aka Jacorei Ray

  • I live in Grapevine
  • I was born on October 2
  • My occupation is Drawing,etc
  • I am Male
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About meEdit

My name is Jacorei Ray. I'm an Sophomore. I'm also an Autism and an African American. I'm an South Park Fan who love to make fan episode. I live in grapevine and an Fan of background and main kids.


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Fanfiction StuffEdit

South Park Kids Adventure - 12 Seasons

South Park Randoms - Shorts

Another SP Fanfiction Series - Coming Soon in 2020


- Mixels

- South Park

- Angry Birds

- Cookie Run

- OC's

- Etcs

Favorite ShipsEdit

Style - Stan X Kyle

Bunny - Butters X Kenny

Revin - Red X Kevin

Creek - Craig X Tweek

Clyle - Clyde X Kyle

Dogyle - Dogpoo X Kyle

Dip - Damien X Pip

Staig  - Stan X Craig

Steek - Stan X Tweek

Buttman - Butters X Cartman

Stapoo - Stan X Dogpoo

Kenvin - Kenny X Kevin

Stendy - Stan X Wendy

Heiman - Heidi X Cartman

Kyman - Kyle X Cartman

Britter - Brimmy X Butters

Christopoo - Christophe X Dogpoo

Kyvid - Kyle X David

Stenny - Stan X Kenny

Gregstophe - Gregory X Christophe

Favorite CharactersEdit

Stan Marsh

Kyle Broflovski

Kenny Mccormick

Craig Tuckers

Clyde Donovan

Kevin Stoley

Pip Pirrup

Damien Thorn

Token Black

Tweek Tweak

Butters Scotch

Dogpoo Petsuki

Wendy Testaburger

Bebe Steven




Scott Malkinson

Bradley Biggie


David Rodriguez

Jimmy Valmer

Timmy Burch

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