Childhood is nonexistant show but existant cartoon, created by DanChan123. The characters of the cartoon are largely based of childhood friends as well as some stories partially created by peers, so credit is given to them. This show is largely based off of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park, a huge inspiration for this idea. There will be no plagiarism. Thank you.

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"Childhood" is a story about a group of normal 6th graders... well actually, not normal at all 6th graders, whose childhood troubles and social incapability brought them together, to go on miscellaneous and sometimes stupid quests either in or past their lovely home of Columbia Valley, Oregon, a fictional large beautiful valley surrounding a small river stretching out of the northern Oregon river border of the Columbian River into Valley Lake, the body of water at the center of the 3 towns home to the Columbia Valley. 7 kids, Danny, Jason, Tomas, Kevin, Kidd, Ronny, and Eddie, are the outliers at their school.

The school is split into many social class groups called clans. A new member of the VJH is placed into a clan with people fitting their interests, by using data from elementary school years. Clans include the Bullies, Emos, Nerds, Jocks, and etc. However, the 7 main characters, all are either unusual, or don't want to be part of the clan they are chosen for, so they become part of a clan called "the Clanless," however, this clan is actually pretty cool, and involves special kids going on crazy adventures all the time. 

The Setting: Columbia Valley

Columbia Valley is a fictional valley stretching around Valley Lake and its section of the Columbian River within northern Oregon. Its home to 3 towns, and surrounded by a lush redwood forest and out of the Valley Rim Mountains.

The 3 Towns:

East Valley - East Valley is located at the Southeast end of the valley, and is he poorest of all 3 of the towns. Originally it was the same town with West Valley, a more rich and nicer community. The schism of the 2 towns was due to the fact that in 1860, the first mayor of East Valley, Michael Warner, the older brother of Jimmy Warner, eventual mayor of West Valley, refused to sign a contract to give the East side of the forest to a special corporation called SchmitzCorp, a biological service company started in Portland, Oregon created by the evil German mad scientist/businessman, Augustine Schmitz. Schmitz needed the signatures of both brothers, however only Jimmy signed it, so the West side split from the East. Later, West Valley invested into a stock in SchmitzCorp, and got rich, while East Valley suffered economically. However, most people of the East side don't want to sell the forest because "it's the only beautiful part of East Valley left." The economical differences has also brought the two towns to hate each other, although they do share the same schools.

West Valley - West Valley is your dream neighborhood, all nice, sunshiny, and filled all the goods you'd want to buy with your favorite shops just around the corner. Thanks to SchmitzCorp, West Valley is rich and great. Everyone is well dressed, nicely behaved, and totally smarter than the kids in the East Side. Just don't wander into the forest...

North Valley - North Valley had no part in the dispute. Actually, North Valley was once a tiny Imperial Russian colony/town in the northern part of the Columbia Valley near the river section founded in the early 1800s. North Valley had an old concentration zone built by the Oregon state army during the outbreak of the Cold War due to its town center protesting why Communism is actually an okay idea and the US shouldn't fight Russia.

The Main Characters

Danny Genevieve Watson: 11-year-old, 6th Grade American boy, who lives in East Valley, and attends Valley Junior High (VJH), home to the Vixens. He recently moving to the town from Portland, Oregon, and at school, because he had no elementary school data at the district, so he is placed into the "clanless," with the 6 other boys, a thing he at first, is reluctant to, but later realizes how nice it is, and can provide time to escape his weird family. He's a casual American boy, and is part of a huge and crazy middle-class family. He loves videogames and pizza, and hates most of his family. He's constantly bullied by his "slut"-like valley girl sister, Kate, and is annoyed about how his family is like. His mom is a workaholic and worrywart, his dad is in a case of mental illness which causes immaturity in the mind, plus is addicted to fantasy roleplay, his sister is a slut/bully, his younger brother thinks he's a dinosaur and bites people and roars, his first uncle is a metrosexual, his second uncle is marijuana addicted, his aunt always calls him 'cute' annoyingly, his grandma watches black and white TV and never communicates, his grandfather has alzheimer's, and his dog is more like a rabid bear. His family is also highly conservative of their geneology and Christianity, although Danny is secretly an atheist. To escape his nightmare family, Danny tries to hangout with his friends as much as possible. He also has a crush on a girl called Eileen, who apparently likes him back, however they both fail to notice it and never ask each other about it, and do stupid things to attract one another. Danny hates amusement park fast-rides, because they make him barf and have diarrhea. Appearance: 4 ft tall, has regular brown hair, average weight, wears a brown jacket with a red shirt within, sometimes wears a  baseball cap, and wears blue jeans.

