Hello, South Park Fanfiction Wiki, this is Concernedalien11780. Having been a fan of South Park for quite some time now, and having read many different types of South Park fanfiction out of curiousity (which kills a lot more than the cat, as many fanfictions have proven), I stopped after a while due to growing bored with them. However, now I embrace the fact that if you're bored with what's out there, you make stories that you wouldn't be bored with. When it comes to South Park fanfiction, I would like to try to keep it in a similar tone to the show during Season 8, but with slightly more often comedy-drama elements similar to "You're Getting Old/Ass Burgers" and the Netflix show BoJack Horseman and slightly more often action elements. It will largely try to satirize fanfiction culture, yet try to avoid stereotypes of fanfiction writers, or at least try to avoid saying that people are always the stereotype of fanfiction writers- that they're ugly women that make gross three-way pairings to deal with being sexually deprived- because they're fanfiction writers, and try to analyze other reasons in people's lives that may contribute to that kind of thinking. I want to find out what drives a person to watch a show specifically to find pairing evidence, interpret the slightest bit of kind words between two or more characters, no matter the relationship between the characters within the actual program, write stories in the style of romance novels about the true love those characters share, and claim to know in your head and heart that those characters are meant for one another and that the creators of that media are planning on making your choice pairing canon by the end of the series, and especially why you'd do it for a show that doesn't want to be taken too seriously like South Park. Seeing as how Terrance and Phillip is often used as an in-universe way of responding to how people react to South Park in the real world, it will often be used as a means of responding to when fans take shippings too seriously, with Terrillip and its fangirls within the fanfictions serving as an in-universe allegory to Style and its fangirls. I wish I knew more fanfiction writers so that I could get insight from them, but one of my only friends that has ever written fanfiction is spending the summer in Japan to study video game programming, and she has been kind of awkward around me after I saw Big Hero 6 with her, not intending for things to be too flirtatious or romantic despite my crush on her and gave her an innocent kiss on the cheek and asked if she felt comfortable giving me one, which she did, though she only did it out of a feeling of pressure. So, yeah, that happened. My original character will probably be a version of Douchebag from Stick of Truth that acts the way I probably would if I was a fourth grader living in South Park. His name would be Douglas Chevrolet Baggers. Butters is his best friend, though Cartman is his preferred choice for a battle partner. Despite his family's Jewish faith, he pities Cartman more than hates him, except when Cartman bullies Butters. The kid in the fourth grade he dislikes the most, surprisingly enough, is Kyle, because he dislikes Kyle's inability to control his temper and attitude that he's immune to any legitimate criticism simply because he's Jewish. He's not very fond of Wendy because of how, during the game, she indirectly forced him to strip naked during a passport photoshoot, dressed him up like a girl, got a vacuum shoved up his butt, forced him to perform a fake abortion on a cross-dressing man at gunpoint, nearly got him killed by monstrous Nazi Zombie Fetuses, forced him travel to another country on foot, gets him repeatedly mauled by wildlife, forces him into a foreign political conspiracy to either murder a bishop or fake that same murder, and all simply to find out which girl in the grade is the biggest two-faced bitch, only to reveal that they made up immediately. Also, she's just Wendy. He's in a love triangle against Craig for the affections of Annie. He's also close friends with Randy. Some other plots that may happen are Kenny getting, at least temporarily, a sex change, Kenny having an unrequited crush on Wendy while still a boy, and Shelly getting her headgear off and becoming nicer, prettier, and easier to understand, only for them to transfer to Kevin and turn him into a psycho-evil older brother. I feel that there are plenty of psycho-evil older brothers in fiction already, so I hope to find a more creative spin on it. While I'll probably only include pairings that are already canon, I may have Cryle happen simply as an experiment not meant to be taken seriously. My South Park fanfictions will also satirize some of the "rules" people have put in place on this wiki for writing fanfiction that try to make South Park, of all things, politically correct. The stories can hopefully think of a creative bridge between Stick of Truth and Fractured But Whole. Yes, Trey and Matt said that Fractured But Whole starts a day after Stick of Truth ended, but that's a minor detail that doesn't matter. Besides, that'll make the inevitable references to Seasons 18 and 19 in the game make no sense. Hopefully, I can make a real profile for Doug Baggers and start writing stories someday in the near future. Thank you for accepting me into this community, and remember everybody, South Park is a satirical cartoon that exists for no other purpose but to satirize the world at large and kill your innocence alongside Kenny, so think about that when you write about how Craig and Tweek have the strongest, truest love that two people could possibly have. Oh, and fun fact, Trey and Matt once said that they will never read South Park fanfiction because they're afraid that all of it is better written than the show. A decent amount of it is, so take that as a compliment from the two "platonic life partners" that made this fanfiction community possible. 

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