Kyle Gets an Elephant set during An Elephant makes Love to a Pig. Kyle gets an elephant but Dougie inflicts a Simpsons plague on the town again explaining Simpsons did it!


The school bus stop early one school morning

The four boys are at the bus stop.

Stan has a black eye.

KYLE: Geez dude! How did you get a black eye?!

STAN: Oh it’s my sister Shelly. She’s been beating me up again....

KYLE: Well that sucks. I’ve got bad news as well. My mom won’t let me keep my new pet elephant I got delivered from Africa...

STAN: Elephant?!”

Dougie illustrated as a Simpsons character runs up to them.

Dougie: Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it!

Kyle: Oh crap! He’s starting a Simpsons plague again!

Butters: Guys you won’t believe it! But Kenny’s got trapped down a well!

How this happened I don’t know.

Dougie: Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it!

Butters: Oh nut muffins! General Disarray stop!

South Park Bart arrives with Stampy.

Bart: Dude you can’t have an elephant! I have an elephant!

Kyle sighs. Kyle: Guys did you not check to see if someone had already done the “A main character gets a pet elephant” storyline?!

Matt and Trey: We’re too high to care...

Kyle rolls his eyes.

Kyle: I guess I can’t keep him. Not because of my mom but because Dougie won’t shut up and Bart won’t leave us alone.

Cartman: Oh man that’s weak! What will I bread my pot bellied pig with now?!

Dougie: Sim-

Cartman: Nope! This is one thing we beat the Simpsons at!

Butters as Professor Chaks: Mwuhahahaha! I shall...cut the head off the town statue!

Dougie as General Disarray: Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it!

Butters as Professor Chaos: Oh nut muffins!

Butters: Steal a lemon tree?

Dougie: Simpsons did it!

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