Danny Quotes:

  • "Fine... I'll own your stupid Taco Company."
  • "Look Mom! Its Osama bin Laden, and he's seems to be pushing something into that woman's ass!"

Jason Nicolescu: 11-year-old, 6th Grade American boy at VJH, and of Romanian background, Jason is Danny's best friend and part of their friend group. He lives in West Park, since his family is rich because his dad is the CEO of a successful child Phys Ed program. Because of his good looks and great sports record, Jason recieves alot of attention from his peers, and attracts alot of the girls. However, he doesn't like to speak, and does it seldomly. He is in the top of VJH Phys Ed, and participates in 8th Grade sports. He very energetic, and a bit addicted to Gatorade. When he entered VJH, he was classified as part of the "Jocks"- clan, however later joined the "clan-less," because the Jocks are a bunch of idiots. He's incredbly scared of cats, and his Romanian tiger-grandma, who apparently owns pet cats. Jason is an Greek Orthodox Christian, and has a bad relationship with Turks. After an incident between his grandpa and a Turkish police officer, his entire family is prohibited from setting a foot in Turkey. Danny is jealous of him sometimes, because he's a single child, is rich, has a great social record, and a good life. Appearance: 4 ft tall, Average weight, wears a sports jacket, I Heart UK T-shirt underneath, has black, slicked hair and wears gym shorts.

Jason Quotes:

  • (Raises middle finger) "You don't know what this means?! It means "up yours" in NSL."
  • "I don't like being rich, okay?"
  • "What are you looking at mutt... SCREAM! It's a cat!"

Tomas Perez: 11-year-old, 6th Grade American boy at VJH, Tomas originally lived in the "ghetto communities" of Manhattan down in the Bronx. He moved to Oregon with his single and young mother, who wanted to settle in a less big city where things are quiet, so they moved to East Valley. Tomas' personality is like the stereotypical ghetto teenager. Tomas is highly agressive, and is a bad influence on his peers, although none of the kids complain because they don't really care. Tomas has terrible anger issues, and you are never to cross him when he is mad. Tomas is a great burglar, criminal operation manager, vigilante, liar, actor, car driver, and gunman, plus, he's awfully good at scaring people, and often brings trouble to the gang. At school, he qualified for the "Bully"-clan, however refused to join because they aren't "man enough," to pick on people older and with more authority. Even the teachers and bullies are scared of him. Tomas is often seen robbing people, such as mugging a kid for a stick of gum. What James Bond can do, he probably can too. Not only that, but Tomas is proud of his criminal record, and says that if you don't do something dangerous, you're not a man. He is ignorant, somewhat childish, vengeful, and greatly anti-communist. He keeps a wall of pictures for all the people he hates, and crossed out the picture of a person when he/she is dead. He's not racist though, as he grew up with African Americans in Manhattan. He likes to pressure Eddie Reed, the "nerd" and black kid of the gang, to do criminal acts and be a "true-black." He's proud of himself for this. He also haas a trigger function of ADHD, meaning he can trigger ADHD when he is really angry. Appearance: 4 ft tall, wears a Skrillex T-shirt, an Opened Black Jacket, wears a pull down burglar's beanie, has brown and curly-ish hair, Has a tattoo of a skull on his left butt cheek, and wears black pants that sometimes sag.

