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Author Courtanie
Genre Mystery/Romance
Rating M
Pairing(s) Kyle/Mysterion
Written May 26, 2010
No. of Chapters 20
Completed April 3, 2011
Status Complete
Link Unmasked
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Unmasked Thanatos' Game
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Unmasked is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Courtanie.


He watches over our town, but apparently he's honed in on my own life more than everyone elses'. He wants to protect me, but won't let me see behind his mask. My mind says not to trust him, my heart says otherwise.


Kyle Broflovski is a 18 years old boy who lives in South Park with his family . He is self-confident and has a natural ability to escape from any problem he faces throughout his everyday life.

One night he was walking around the city . It was his birthday and his mother was asking him to come home and take his dinner . On the way he was attacked by Cartman and his gang, who were trying to rape him . Suddenly Mysterion, a masked super-hero who saves people's life from danger and keeps the town crime-free, came out of nowhere and saved him from being tortured . He left behind a cat as Kyle's birthday present before disappearing .

Kyle got back home with the cat . He gave him a name, Mani . Though Kyle lied to his mother about where he had got the cat, everyone in his family started liking Mani and taking great care of him .

Ike Broflovski is Kyle's little brother . Kyle has also got two best friends, Stan and Kenny. When Kyle was out of home, they were trying to find him through phone calls , but could not reach him . So they came up to see Kyle in his house .

Both Stan and Kenny tried to keep Kyle away from Mysterion as it might bring in more problems later. But Kyle did not pay any attention to their advice . He secretly met Mysterion once again .

Cartman, being the most dominant criminal of the town, devised a new plan to regain his control over the town. Cartman declared it through television news that either Mysterion reveals his identity or else he will terrorize the entire town .He brought more people into his group and decided to attack different parts of the city at the same time. So it would be difficult for Mysterion alone to take care of the entire city.

Kyle, on the other hand, got involved in a romantic relationship with Mysterion whom he knew from the past . He tried to convince Mysterion of exposing who he actually was . But Mysterion wanted to keep it secret .

So Kyle tried to figure it out from his fourth grade year book . With some calculation , he found out that either Stan or Kenny may be playing as Mysterion. Meanwhile they continued to meet with each other secretly and ended up having sex .

Kyle was advised by mysterion not to get out of home so frequently . But he was out there searching for Mani's food and got kidnapped by Cartman's gang . He was taken to a garage as a hostage .

Cartman was a sadistic miscreant who finds joy in playing psychological games with his victims. He could have captured Kyle from his home and might have confronted Mysterion with his desire to unravel the mystery . But he wanted Mysterion to surrender on his own .

Being Captive in a garage , Kyle got molested by Cartman before Mysterion freed him with the help of Butters. Mysterion took him to his house and wanted to cut-off relationship with him for fear of imminent dangers . He left the house with promises that he will save Kyle from any kind of danger .

After that, Stan and Kenny came up there . While they were having a discussion , Cartman with his men attacked them. They were grabbed by Cartman's men and was moved to a new place .

All of them were tied up . James was pointing a gun towards Kyle .Cartman demanded Kyle to find out the real Mysterion . Under pressure , Kyle started up thinking and finally marked Kenny as Mysterion . After that, Kyle was moved to a jungle where James drugged him and forced him into sex .

Token, Craig, Tweek, Butters, Clyde and Kevin were Kyle's friends from elementary school . So they did not want Kyle to get hurt , and wanted to help him out of the shamble. But Cartman blackmailed all of them to join his group. So they could not find a way out to help their friend .

Meanwhile, Kenny reached the jungle with a desperate attempt to save his distressed lover . But unfortunately was shot to death by James .

Cartman moved to the elementary school which was empty due to vacation . After Mysterion's death, Cartman was more than happy to make Kyle his sex slave and take control over the entire city. He wanted to use Kyle's father, who was a lawyer in profession, to his advantage.

Kyle got disheartened after Kenny's death . He felt tired and humiliated . All his pride came to an end as he could not see any ray of hope left . But he could not give up to Cartman's abominable desires.

At the end , Kyle's classmates in the elementary school came out to be his savior. They were trying to get him away from Cartman's clout . Unfortunately they were stopped on the way .

All on a sudden, Mysterion appears in on the scene. Both Cartman and Kyle was shocked to see him . Cartman thought that this was a new man under the disguise of Mysterion : this could not be Kenny .

Cartman climbed up to the roof with Kyle under his control . He threatened Mysterion that he would either shot Kyle or throw him down to the ground. But to his dismay , another Mysterion came up to the spot. He was also surrounded by all the classmates of Kyle .

But evil Cartman was not to stop until the end . He shot the first Mysterion down and then he shot Kyle before getting arrested by the police .

Kyle was taken to the hospital and had been there for four days . While everyone knew that Kenny McCormick was shot dead by Cartman , the truth was hidden behind the surface . Stan got there to help Kenny survive .

Now Kenny is in a dilemma whether he should unveil himself or not . He can become a lover for Kyle and help him out of the torment he has gone through past few days . Or he can become the mystery man , Mysterion , to serve the city and it's people .

But he is thinking what kind of severe oppression Kyle has endured. He was a self-assured , talented guy who always slipped out of the problem on his own. Cartman grinded his pride down into the earth . Now Kyle needs him more than anything.

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