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Christophe "The Mole" DeLorn
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 9
Hair Messy Brown
Occupation Mercenary
Religion Anti-Theist
Debut Episode/Fic South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut
Final Episode/Fic "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub"

Christophe "The Mole" is a popular character from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. A boy with messy brown hair, prominent ears, an artillery belt, and a shovel he always carries with him. He is also noted for his French accent, frequently smoking, and his hatred of God. Despite being a one-time only character, he has remained a fan favorite.

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Though he believes in God, Christophe despises God for all the pain he caused him. He believes that God does not care about what happens to the world, as he never arrived to stop harmful wars.

He is a very violent boy with a very volatile temper. Due to abuse from his mother, one can assume that he gained irreversible psychological damage. He claims that his mother attempted to abort him with a coat hanger while he was in the womb. He also displays a hatred of guard dogs. Despite his hot temper, Christophe can be calmed by people such as Kyle Broflovski and Gregory.

He is killed during the film, singing as he dies in Kyle's arms, before succumbing to his wounds, but he is believed alive as the film's ending undoes the war.


Despite his singular appearance, the Mole, often known in fandom as Christophe "The Mole" DeLorn (or DeLourne) has remained one of the most popular characters in the community since his debut, and is frequently included in both gen and fanfiction.

Popular pairings featuring the Mole include Gregstophe and Kystophe. He is also sometimes jokingly shipped with the shovel he carries on his back.