Tomas Quotes:

  • "If you don't do something bad once, you'll never be a true man, nor will you accept that you have sin."
  • "Stupid nuns! They think they can't do anything bad!"
  • "Bomb my ass you stupid commies! Your last missile missed because of your squinty eyes!" (pulls down pants, facing his rear end to some North Koreans)

Kevin Li-Wei Chang: 11-year-old, 6th Grade Taiwanese-American boy at VJH, and top of the academics at the school, Kevin is a genius, almost like Sherlock Holmes, and when solving and explaining throughout mysteries and problems, he talks really fast and uses vocabulary of college professor comprehension, which makes it difficult to understand him, and his gang must pretend to understand. He went to a British school in Taiwan, and so he has a thick British accent with fluent English, and later came to West Valley. Once qualifying for the "Nerds" group, he left to start the "clan-less" because the Nerds were "creeping him out." This way, he's the leader of "the clan-less." He is often mistaken for being a "commie" by the anti-communist, Tomas Perez. He is annoyed alot, however hides his feelings well through his stand-alone attitude. He is a comebacks expert and never laughs, so all the jokes on him get put in its place. Kevin is seen as the leader of the group of kids. Kevin's archenemy is Dora, who, in the show, is an actual, live character, criminal genius, and pedophile, who has an army of angry, albino capuchin monkeys who wear red boots. Appearance: 4 ft tall, medium weight, squinted eyes, East Asian-skin tone, slick black hair, glasses, sometimes sunglasses, 'mystery' T-shirt, and wears a photographer's jacket.

  • "With many experiments, much quantifying, and lots of calculations, we can conclude that you have a sizably voluminous prosterior." (Look it up dummies)
  • "To fit my great sense of taste, I want a scoop of dainty 1st-rate Belgian chocolate at the quantification of 3 table spoons, two scoops of scented classic American-made strawberry sherbet to bring up the smell, each 2 table spoons, and several doses of sparkle on both. Then optate the blue sparkle on precisely one one moiety of the side of the 1st scoop of strawberry sherbet, then chocolate sprinkles on the other a moiety. For the second scoop of strawberry, I optate about a teaspoon of green sparkle around the perimeter. Then integrate a physical contact off red sparkle so thats its in a straight line parallel to the tangents of one of the strawberry scoops." (Kevin is ordering ice cream at Creamworld, in which the employee is confused about his order, obviously)

Randy "Kidd" Kidd: 11-year-old, Kidd is a homosexual 6th Grade American boy attending VJH. Kidd tries his best to fit in, although he is secretly gay. He can't help letting it out sometimes. However, he an incredibly good dating expert for the boys, because of his excessive knowledge of both boys and girls. Kidd is immature, and his friends lag on him, why he acts like a 4th Grader. Kidd is terrible at telling jokes, a way he annoys his friends. Kidd is a great performing artist, after being teached from his great-aunt's dance crew. Kidd's parents were killed in a bus accident, and so he had to live with his great-aunt and her friends in West Park, and help out at the dance club they own. Kidd can also impersonate both genders, and his acting skills allow him to be a good spy. He looks up to many celebrities, and can sing like any singer. He's also totally confused about the differences between the theories of Evolution and Creationism, which for example, causes him to think that, "Adam was an ape?" Appearance: 3.5 ft tall, chubby-ish, blonde hair blue eyes, wears a Hollywood T-shirt, and a wool sweater with long sleeves that has a puppy on it.

Ronny Juno Shirwood: 11-year-old, Ronny is an Australian ex-farmer child, attending VJH. Just moving since 5th Grade, Ronny speaks with heavy Australian slang. Although he is pretty smart, he's unnable to adapt, since no one can understand him, and that he's been homeschooled his whole school life until 6th Grade. He constantly raises his hnd in class, however is never called on because the teachers can stand it when he speaks. He gets A+s on oral reports because the teachers ignore him when he presents, since they can't understand him well. Ronny is a great survival expert, as a veteran of the Australian boy scouts, which is "100 times more harsh than US scouts," talks in multiple languages, and doesn't care if he has to eat dirt to survive famine. The scouts' motto is "be prepared," in America, but in Australia, its "always be prepared" (Not Really True), and Ronny states that the motto's are very different, and thus, he carries a pack full of survival and first-aid gear to "always be prepared." He very cautious. Appearance: 4 ft tall, brunette, a side burn on his cheek, wears a T-shirt of Australia, a blue hoodie, ripped jeans, and carries a backpack full of survival gear outside of his house.

