are also many different platforms:

1. Ice - player can slide on these platforms:

2. Obstacles - Includes slides, ropes, ladders, swings, trapdoors, etc.

Build Your Own Clan Base

Once you've reached the rank of Duke/Duchess, you can start your own fortress as part of the original kingdom you chose, 


Facebook-like App on Smartphone

A Facebook-like app, called Net, is like your gaming menu. You can scroll between parts of the app, each with its own functions.

1. Your Profile: Here, you can view your gaming status, and customize yourself and add or change weapons or body armor.

2. Social: The Social section allows you to view the profiles and role-play game status of friends you make, and chat with them, and view their comments and replies.

3. News: The News section shows what is happening in South Park. Although most new is just a bunch of crap, some news have a synchronize icon, and clicking it would allow you to go to that area where the news has explained. For example, when you hear Black Friday news, when you synchronize, you'll be able to go to the SP Mall and actually see people lining up for Black Friday, and start a quest there.

4. GPS: The GPS can show you a few routes throughout the town of South Park, though only regular roads. Places such as The Underworld (sewage), and The Wilderness, cannot be navigated using the GPS.

5. Quests: Here, your leaders and other people can provide quests for you to take.

6. Games: Here, you can enjoy a few minigames.


Your backpack is your inventory, where you put items you carry.

Your Closet

Your closet is where you can keep all non-carried items.


Quests are ways to gain experience to level-up throughout the game. Quests may be easy side-tasks provided by the show characters, or maybe part of large story arcs. 

Rules for quests:

1. Quests unable you to access certain areas vital to completing the quest.

2. Some quests are split into checkpoints. Each checkpoint has a checkbox to show you whether if you haven't completed the task as part of the quest, yet, or if its incomplete. This way you can easily keep track of what you are supposed to do.

3. You cannot do multiple quests. However, once you've started a quest, you can select a different one on your Smartphone, allowing you to change to the navigation. 

4. Completing entire super-quests will allow you to fast travel to the quest's original starting point.

Side-Quests Examples:

1. Console Wars - Each Kingdom, Men, Dwarves, and Elves, will pick a gaming system from between Wii U, X-Box One, and PS4, and battle over which console would be bought first on Black Friday.

2. Anal Probe - The aliens have returned! And now they have even deadlier, painful anal probes. With Chef, save everyone on the alien UFO before their butts explode. 

3. Save Canada - Join Ike to save Canada'a princess in the Kingdom of Canada.

4. Whale Wars - It's time to go into a game of warship battlin' and teach the Japanese whalers a lesson by joining Stan and his crew. Don't forget to beat up Deadliest Catch.

5. The Lord Is With You - Help Jesus throw a huge party.

6. Coon & Friends - You have become the newest member of Coon & Friends and must defeat Professor Chaos, General Disarray, and their army of bionic guinea pigs.

7. Somalia Ahoy - Become the greatest pirate lords of the East African Coast with Fatbeard and his gang.



As you progress in the game, helping your friends, your rankings may go up, or even down depending on how many times you've failed a task, although you can restart the task anyways. Here are the rankings.

1 Star - Pawn/ Pawness: Just follow the rules and you'll do fine.

2 Stars - Knight/ Knightess: Now you can lead expeditions and tasks.

3 Stars - Lord/ Lady: You have recieved the ability to govern and build your lil' town and start a business.

4 Stars - Prince/ Princess: You can now build a sub-kingdom.

Battling Mechanics

The battling mechanics are turn-based. The player can use common moves provided by his first and secondary weapon, as well as charms and gears worn. Here are the aspects of battling.

1. DMG: Damage is the aspect that takes away health (HP) of the opponent. If a weapon does DMG from between 50-60, it may take away an amount HP between 50 and 60 from the opponent. Taking "DMG potions" may increase the % of your damage.

