Tweek Tweak
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Short, Spiky, Blond
Age 10
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "Gnomes"

Tweek Tweak is a boy in the fourth grade class of South Park Elementary in South Park. He replaced Kenny during his temporary removal in the sixth season. He has not had much exposure or character development since Kenny's return.

Please visit his article on the South Park Archives for more information.


Tweek has blond hair that unusually messy, because he pulls at it when stressed, and wears an incorrectly-buttoned green shirt with blue jeans. He weighs 48 pounds.


Tweek on the SP-site

Tweek is a jittery ten year old boy, addicted to caffeine and suffers from ADD. He seems to have very bad anxiety caused by constantly drinking so much caffeine - especially at such a young age. He is always seen shaking, twitching and looking around frantically. He constantly feels like he's "under pressure", and freaks out whenever he is asked to do even the simplest tasks and jumps or yells whenever someone comes up to him to talk to him, and tends to scream at the end of his sentences.

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