Edward "Eddie" Stewart Reed: 11-year-old, comic-book loving, African American, super geek, Star Wars lover, anti-Star Trek, smarty-pants, 6th Grader, who attends VJH. Eddie is constantly being pulled on for being a geek, and forced into criminal and other sorts of "bad" activity by Tomas, who makes fun of him 'cause he's not a "true black." He orginally qualified for the "Nerd"-clan, however left because all the Nerds liked Star Trek, not Star Wars. Although he's never done any "ghetto"-things, Eddie has all the beginner's luck you can get for playing basketball, shooting handguns, robbing stores, and surviving what seems like an epic death. When he "threatens" shop workers, they constanly mistake him for a burglar, and yell, "Oh my God! A black guy is robbing the store!" with every one screaming and running away, which in contrast, a Caucasian has to do alot more (stereotype). When shooting guns, he never looks or aims, but manages to hit a bull's-eye, which, in tough situations involving guns, his friends say, "Hurry guys! Give Eddie the gun!" He also has the ability to make a basket without much skill or aiming. When he is lost in what looks like an epic death, later in the plot, he survives, either just walking in normally, or doing something cool, in which his friends become very interested in how he survived. But when he starts to explain, "Well, it happened like this..." nobody is interested anymore, leaving his survival a mystery. Appearance: 4 ft, African American, short curly hair, large glasses, wears a black Star Wars T-shirt, brown pants, and red jacket.

Recurring/Minor Characters:

Kate Genevieve Watson: Kate is Danny's malicious, valley-girl, slut, and sophomore at VHS, and is part of the VHS chearleading team. Kate is obsessed with her looks, and spends hours in the bathroom, Danny's annoyment. She dates multiple boys, breaks the dress code, spends hours texting, and watches romantic teen comedies over and over. Kate is always on messed up diets (One time she went crazy, because she thought she was 'pooping' blood, only it was because of her redbeans and cherry-coke diet), because she wants to get really skinny and be a model for he rest of her life. She bullies the kids, and gives the "I don't care" attitude to her parents. She is one of those high school stereotype teens.

Julie Artur Watson (Mrs.Watson): Mrs.Watson is Danny and Kate's mother, and wife of Frank Watson. Mrs.Watson is a workaholic, and spends extra hours working for money. she comes back really late, so she doesn't spend much time with her kids. However, her work has paid off and she's a secretary working as an auditor for the government. Her strict temper is effective on getting  tax info. Julie is a coffee addict, and is often troubled about her husband not being a goood stay home dad. Danny actually likes it this way, since he hates his family, but he still can't get time or himself 'cause Kate is in charge. Julie is also a huge worrywart. She tries to protect her kids as well as possible, and gets her way by learning martial arts, the ability to cut through semi-traffic, strict supermom skills, and the ability to win a case without the help from the family lawyer. Mrs.Watson is always in a rush, but manages to keep everything together.

Frank Genevieve Watson (Mr.Watson): Mr.Watson is diagnosed with an immaturity disorder. Once a great dad, Mr.Watson was accidentally hit in a boat accident on a trip in Venice, Italy. Mr.Watson s brain went haywire, and later he became diagnosed with this disorder. Mr.Watson s personality has become the personality of a 10-year-old. After years of Special Ed, Mr.Watson was allowed at home again as a stay home dad. This caused Mrs.Watson to start working, and become a workaholic. Mr.Watson  like his 10-year-old self, now enjoys playing live-action fantasy roleplays with some kids at the recreational center, being on the same boy scout troop as Danny and his friends, and playing videogames on Danny's system. Mr.Watson's love for fantasy role-play has made his life feel like a fantasy role-play. Mr.Watson loves fast-food.

Pete Genevieve Watson: Pete is Danny and Kate's little brother. Pete is obsessed with Barney and other dinosaur related interests. Pete pretends to be a dinosaur, putting on a dinosaur halloween costume and running around roaring at people and biting them sometimes.