Ex: 50 DMG +5%; increases DMG by 5% or 5 DMG, so that your attack does 55 DMG

2. HP: Health Points is the amount of health you have. If you have 160 HP, then your opponent will have to keep using attack moves until this 160 HP is reduced to 0 HP, in which then you are defeated. You can increase your average HP by wearing certain items. You can restore HP using health moves on yourself or by your partners, or take "health potions", and other ways.

3. MNA: Mana, is the amount of energy you can use for special moves and summoning. Special moves can perform special things that take great affect. You can gain experience or complete side-quests to unlock special moves and summonings. Mana potions can restore your mana.

Ex: Diarrhea; Player squirts diarrhea on all of the enemies, damaging them and grossing them out. Requires 8 MNA.

Ex: Summon Faggots: Harley Riders drive by, running over the enemy and blasting loud sounds that make them flinch. Requires 14 MNA.

4. Critical Hit: Critical Hits are slightly rare direct hits that do extra DMG on the victim, and sometimes knocking them unconcious for a while.

5. DS: Defense Stat is the reduction of DMG taken by the player. You can increase your Defense Stat using special moves, wearing certain items, and taking "defense potions."

6. AS: Accuracy Stats is the factor ratio between missing, hitting, or critical hitting, an attack.. You can increase your Accuracy Stat using special moves, wearing certain items, and taking "attack potions."

Special Conditions:

1. Grossed Out: The victim will be too grossed out to use a move at some turns.

2. Unconcious: The victim is very vulnerable and is unable to attack.

3. Bleeding: The victim loses health slowly.

4. Scorched: Victim is unable to attack, and quickly loses health.

5. Poisoned: The victim is very rarely able to attack, and slowly loses health.

6. Frozen: The victim is unable to move.

7. Attracted: The victim won't attack the person he/she is attracted to, and may be too stunned to move.

8. Stunned: Victim is unable to use moves for a few turns, and becomes vulnerable. 9. Embarrassed: The victim is stunned, and loses defense, however, gains attack.

Ex) Hockey Stick: Level 6 

DMG (damage): 120-150 (average DMG)

Critical Hit Ratio: 10%-20% per turn

The World

The town of South Park is divided into parts to create the multiple-world gaming experience. Once you've finished all quest requirements for a certain area, you can unlock the next.

List of "Lands":

1. South Suburbia - This is where the main characters of the show and Kupa Keep are. Its located at the south-east sector of the town around the church, SP Elementary School, and the kid's neighborhood. Gingers hang out at the school here. Your house is also here.

2. Eastern Main - This area is located east of SP Main street; the shops and businesses nearest to the suburbs. Places include the SP Community Center and SP Public Library, plus the SP Synagogue Hells Pass Hospital, Play Park, and Tweak's Coffee. Goths and Street Pirates hangout here. KIndergarteners have a base at the Play Park obstacle playground.

3. North Suburbia - This is the largest suburban zone, north of Eastern Main and at the north-east corner of South Park. It is home to the "Dwarven" stronghold, "Elven" stronghold, and includes Black Residence, the SP Graveyard, and SP Junior High. Street Pirates have a base here, the Star Trek kids (Trekkies) have a base here, the Girls' Secret Base is somewhere here, and many other kid clans are here. Stan's "Marshtown" clan base is also located here.

4. North Communes - This a small, more isolated part of South Park, north of North Suburbia, where the SP Leisure Retirement Homes are, plus the railroad station, North to South Park County Highway, the Ranch, and a small theatre is. Cranky Old-People Live here, and it is infested with Street Pirates and North Park kids.

5. Central Main - This is the center of South Park, home to several shops and businesses, and many government/ recreational buildings, such the SP Town Hall, Colorado State Park County Court, Museum of SP, The police station, Best Buy, and the great South Park Mall. This place is "no-clan's land."

6. Urbania (Downtown) - This place is filled with shops and businesses, and acts like a huge pub zone for the kids' roleplaying. Here, many quests are available and tons of places to explore. Street Pirates are also roaming this area. The poor City Kids living in apartment complexes also dwell here.

