aka Daniil Edomanov Chanesvych

  • I live in Dimension 4.99 Cloud 9
  • My occupation is Director of the Dimension Panorealm Documentation Program
  • I am Male

Hi! Here are some facts about me:

  • Everything listed up in the 'about me' box is fake, except for my name and the fact that I am male and homo sapiens sapiens awsomis.
  • My Real full name is: Danaes Avalain Emarkus Phillipus Veneva de Angelo Insovain Huchersmann dena Sherpus Al Chanen.
  • People usually call me Daniel Chanen.
  • My favorite number is 123.
  • My favorite animal is you.
  • My mom's name is twice as long as mine.
  • I'm the modern version of Robin Hood and should probably join the Sniper corps.
  • I'm a mix of mostly North European and some South. My parents say 38 countries.
  • I'm technically related to a king, by a bunch of marriages and bloodlines.
  • Each of my middle names belong to my grand parents, great grand parents, and so on.
  • Stop asking. I'm American.
  • I'm amazing at soccer, and USA sucks at this sport...believe it.
  • I suck at chess, the reason why all my cousins in Europe make fun of me.
  • The best thing Americans are good at are adult cartoon television shows, such as South Park.
  • My name is long so shut up and believe it.
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