Jared Nicolescu (Mr.Nicolescu): Mr.Nicolescu is Jason's dad, and is one of those sports dads who push their kids to play sports. Mr. Nicolescu is the reason the Nicolescu family is rich, since he owns a successful Phys Ed program for alot of Oregon schools, called X-ercise. Mr.Nicolescu has a bad history with his dad, Jason's grandpa, a WW2 guerilla and veteran who ran away from Axis Romania. This because Mr.Nicolescu doesn't care about geneology nor religion, and tries to get Jason's grandpa to "Americanize." They often swear to each other in Romanian. Mr.Nicolescu is terrible at gambling, golf, and other sorts of activity for rich people. Mr.Nicolescu is at the top of the PTA along with Mrs.Nicolescu. Mr.Nicolescu is pretty stubborn, and gives terrible and outdated social advice for the kids at the modern day.

Gina Nicolescu (Mrs.Nicolescu): Mrs.Nicolescu is the housewife of Mr.Nicolescu and Jason's dad. Mrs.Nicolescu is the leader of a "housewife club," a group of housewives who hang out at the West Park recreational center and gossip. Mrs.Nicolescu is very social, caring, and also is calm and doesn't worry much. Mrs.Nicolescu is a great educator about being a mom, and has helped Mrs.Watson reduce stress. 

Bianca Perez: The 29-year-old young mother of Tomas Perez, Bianca is an unskilled mother, who lets Tomas take care of himself. Bianca gave birth at age 17, causing her to quit school, and start working, something she blames on her ex-boyfriend. Bianca is also on a rush to find a husband, and goes over multiple dating websites each day.

Sampson Reed (Mr. Reed): Mr. Reed, like his son Eddie, is a huge Star Wars fan. Sampson once worked as Wyatt's student while working at SchmitzCorp as a technical engineer pupil. He later worked for a different company, where, on free time, developed a tazer-"lighsaber," resembling a Mace Windu lightsaber. He kept it as a weapon to protect his family and is very skilled with it, and once, challenged Theodor Arnason, leader of the KKK to a duel to free his son and friends who were hostages.

Wyatt: Wyatt is a friendly hobo living among the dump in East Valley. Originally the biotechnician for SchmitzCorp at their base in Portland, when he found out about Schmitz's evil plans, he tried o vanquish the corporation, however, he failed and was sued by the company, leaving him in ruins and a hobo for the rest of his life. Wyatt constanly helps the main kids, and gives them advice and such.

Eileen Drake: Danny's crush,and the way around, Eileen hangs out with the girls, and sometimes gets involved with the crazy misadventures that the boys have. She leads the girls in their girls only club tree house. Eileen supports feminism, and is one of the only kids who can beat up Tomas and make him cry, especially since Tomas is sexist. 

Brian Brets: Brian is the 7th Grade school-bully at VJH, and like stereotypical "viking-descendants," Brets has started through puberty at age 8. He has hair all over, and a tiny 'stache, and is almost 6 feet tall. Brian his perverted, and pulls cheesy jokes, so his gang has to pretend its funny or they get their butts kicked.

Dr.Alexander Schmitz: The heir to Augustine Schmitz, and also an evil, scary, criminal genius/ mad scientist. Alexander carries on his ancestor's plan to take over. Alexander Schmitz is one of the most powerful men at the time, just like his previous generations. Alexander is the boss of bosses; he's the boss of the deceased Osama bin Laden, the retired George W. Bush, Kim Jong-il and Jong-un, the KKK grand wizard, Dora the Explorer, and many other terrible villains. And he wants to be able to control the world now, and fulfill the wishes of his previous generations. But first he needs to get rid of his annoying mother.

Theodor Arnason: The Imperial Wizard of the KKK, and a top villain and part of the plan to enslave "violent and non-developed races," in Schmitz's 'dream' world. He a racist mastermind and leads the KKK. His greatest weakness is Dr.Pepper, because its "dark."

