Too Much Coffee
Fanfic Information
Author Icelilly
Genre Humor/Romance
Rating T
Pairing(s) Creek, Hints of Bunny and one-sided Crenny
Written November 19, 2010
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
Link Too Much Coffee
Warnings Slash, Language
Fic Chronology
Death Too Much Coffee Drowning

Too Much Coffee is a short Creek oneshot fic. It was written by Icelilly as a set of Christmas gift drabbles.


Tweek is freaking out over underpants gnomes once again!


Craig and Tweek are sitting in Tweak Bros. Coffeehouse waiting for Clyde and Token to arrive. Craig is busy texting Kenny but is disgusted by Kenny's sexual advances. Tweek is apparently having his 7th cup of coffee as he begins freaking out over underpants gnomes. Craig, once again, reassures him that they don't exist and that it's his lack of sleep that's caused him to see them. Tweek however, doesn't buy this and continues to freak out by thinking they might take him in as his slave. To shut him up, Craig smashes his lips against Tweek's, causing stares among customers in the shop. Craig flips them off and yells at them to mind their own business and people ignore the two. Craig asks Tweek if he'll stop with all the talk about the underpants gnomes and he says that he'll try. Craig is pleased about this as he doesn't Tweek freaking out the people at movie theater like last time.


  • This fic was made for EikoThePsycho, a close friend of the author.


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