Threadbare South Park is a series of script-style fanfictions created by ThreadbareSP. The "episodes" include original character Charlie Pierzynski as a leading character along with the primary canons, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. The stories focus on comedy and humor, although the individual stories include a variety of genres including friendship, family, romance, horror, and drama.

The completed episodes are published to ThreadbareSP's profile on FanFiction.Net.


Season 1Edit

Image Title Publish Date Production code #
CharlieIntro "Charlie" December 19, 2011 101 1
Charlie Pierzynski has just moved to South Park. Kyle soon learns an awful secret about her home life.
The Bus Station "Brainwashing" December 19, 2011 102 2
With Charlie in the hospital and her mom in jail, the Cartmans and the Broflovskis have to take in foster children.
The Bus Station "Sisters Suck" December 20, 2011 103 3
Charlie's mom goes on trial, and Stan clashes with Charlie over bedroom rights.
The Bus Station "Project B" December 20, 2011 104 4
Davy is taken to a new foster home by CPS, and Cartman is convinced he's under mind control.
The Bus Station "Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder" December 20, 2011 105 5
A quack psychologist convinces the town's parents that their children are dangerous.
The Bus Station "Fall of the House of Pierzynski" May 23, 2012 106 6
Charlie recounts the dissolution of her family to a psychologist. Cartman invents a dangerously delicious condiment.
The Bus Station "Mistletoe Immunity" June 17, 2012 107 7
When Charlie realizes that Kyle can't celebrate Christmas because of his religion, she starts a movement to bring Christmas to the Jews. Cartman plans to fulfill Becca's impossible Christmas wish.
Sp-studio (7) "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner" December 20, 2011 108 8
Charlie tells the boys a spooky story about a headless ghost named Roland who seeks revenge against the CIA agents who planned his murder. When it looks like the ghost might be real, the kids have to save Stan from Roland's wrath.
"Aunt Cindy's Wedding" Unreleased 109 9
While the Marshes deal with eccentric relatives at Sharon's aunt's wedding, Charlie stays at the McCormick house.
Stennman "Elephant Balls" December 20, 2012 110 10
When Mr. Garrison develops painful elephantitis in his scrotum, some of the kids from his third grade class rally to help pay for his expensive surgery. But raising money for scrotal surgery is harder than it sounds.
SPCartman "On the Shores of Badassia" Unreleased 111 11
Cartman wins the lottery and purchases the country of Micronesia. He invites the children of South Park to join him, but things quickly get out of hand.
Dougie "Hedgehog" December 27, 2011 112 12
Charlie adopts a pet hedgehog, and Stan is convinced it isn't as innocent as it looks.

Season 2Edit

Image Title Publish Date Production code #
GirlScoutCookies "Girl Scout Cookies" December 20, 2011 201 13
Cartman is devastated by the end of Girl Scout Cookie season. Desperate for more cookies, he teams up with Charlie on a quest for profit and Thin Mints that requires them to infiltrate the Girl Scouts themselves.
Stethoscope "Mysterion Has TittyVision" January 15, 2012 202 14
The Coon & Friends begrudgingly allow Charlie's bizarre superhero alter-ego, "Stethoscope", to work as their secretary. Meanwhile, Mysterion finds himself distracted by titties.
Stethoscope "Fifty Feet Under" Unreleased 203 15
The Coon & Friends, along with an old friend, are in over their heads when they decide to take on a massive underground sex-trafficking ring.
Dance "One of the Girls" January 2, 2012 204 16
The fourth grade girls have made another list, this one ranking the girls from prettiest to ugliest, and Charlie Pierzynski is dead last. Meanwhile, Kyle tries to muster up the courage to ask her to the Martin Luther King Day dance.
Valentine "Dating: It's a Process" February 11, 2012 205 17
In a Threadbare South Park Valentine's Day Special, Kyle and Charlie become "boyfriend and girlfriend".

Additional InformationEdit

  • Season 1 contains episodes that take place during third grade and the summer after. Season 2 takes place during fourth grade.
  • The first seven episodes of Season 1 are published collectively on FanFiction.Net as The Charlie Arc.
  • Episodes are often published out of order. Their order here reflects the timeline of the plot.


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