Kim Jong-un: The leader of North Korea and associate/follower of Dr. Schmitz, Kim Jong-un controls his communist state with his squinty eyes and a large belly. KIm Jong-un is described as fat, lazy, disobeying his usual rules since his dad had died, and rules the North Korea like a disgraceful pig. He wants to get rid of his father and grandfathers statues, however cannot in fear of losing the loyalty of the NK public. To let out his anger, he keeps toilet paper with his father and grandfather's faces on them, so he can wipe his ass on them to make fun of them.

Mr.Burns: Mr.Burns is the school principal, and apparently a fat one. Mr.Burns has Type 2 diabetes, breathes hard over the morning announcements, and often is seen at a fast-food place. Mr.Burns hates Republicans, and hates it when people call him fat, although everyone does, even his own teachers. Mr.Burns is against breaking the dress code, however, whenever he leans back in his chair, his belly shows, technically breaking the dress code himself. He keeps a closet full of clothes in his office in which he can change after splitting and small clothes.

Mr.Allan Monet: Mr.Monet is the 6th Grade english and history teacher and teaches the kids' first and second period class. All the main characters but Kevin and Eddie go to this class. Mr.Monet is made fun of because he's bald, has a funny Canadian accent, wears thick glasses that don't make eyes visible, and is about 4.5 ft tall. This look often distracts the class from learning. He never notices his students fooling around.

Sra.Paco: Sra.Paco is the Spanish teacher, and teaches the kids' third period class. All the main characters but Ronny go to this class. Sra.Paco is called Sra.Taco behind her back because she smells like tacos. Sra.Taco is strict and has anger problems. She's mistaken for being Mexican, and is actually from Chile.

Mario: Mario is the Mexican janitor/plumber at VJH, and is constantly swearing in Spanish when someone makes a mess, and how he's always abused by the other teachers at school, usually getting annoyed and saying, "I queet! (quit)," dropping his equipment on the floor, however later comes back after a while. He does things for really cheap wages, such as becoming Tomas' assistant hitman for 2% of the reward, or offering to sell a pound of 24-karat gold for 20 dollars; a Mexican stereotype. 

Mr.Ching: Mr.Ching is the owner of a wealthy Hong Kong Dim Sum restaraunt in West Park. However, Mr.Ching is actually a spy for the People's Republic of China, and an awful stereotypical one too (Even the chairman of the PRC thinks he overreacts). Mr.Ching threatens people with immature kung fu moves, which actually scares people. He has oversized buck teeth, and has a terrible accent, and people never walk their dogs on the street his restaraunt is on, since Mr.Ching often runs them over then takes them to his kitchen. Tomas fears him; he thinks Mr.Ching is insane.

Ms.Bosnich: Ms.Bosnich is the 6th Grade math and science teacher, and is one of those teenage crush teachers. However she's pretty strict, and is a casual teacher that wants whats best for her students. Ms.Bosnich is known for protecting her students by holding a shotgun, a handgun, and a knife in her teacher's personal cabinet, in which she uses in a Code Blue situation. Ms.Bosnich's attitude is apparently calm, and gets people to say yes by doing a striptease (She's the richest teacher at VJH, and gets the principal to give her a raise by doing stripteases). 

St.Nicholas North: Also known as Santa," St.North is a big, muscular Norwegian wizard, and is the direct ancestor of the original Santa. Like all the previous Santa's, Santa candidates, called Santies (singular: Santy) must go through a series of tests to find out who will be the best fit for "Santa." St.North is the current Santa. He's has ice powers,

St.Severus South: Also known as "Evil-Santa," St.South is the twin brother of St.North (Santa Claus), and is very evil. He serves the Anti-Christ, and is the #1 terrorist on the list, but is classified by the government, so in public, #1 was Osama bin Laden. St.South fought his brother over the role of Santa. St.South is actually the fat Santa, not St.North, since St.North is actually just muscular and big-boned. They both speak with Scandinavian accents though. St.South was inflicted with the curse of type-4 diabetes, the worst kind, and has it for eternity. 

