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Ideas (Childhood', Comics.)

  • On one hand of the story, Diego, a Mexican survival expert and zoologist who has his own cartoon show, must save Peru. In real life, Diego is a macho Mexican bounty hunter, carries microwaved, portable burritos, knows martial arts, and has a pet genetically modified super-jaguar. He must go to Peru, and face one Peru's worst enemies, PETA, aka People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals, who wants none other than the end of the guinea pig meal. Meanwhile, VJH hires some animal carers from the Humane Society [HS], to teach the kids some things about treating animals and helping them. However, PETA intervenes. As the HS members come out of their truck, they are killed by PETA members, who take the animals and are prepared to give a presentation themselves. During the assembly, the staff is confused why the HS were changed to PETA members, but the school principal states that he doesn't know the difference. PETA uses violence to describe how animals are abused. PETA then tells the kids to "NEVER do this". Then they demonstrate by cutting of a badger's head, showing the disgusting sight of a headless badger. Some kids barf and others faint. The staff don't mind because they are either asleep or reading magazines. PETA then demonstrate how humans and animals can love each other by making love to a chicken. In the end, the children get the message. At home, Tomas is watching the news, which tell of a PETA anti-guinea pig food uprising, where PETA has taken over a half of the Peruvian army. Tomas calls everyone over for a meeting. He calls for every 6th Grader at the school to go to Peru to help Peru. With Eddie's help, he compiles a slide show showing guinea pigs dying, as well as the plan to raise a "American Volunteer Front" to head to Peru. Upon arrival, the kids are mistaken for a federal American army. Believing it to be a sign of violence, Peru's pro-guinea pig-food president, Ollanta Humala, declares war on America. After weeks, the issue reaches America, but President Obama declares, "I don't care." On the news, the reporter exaggerates the fame of the single-sentence answer, calling it Obama's "I don't care"-speech. Meanwhile, Peru is in the state of civil war. (imcomp.)
  • In order to finish a science project he totally forgot about, Tomas must use Wyatt's time machine to go back into the Stone Age to learn more about ancient humans, without Wyatt's permission. Normally he threatens to beat up a nerd and make him/her do his project, but an outbreak of somekind has put every nerd in town in their beds, including Eddie, but not Kevin. Without the nerds to do their homework for them, the Bully Clan turns on to the other kids in a rampage (They can't harm Kevin b/c he's a clan leader). Kevin cause this, "the desolation of a symbiotic relationship". Soon, VJH's GPA average drops, and the school loses its prestigious record. Meanwhile, Tomas meets some cavemen, learning their ways of survival. He eventually makes love to a cavegirl. When he leaves, he accidently drops his handgun, which he kept for protection. The cavemen get ahold of the gun. When Tomas returns, he sees a terrible thing that has happened. After the cavemen got ahold of the gun, they started using it against the Neanderthals. Then neanderthals got ahold of the gun, and used it on the cavemen. Soon, they made even more guns, and guns became a figure of worship. The cavemen, know humans, believed that the Gun was the great protector of the world in object form. The neanderthals believed the great god punished his minions by making them tiny and trapping them inside bullets, then created a device, the gun, in which he gave it to the neanderthals. However, the humans stole it but the neanderthals took it back, thus starting a war in which the humans are devils. The world is in an eternal war. Tomas finds Wyatt, however in this future, Wyatt preaches about guns all day while he invents. Tomas eventually finds Wyatts, Multiverse-Finder 2000, a device that allows you to search for other universes with the same machine, and communicate with other-world Wyatt. He finds the universe in which he never went back in time, where Wyatt is making an antidote for the nerd sickness. Wyatt gets angry at him, and makes him go back in time to stop the cavemen from taking the gun. Meanwhile, the school turns into a survival
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