The Reformation of Kyle Broflovski
Fanfic Information
Author Faery Goddyss and Indiana Beach Bum
Genre Suspense/Romance
Rating T
Pairing(s) Style
Written May 20, 2007
No. of Chapters 19
Completed January 30, 2008
Status Complete
Link The Reformation of Kyle Broflovski
Fic Chronology
Orange Miasma The Reformation of Kyle Broflovski It Only Hurts When I Laugh

The Reformation of Kyle Broflovski is a collaborative fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Faery Goddyss and Indiana Beach Bum.


When Stan transfers to Kyle's college to be closer to him, he finds Kyle has become increasingly cold, distant, and secretive. The closer Stan comes to uncovering the secret, the farther away Kyle seems...


Stan is going off to college that he saved money for ever for to be with his best friend Kyle. As we all know, rooming with friends in college is generally better than trying to be with a complete stranger that is unless meeting new people and being good with people in general is a trait you have. He has been looking forward to this day for a long time sense he was working to get the money to go to this really good college. Kenny in the meantime is bummed out that he is being replaced as the best friend while Kyle was gone.

After arriving there and getting the tour of the campus by Kyle, Stan realizes that something is off about his friend. Not like anything normal, like his attitude is actually very different than the last time he has seen his best friend. This feeling started when he realizes how much Kyle worships this guy named Miller, who seems to be that stereotypical stuck up rich kid. He got there because he was smart of course, that was one of the very few ways to get in but he also had money. It was not only Kyle that seemed to be worshipping this guy either, but many of the students worshipped this guy as well. He was practically a role model for all of them, almost God in some aspects to plenty of these people. On top of that, he is the leader of some prestigious society called The High Honors Society. From what most could gather, grades or money does not matter to be invited into the Society.

Yet there is one guy who seems to be able to see though his near perfect man, and his name is Austin. He notices something off about Kyle too, even if he does not know how Kyle was before meeting Stan. The only reason he can figure there was something off about Kyle is that the same thing kind of happened to his best friend when he came to the college. One day they were laughing and being the best of buds, then slowly day after day once his friend got invited to the High Honors Society and he accepted he started to change. Eventually his friend got fed up with him and started to isolate Austin from himself and the rest of the student body at the college because Austin refused to accept the new person that was once his best friend. Now he believes the same thing is happening to Kyle, and wants to help Stan to make sure he does not lose his best friend to what he calls a cult on campus.

Stan and Kyle seem to be getting along better as time goes on, but he still hates Miller and believes that something is still up. Stan decides that when Kyle is gone to call and vent to Kenny over the phone. He suggests that is it all Austin’s doing by putting these weird ideas into his head about his society.

When Kyle comes back, he brings a new friend along and Miller with them. Stan cannot stand the sight of Miller, but sees Jason the new guy as a pretty cool dude. They get to talking about architecture until Stan realizes that this is all just some big poly by Kenny to distract Stan while he slipped something to Miller. Furious, he confronts Kyle about this and they blow up into a huge fight. Just to try and get away to cool off he leaves the room and heads down stairs.

When getting to a table to calm down, Stan closes his eyes and thinks over what happened exactly in greater detail. Only that was interrupted by the voice of Austin who seems to be showing up a lot more lately. Stan explains to them about the fight, how he told Kenny about him, and told him that Kenny thinks he is full of it. On the other side Austin mentions that it is probably for the best to drop Kyle because he is lost to Miller’s influence just like his friend, the Jason from earlier. Yet they decide to team up and try and fight back to get their friends back, they just need a plan first. He goes back up the stairs and confronts Miller and Jason who only go up against him in a two on one before laughing and leaving not doing anything to him.

That would have to wait until later though. For now he had to go back to his room. When doing that another fight starts between Stan and Kyle, but this one actually resulted in semi-blows from Kyle onto Stan which would have never happened before now. He decided to try and sneak out and follow Kyle in the dead of the night to see what he does every Sunday night with that club. Once Kyle leaves he jumps out of bed and starts to follow him, only to lose him too easily and just goes back to bed thinking he will try again another time.

When Miller and Kyle come back from whatever they were doing, Stan decided to spy on them by pretending to be asleep. When they think they are asleep, Stan notices them acting strangely. He sees the taking off of cloths, kissing between them then on the bed they went. Yet before anything happened he was woken up by a classmate in the classroom. Lucky for him it probably was only a dream. -PLOT INCOMPLETE-

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