Fanfic Information
Author Icelilly
Genre Romance/Drama
Rating T
Pairing(s) Style
Written July 14, 2008
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
Link Truth
Warnings Slash, Language
Fic Chronology
Truth Caught in the Act

Truth is a oneshot Style fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and DeviantART by Icelilly.


Kyle has been having the same nightmare over and over again about his mother not accepting the fact that he is gay. He meets up with his boyfriend who suggests that they should tell their parents about their relationship.


Kyle has been nightmares about his mother not accepting the fact that he is gay. He wakes up that morning sweaty realizing that he had that dream again. His mother questions him and in return, he lies to her by saying he's just warm.

In the kitchen, the family is eating breakfast. His father gives a quick look at him and asks if he's okay. He, again, says that he's fine. His father says that if he needs any help, he and Shelia are there to help. Kyle quickly finishes breakfast and heads up to his room.

Ike follows Kyle to his room in which he learns about his brother's relationship with Stan. Ike says that he's okay with it and explains that their parents would be too. Ike then leaves and Kyle calls Stan.

Kyle arrives at Stan's place and talk about what's been happening. Stan wants to tell their parents about their relationship in which Kyle doesn't take very lightly. Stan repeatedly says that everything will be okay. After much talk, the two go back to Kyle's place to tell their parents about their relationship. The story ends with a cliffhanger where Kyle is about to tell his parents about their relationship, leaving the reader to decide what happens.


  • This story was used as an entry for a fanfiction contest. The fic did not win.
  • The version that was posted online is not the original. The original copy was almost completed until computer problems erased the original copy, leaving the author to start again from scratch.
  • This fic was first SP fic made by the author.
  • This fic was turned into a doujinshi (comic) by DeviantART user and close friend to the author, EikoThePsycho. The comic was completed on September 02, 2008.

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