7. South Main - This place is filled with shops and businesses as well, plus City Wok and the South Park Medical Center. Its crawling with Street Pirates, Thieves, and Mongols.

8. West Suburbia - This small suburban zone is located south-west in South Park, near SP High. Older high school kids, including jocks, nerds, hotties, and preps, are all enemies here. 

9. The Wilderness (Park County Peak National Park) - Here is a national reserve, protected by enemies, such as satanic animals, elves, and park rangers, and also filled with wonders, such as mountains, caves, forests, etc.

10. The Underworld (The Sewage System) - The Underworld is a large maze, filled with lurking thugs, street pirates, burglars, mutants, and also a few shops and businesses opened as part of the roleplaying. The Hankeys' house is here, too.

Kingdoms, Guilds, etc.

1. Kupa Keep - This kingdom was once the original protecor of The Stick of Truth, but is now a prosperous kingdom sronghold for Men. It is watched over by the Wizard King Cartman, and the fair diplomat, Princess Kenny.

2. Elvendor - This great, long-living Elvenking Kyle rules this kingdom with a crown of sticks and a wooden fist. The kingdom is famous for its beauty, abundant produce, and the reputation of its fair and powerful civilian elves. The elves, although not as physically buff as Men and Dwarves, but they are mentally strong.

3. Northeld - Northeld, standing high on the Great Mountain... er... Hill of Snow, is ruled by the mighty Dwarven King, Ike, and his fellow dwarves. Although once part of the Elven Kingdom, Ike broke away when he saw the greed of the mighty Elvenking, and decided to secede and start his own great dwarven nation. Built using the mighty snow fortress building skills of the dwarves, Northeld stands almighty to this day.

4. City of Thieves - Located deep in the Underworld, this dump was once a land of anarchy, until the mighty Thief Lord, once a retired Elf Bard, stepped in and united the Thieves, creating a mass crime organization dedicated to the welfare of each individual thief. If you want to be part of this city, you must prove your a great thief, and if you fail, you might as well strip yourself of your riches before a thief touches you.

5. Park-sau - The city, though pretty nice looking, is crawling with not-so-nice looking Street Pirates. Once an abandoned swimming pool at South Park Junior High, it has become a pirate republic for all Street Pirates. The city floats on the chlorine-rich water.

6. The Giggling Donkey - Located at The Bard's (Jimmy Valmer's) villa, the giggling donkey is large hub located and governed by the Elven Kingdom. Its packed with The Bard's Mafia gang, who own the place, and where weary travelers can come and drink, party, or pick a fight.

7. Guild of Goths - A small Goth community located in the South Park Elementary Trash fill, and is famous for its illegal shipping business of cigarettes, coffee, and etc.

8. Hobonia - Located in the Park County dump, this landfill is actually a secret base for gang kids in poverty, and sometimes homelessness.

9. Fagistan - Located at Ronny's diner, in a highway town beween South Park and Denver, Fagistan is where the Harley-motorcycle-riding faggots dwell.

10. Ft. Enterprise - The kingdom of all child sci-fi geeks, Ft. Enterprise is home to the Trekkies, who are armed with execellent technology and brain-power.

The Clans

Men of the West - Led by Queen Kenny, the Men of the West is one of the most powerful clans. The span a large domain in South Suburbia. 

Men of the East - Led by Count Clyde, the Men of the East are highly disciplined and follow many rules.

South Park 2 Story

First, you start by customizing your character, which is "boy" or "boy dressed as girl." South Park 2 starts with a young boy, you, who has just moved to South Park with his parents and his dog, Bone. Your parents tell you to take a walk, so you grab your dog, and leave. As you are walking, you see a kid being beat up by a Street Pirate. The kid turns out to be Mailman Butters. Your dog saves the kid by biting the Pirate, who flees. Butters thanks you and says he's looking for the new kid and has to give him some mail, and then he leaves. You then realize you are the new kid and go home to open the mailbox. In their is a real estate flyer, a City Sushi flyer covered in graffiti, and a letter to you written by the South Park children. The letter is an invitation to the "Choosing Ceremony." 

