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South Park Episode Ideas

One day at South Park, a new family has moved into town. The family is Muslim, the only ones in the town, in which is made up of a kid with a bloody patch near his ribs, his dad, who has a stereotypical big beard, and the mother, who is pregnant. They all have Syrian accents, and everyone is friendly to them except for Cartman, who wages they are terrorists, and Kyle, who is suspicious of the dad, named Amaso Aladdin.

What happens is, Kyle and Cartman reluctantly agree to team up, to figure out the mystery of the family. Here is what they find out.

1. Amaso wanted to move to an unpopulous place in America.

2. Amaso said he came from Syria, but before he can say the entire sentence, Mrs. Aladdin says they're actually from California.

3. The kid's wound looks like a gunshot.

4. Their last name is a ripoff of a Disney character and Asamo backwards is Osama, as in the Syrian terrorist

5. Asamo and his family's apartment # is 9-11

All of the town loves the new family, because they are all polite, and b/c they don't want to offend them.

So one day, Cartman and Kyle decide to test whether Asamo is Osama or not. They tell Stan to invite them over for dinner, and to tell his dad to put pork in the food, since Muslims don't eat pork.

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