Dora the Explorer: Dora, in the show, is the basis of the children's show, Dora the Explorer. However, Dora's show actually brainwashes kids into becoming killing machines at command, a part of Dr.Schmitz's plan to raise an army to take over the world. Dora is actually an evil, drug-dealing, Mexican child menace, who apparently has an army of evil albino capuchin monkeys who each wears a pair of red boots. 

Diego: Diego, like Dora, is evil, and is the leader of biological science expeditions in South America for SchmitzCorp. He has a pet jaguar, which is apperently a savage killer.

Episode Ideas List

Incomplete ideas or unordered ones will not be numbered. Episodes will be placed in order. There is to be no plagiarism. Thank You.

1. The New Kid: Danny Watson has just moved into Columbia Valley. Many things have changed and now he is in 6th grade, ready to start middle school at VJH. However, things haven't changed with his family; they are crazy as ever. Luckily, a turn of events with some new friends may be able to make this year feel great. Danny is placed into the "clan-less" social group within the school, and is forced to hang out with a bunch of weirdos, or are they? Although reluctant to hang out with social-class-less kids, he later finds out that the Clan-less are really cool people, and soon he and these kids are blasted into epic adventures. In the episode, Danny faces the wrath of a personality and social skill test, food fights during family dinner, a wacko dad who believes in goblins, some weird teachers, and creepy lunch ladies.

- "Al Qingda": After losing a bet of $15 to Danny, Tomas Perez is in debt. To earn money to pay for the debt, Tomas is looking for a job, however is unable to get one due to child labor laws. Not willing to use up 3 weeks helping mow the neighbor's lawns for 5 dollars each week, Tomas is (accidently) hired as a hitman, on a mission to kill a member of a Chinese terrorist organization, al Qingda (in which the chairman of the PRC refers to as totally gay and stereotypical). Mr.Ching is hired at the same time, so soon, he and Tomas must work together. Meanwhile, Danny and friend gamble to far, until they gamble at a casino, whereas they wage $15. Danny is in debt by $15, and so he also needs money. Due to child labor laws, Danny gets the janitor, Mario, to get him a job in Mexico, as a worker for a taco company called, Taca-Tacos. Meanwhile, Tomas and Mr. Ching hijack an Pacific Air plane, so they can head to Tokyo, the destination of their target, before Samoa, since its a stop-flight. Instead, they hit the Tokyo Tower by mistake, causing millions of Japanese tv shows in Tokyo to shut down. This is viewed as an act of terrorism by al Qingda. The PRC threatens to demand a cut from the pay ($15 for Tomas; $1,500,000 for Mr.Ching) if they don't kill the al Qingda member in 3 days, and another cut, if Japan is unable to restore Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon to China TV. Meanwhile, the Mexicans at Taca-Tacos Co. promote Danny as their new CEO, because they think he's a "well-educated, rich Americano." Danny must take the first step, to bring tacos into China, but also donate them to Japan. The crisis is relatively similar to the Japan 2012 Earthquake crisis. This way he can make 200 Mexican pesos, the equal amount to $15 American dollars. Soon, Danny's visit to Shanghai and a new taco business earns him a run-in with Tomas and Mr.Ching. They realize that al Qingda has placed a bomb under the taco restaraunt, as they are aiming to eradicate everything non-Chinese influencing China (Ex: Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z Japanese cartoons airing in China). They also find out that the PRC is working with al Qingda, and that they must play gambling poker to win both $15 dollars and a ticket out of the restaraunt. Danny and Tomas score a lucky win, and before they leave, they promise to keep the PRC's relations with al Qingda a secret and tell that the PRC Chinese army put an end to the terrorist organization. In return, Danny whispers something to the al Qingda member. The next day, the boys have returned, and Tomas pays Danny $15. Danny walks up to the casino and is prepared to give away Tomas' hard-earned $15 to the casino's owner, who is a huge dick in behavior. Instead, Danny reveals a bomb planted under the casino, later blowing it up, and they pick up raining money. The kids, using the casino money, go to Taco Bell to order large meals. However, they're surprised that Taca-Tacos went bankrupt, and that the store is crowded with Mexicans who want jobs. THE END.

- "What? It was an Accident? see Northern Bastards, a fanon episode version of the original comic story, only with South Park characters.

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