memory raped
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Author lord-of-pineapples
Genre heartwarming, humor
Rating t
Written August 28, 2016
No. of Chapters 1
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Status complete
Warnings swearing, offense terms
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The New Girl In Town .:dead dorky:./Memory Raped


A new boy joins his new school and soon to see Carla Willowberg with a weird feeling like he knew her more then he can remember to soon realize carla is getting the same reaction towards the new boy and so at dinner his mom reveals something that changed his life and made it more clear.


it started off as a normal day when mr. garrison walked in class "ok class again we have a new student named Zachary Richwood and seriously you kids can find out for your self about him i dont give a crap now back to lesson." the girls except wendy admired Zachary style and his body. they kept mention either how cute he is or what kind of girls he would be into. Zachary took his seat kinda next to wendy where he can get a clear image of carla willowberg. "hey new kid!" bebe asked as he looks at her "where are you from and what kind of girls your into?" Zachary didn't feel comfortable answering the second quesiton but answered the first " umm.. i was born and rasied here we just wont come to this part of the neighborhood" the girls acted like they were intersted. He then turned away and looked at wendy " hey girl. whats your name." Wendy looked to her attention on him "oh its wendy and why did you and your family moved here. Zachary leaned back on his desk and sighs with hands in his hoodie pocket "my brother found that his girlfriend lived here and goes to this school of course since my dad is let loose and my brother is the oldest he gets what he wants more then i do so we moved here and besides i didnt like my old school as much. all we did was go to take notes then the rest of class use our phones. it gets boring"

"i see that isnt the proper education"


Zachary eyes wondered off until it made contact with carla. he starts to glare at her trying not to be noticed. "this is your first day and you already have a crush on someone" wendy stated as Zach snapped out his zone and waves his hands in front of her "no no its just that...she looks so familar" "carla? she's a girl here who perfers to have guys as her best friend. she mostly friends with that kid right there" she said as she pointed at craig tucker. Zach looks at Carla again "exactly..." Mr. garrison inturrpeted on all side converstions "alright class tomrrow will be show n tell you must bring something that represent yourself.if you dont bring anything you get an f im looking at you eric cartman" Eric looked around and grabs craig's hand and moves hsi hand to look like he's flipping off the teacher. "ERIC!" he spoke loudly. 

after school came along and Zachary was looking through his photos thinking it would be perfect for show n tell until he came across a preschool picture of him with a very familar girl to look like...carla! his eye widen in disbelief "no way" "RYAN! ZACHARY! DINNER!" zachary looks at the sound of his mom and then he put the picture in hoodie and walked downstairs with his older brother. They all sat at the dinner table eating until Zachary descided to bring a topic up."mom,dad. do you know by the name willowberg" his mom and dad looked at eachother and then looked back to their son "well darling she was your friend since preschool" Zach eyes widen again "what?!?1 she was!?!!" His dad nodded "and you two were so close until well we dont know we believed we were memory raped and same goes to the willowbergs." "holy shit man" Zachary's brother said as zach looked down at his food looking so shocked like getting realized he was adopted.

He excused himself as he ran out the door to craig's house since he did see him entering this house in particular when he was entering the house and remember how he looked like since he did remember wendy saying who he is. he banged at the door hard luckly it was for them to sleep yet but atleast to get ready. Craig opened the door. "hello? you must be the new kid." he stated. Zachary was panting very hard and can barely breathe as he held up a photo " you know... this ...girl." craig was alittle confused "uhh yeah dude shes about 4 houses away from mine on your right". Zach thanks him as he continued to run to that direction. as he made it he knocked on there. Carla opened the door "hello?" Zach stood straight as he gave her the picture "does...this look familar" with him having hope bout if she does. to his attendtion Carla gasped alittle and eyes widen. "yeah i do! no way you looked familar at school but i just shooked it off. your my long term friend." Zach smiled as he was so happy "i remember now! this was back at preschool i was so memory raped until you showed this to me" "im glad you know me now but you dont mind if i show this for show n tell. "Your not going to show that. we are going to show them that." they both smirked at eachother.

mr. garrison spokes with cartman in front of the class "cartman you didn't bring anything this time!" cartman tried to make an excused "well you see mr. Garrison i was busy helping kenny with a project" kenny muffles in anger "mf mff mffm!"(no he didnt!)" he said. mr. garrison sighed and didnt want to deal with this "cartman that is an f for you" "oh suck on my balls mr garrison" he mummbles to only him knows what he was saying. "ok next is a duet project. Carla willowberg and Zachary Richwood" they both stood and walked to the front of the class and carla held up a preschool picture of them and started "for today we have news that we never knew that we now realized we knew longer then we expected it to be" Zach took over "so today we want to share this picture with everyone to know  that after preschool can be such a memory raped cause you dont know a person you didnt expect to know longer then you know." after they finshed their presention " lovely you two sounds like a mission and adventure you two"  they bother smilied as they went to their seat. Cartman banged his fist on his seat "WHAT THEY GET A FOR A STUPID PICTURE OF THEM! THIS IS BULLSH-" then it gets cut off mid sentence knowing it was the end of the episode

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