You go home and take a nap.

The next day, you can complete your second quest by going to the "Choosing Ceremony" at the South Park Elementary School Playground. There, all of the clans are gathered there to determine which clan you shall join as part of the roleplaying. You have to take an application test by editing your Facebook profile. Once your done, it doesn't matter what you edit, but the only several kingdoms allow you to join: the Men of the West (Led by Queen Kenny), the Men of the East (Led by Clyde), and the Elvendor Elves (Led by Kyle). Once you are done picking, you must follow whatever clan you choose into their base.

The clan leader will guide you on your tutorial. If you joined Elvendor or Northeld, you will immediately be called New Kid. If you chose Kupa Keep, Cartman will name you "Douchebag."

You will basically beat up a player of the kingdom as the clan leader guides you.

Then, you can select the type of class you want to be.

Types of Occupations:

Warrior: Warriors are trained melee fighters, using all sorts of sports appliances and other things to fight enemies. They are fearless and move in to engage the enemy to deal fatal blows, and to withstand those of the enemy. Weak to Thief.

Ex) Stan Marsh

Ranger: Rangers are keen and skillful, and like to use weapons that deal damage from afar, without getting hurt. However, what they lack is a good defence. Weak to Warrior.

Ex) Kenny McCormick

Thief: Thieves are very smart and intelligent, move at fast speeds, dodging attacks, hit pressure points to deal easy critical hits, and have the ability to steal weapons from stunned enemies, although they require time to fully defeat an opponent. Weak to Ranger.

Ex) Craig Tucker

Rogue: Rogue are powerful, swift, and make excellent bounty hunters. Rogues don't follow the code. The fight either in small groups or solo. They deal moves the take down foes one by one. Although they have extremely high attack, they lack defense, so they try to take foes down as quick as possible. They have a high chance of evading inducement. Weak to Barbarian.

Ex) Token Black

Bard: Bards use the mighty power of art; music, martial arts, crafts, painting, and drawing, to defeat their enemies, involving sleep-inducing toons, musical instruments used for clobbering and playing music, and magical auras that can manipulate both teammates and foes. Bards are weak alone, but in a team, they prove to be extremely badass. Weak to Rogue.

Ex) Jimmy Valmer

Barbarian: Barbarians are specifically used to as the heavy weapon for beating up people. Barbarians, are ruthless, love bashing, and pack powerful punches, and are easily immune to petty attacks. They carry out attacks able to damage multiple opponents at once. However, Barbarians are highly refractory, and take a while to charge up mana. Weak to Bard.

Ex) Butters Stotch

Mage: Mages love pulling off pranks, and using dark magic and awkward human tricks to their might.  Handheld weapons are usually pranking utensils and objects from magic kits, but they do use certain sorts of "magic". This includes explosive flatulence (throwing a match on the ground then farting), metal attraction (magnetic gloves), shocking touch (rubbing feet on ground to gain electricity), and etc. Weak to Jew.

Ex) Eric Cartman (Although he says he's a Wizard, which is "way more badass than a mage")

Jew: Jews, are anti-dark magic. They devote themselves to Judaism, and struggle to overcome the evils of the outside world. They are calm, powerful at spirit, and trust no mortal. They can also heal teammates (Usually by First Aid). As their health goes down, their power goes up. Its best to take them out quickly and swiftly. Weak to Alchemist.

Ex) Kyle Broflovski

Alchemist: The Alchemist is smart, secretive, and carries many secret manipulative weapons and spells. Alchemists can rapidly change the "rules" in battle by using spells launched by potions (In real life, its drugs), and seem to change things just as you are about to pull a victory, making them very tricky and annoying opponents. Weak to Mage.

Ex) Tweek Tweak

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