The Siren
Fanfic Information
Author sailormoon9993
Genre Mystery
Rating T
Written September 20, 2011
No. of Chapters 51 1/2
Completed December 11, 2011
Status Complete
Link The Siren
Series Chronology
The Siren A Brand New Adventure
Fic Chronology
South Park Short Stories: Bunny The Siren Karen's Guardian Angel's Gift

The Siren is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and DeviantART by sailormoon9993. The story's plot goes onto into A Brand New Adventure. The author wishes to rewrite the entire story (but not remove the old chapters themselves as they are still can be very interesting themselves.) and put it under a new title.


Serena Hales (as Siren, the SP OC created by lorettafox on DeviantART) is the newest member of Coon and Friends. But when a deadly silence threatens to destroy the Earth with in a year's time, Coon and Friends have no choice but get as many heroes and villains to fight alongside with them to save The Earth in time.


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