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  • I live in winooski, VT
  • I was born on January 13
  • My occupation is student
  • I am female
South park bl&u redraw-

a south park: bigger, longer, and uncut redraw i did

so hey. i really like south park, and doing redraws. if you wanna talk, dm me on discord. (🐐+🐟=♑#1638)

here are some random facts about me:

i'm a capricorn, i love astrology, i play undertale and deltarune alot, the south park character i relate to the most is kyle, i fucking love hellpark. if you haven't read it, you should. ( my favorite colors are all possible shades of green and sky blue, i have two cats, i'm the oldest of four, i play violin, i occasionally watch naked and afraid, i'm aro/ace, i'm the only good cartoonist in my grade, my favorite song is the man who sold the world by nirvana (i know the original is by david bowie, so don't @ me, lmao), butters and stan are my bbys, my favorite meme is the savage patrick, and i find this video funny 

my two favorite sp children uwuEdit

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