Mythology had it coming.

After the coffee shop goes out of business, Tweek and his parents leave South Park and move into the city of Spitontopolis in Montana. Believing there is no purpose for them in South Park anymore the Tweaks hope to start a new life in the flat land city, but Tweek soon learns that like his old mountain town his new home is far from normal. Famous for being 'one city, a million problems' Spitontopolis is constantly ramphant by crime, lawlessness, evil and disasters that are considered beyond natural. As a result it's up to Tweek, his new friends; Josh and Clara, the Super Best Friends, Professor Ernest Trophe and their forth grade dick of a teacher Patrick Whishluck as they fight to keep peace in the city and take on the supernatural, the unpredictable and the indescribable, while at the same time uncover the secrets of an ancient prophecy that involves either the existence or destruction of their world.

Each season composes of 14 episodes, like South Park. While it is still humorous it will have a darker and more serious tone to it than the original series. It's the story about the struggle and collision between two worlds: Modern and Myth with the main characters caught in the middle of the conflict. Basically it's what would happen if myth and legend met Hell a South Park related series.

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