The Lily Marsh Saga is the unofficial name for an early South Park fanfiction series written and published on FanFiction.Net by Kenny's Goddess. While it had its roots from the show's premiere in 1997, the stories were mostly written and published in late 2000. Twelve episodes were published, with seven more being part of the expanded universe. Thirteen poems and stories were also published on Fiction Press about characters or events from the saga. The story revolves around Lily Marsh, Stan's secret twin sister who was with relatives until Stan's parents were able to care for her. She spends most of the story starting a relationship with Cartman. She also fights Wendy Testaburger and her friends because of their hatred of Cartman, and Wendy's manipulative actions towards Stan.


Image Title Publish Date #
Book "Intro Series Part One: Double Trouble" November 5, 2000 1
Ooooh... two Stan's? *gasp* No! But... there is someone coming into the Marsh household...
Book "Intro Series Part Two: Enter Lily Marsh" November 5, 2000 2
My God! It's that cloned Stan I was telling you about! Actually... Lily's come to town... and she's... something...
Book "Intro Series Part Three: Something Sprouting in the Dark" November 5, 2000 3
In this tale... something... happens in the dark with Lily... and someone else! Woah!
Book "The Nightmare Begins Part One: Prequel To The Terror" November 5, 2000 4
The ganglies make their way into South Park...
Book "The Nightmare Begins Part Two: Emeresia" November 5, 2000 5
The boys have to go to the ganglies lair to search for Lily...and who knows what they will find?
Book "The Skipping Bitches" November 5, 2000 6
Wendy, Bebe, and their friends are starting a group, and guess who they're looking towards to be their fifth member...
Book "Who the Hell's This?" November 5, 2000 7
Someone new is moving to South Park... OBVIOUSLY!
Book "I Knew I Loved You" November 5, 2000 8
...Before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life... Colleen and _______ get together...
Book "Wendy and Lily Face Off!" November 5, 2000 9
Wendy and Lily face off!
Book "The Skipping Bitches Fight Back!" November 5, 2000 10
It's the return of everyone's favorite stupid girls! ;P
Book "Conspiracy Theory" November 5, 2000 11
Someone... or something is out to get Lily... and little does she know how close to her the person is...
Book "The Little Miss Third Grader Pageant" April 29, 2001 12
It's Lily and her pals against Wendy and her friends, or so they think...

Expanded UniverseEdit

Image Title Creation/Publish Date #
Book "The South Park Kidnappings" 1997, published April 15, 2002 1
The illustrious, unfinished, original. Probably the funniest, stupidest thing ever written. Co-written with my friend Robyn (Spain).
Book "Unlucky Day" 1997, published April 15, 2002 2
The second South Park fic I ever wrote. LOL it sucks so bad.
Book "South Park Kidnappings...The Sequel!" 1997/1998, published August 27, 2001 3
I'm sooooo going to regret is the original SP Kidnappings 2...UNTOUCHED. This is unfinished, and I intend to keep it that way. VERY long...VERY stupid. Another early work...(1997/1998)
Book "Back Here Baby: A Mini Fic" March 30, 2001 5
Lily feels awful about something she has done to Cartman, and wishes he would forgive her. A songfic to "Back Here" by BBMak.
Book "Ice Girl, Straight Ahead!" September 18, 2001 6
The introduction of Ambrosia Wereneck. Amber ends up having to move to South Park after a life of total isolation from other people... in Antarctica! Note: Lily is made out to be a bitch in this story and the following one, hence why I don't consider them part of the main canon.
Book "No, NOT The Notebook!" March 21, 2002 7
The one thing Amber holds the most dear is the one thing that brings her to her misery...

Other South Park StoriesEdit

Image Title Publish Date #
Book "Little Orange Parka Hood" November 5, 2000 1
My God, my first PG-13 thing! This is an interpolation of Little Red Riding Hood...part of my South Park Fairy Tales series. Look for more soon...
Book "The Three Little Boys And The Big, Bad, Fatass" January 10, 2002 3
Another South Park Fairy Tale. Cartman is hungry, and looking for something to eat...
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