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The Adventures of Taco Man and the Robo Inferno
Fanfic Information
Author Damn Expensive Eggs
Genre Humor/Romance
Rating M
Pairing(s) Stolovan
Written March 9, 2010
No. of Chapters 15
Completed April 7, 2010
Status Complete
Link The Adventures of Taco Man and the Robo Inferno
Fic Chronology
Unspoken Words The Adventures of Taco Man and the Robo Inferno Dinosaurs Versus Robots

The Adventures of Taco Man and the Robo Inferno is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Damn Expensive Eggs.


In a galaxy far, far away... one boy, Clyde, that's me, will have an unforgettable encounter with another boy, that's Kevin, and embark on a journey of epic proportions. ... Whatever that means.


The story opens with the main character, Clyde. Clyde is an overweight, sort of clumsy and messy guy, who’s really into the comic book Taco-Man and Burrito-Boy. He also seems to be really into tacos in general because he’s eating one in the opening scene, and more than once mentions during the bulk of the story how much he likes tacos.

Clyde goes to the comic store hoping to get the latest copy of Taco-Man and Burrito-Boy, when he’s asked by the boy heading the cash register in the comic shop to get rid of his taco because he isn’t allowed to eat it in the shop. He quickly finishes the taco outside and re-enters the shop, so he can get the comic book he wanted. Clyde can’t seem to find the comic book he’s looking for, but being kind of socially awkward, he feels weird asking the guy in the shop where to find it. He then notices the guy at the cashier is actually a boy he knows from school, Kevin Stoley. Kevin tells Clyde that the shop is actually his dad’s, and he’s just working there while his dad is out of town with a friend of his visiting a comic book convention. Things get a bit awkward between Clyde and Kevin as neither of them really know what to say, when Clyde gets sidetracked by a Superman belt buckle he finds and thinks is really cool. He asks Kevin how much it costs, and having enough money to purchase the buckle, he pays for it and tries to snap it on his belt. Unfortunately, Clyde has trouble getting the belt buckle on him and asks Kevin for help. Kevin comes over and helps snap the buckle on for Clyde.

After getting the belt buckle on, Clyde becomes enamored with some anime statues Kevin’s dad crafted. Clyde becomes enamored with Kevin in general, finding the comic book shop really cool, and finding it pretty awesome that Kevin will likely inherit the whole thing one day. Interested in seeing more of Kevin’s stuff, Clyde invites himself over to his house since he still had some time before needing to head home. Kevin takes Clyde over to his home which is just above where the comic book store is. Kevin introduces Clyde to his mother, Mei, who pronounces Clyde’s name differently than he’s used to and makes it sound like a cool nickname to him like “kaleidoscope.” Mei invites him to stay for dinner, and Clyde accepts the invitation. Kevin shows Clyde his dad’s studio for a bit before taking him to his room, which Clyde found to be neat but covered in empty Pepsi cans and decorated with comic book and anime posters and paraphernalia.

Upon a discussion on whether zebras are black with white stripes or white with black stripes, Mei enters Clyde’s room and hands them each bowls of a traditional Chinese dish. Clyde ends up really liking how the dish tastes, but when Kevin tells him the meat in it is actually pig ears, Clyde nearly chokes on the food and opts not to finish the dish.

Kevin decides to put on some music on his record player. He actually has a real vinyl record player, which Clyde finds to be really neat. He introduces Clyde to some old bands that Clyde had never heard of, but not wanting to seem uncool, Clyde pretends to know who they are. And not wanting to be outdone, Clyde plays off like he knows some cool bands that Kevin hasn’t heard of, but really he just made them up to seem just as cool as Kevin.

It starts to get late, so Clyde calls his mother to let her know that he’s at Kevin’s house. While on the phone with his mom, he lets her think that he’s staying over at Kevin’s house and inadvertently invites himself to sleep over at Kevin’s. When Clyde gets off the phone with his mom, he finds Kevin rocking out to the music on his record player and mouthing the words. The two share a moment as Clyde witnesses a carefree side of Kevin.

After rocking out to the music, Kevin suggests the two of them play video games together. Clyde assumes they’d be playing on one of the latest gaming systems, only to be surprised when Kevin tells him the newest console he owns is the Nintendo 64. This bums Clyde out, as he is used to playing on all the latest systems, and knowing he’d be playing on something from several generations ago, bums him out to the point of not wanting to play anymore, but Kevin convinces him that it will be fine. Kevin inserts a game cartridge and boots up Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He has Clyde set up a player, and nearly tackles him over when Clyde wants to call his character “Bitch,” but after a lot of struggling that led to an awkward moment between the two, Kevin concedes and lets him go ahead with the character name. Clyde plays through the first part of the game mostly enjoying himself, despite being reluctant to admit it since he pitched such a big stink over not wanting to play on an old gaming system. Kevin found himself really enjoying Clyde’s commentary as well, despite not wanting to admit that the character name, “Bitch,” did elicit a lot of laughs through the game play. Eventually, Clyde gets tired of playing and bows out of the game.

Kevin takes over, and begins playing a Star Wars game in his stead, while Clyde uses the opportunity to go through some of Kevin’s stuff. Clyde discovers a sketch book of Kevin’s in which Kevin made several sketches. Clyde discovers that Kevin’s drawings are actually pretty good, and he finds one sketch in particular that really wows him. When Kevin discovers which sketch Clyde is looking, he gets really embarrassed and takes it from him. Kevin feels compelled to explain why his sketch is of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon instead of one of the traditional pairings. The awkward explanation leads to Kevin admitting that he’s actually gay. The admission doesn’t seem to faze Clyde, as he admits that he actually swings both ways.

Kevin starts to prepare some sheets on the floor for Clyde to sleep on, when Clyde tells him that he’d rather sleep in a cardboard box than the floor. Completely serious in his choice of sleeping accommodations, Kevin goes and gets him the box his family’s new refrigerator came in, and organized the sheets in there for him. Getting creative, Kevin decides to fashion the box into a space ship and draws in some windows, a steering wheel, and duct tapes in some wings for the vehicle. Their imaginations take over them, and the two start to pretend that they’re space pilots fighting down enemy aliens. Things get intense, and Clyde gets injured, but Kevin heals him up so that they’d both survive.

To Clyde’s surprise, in the heat of the moment, Kevin kisses him. Clyde finds that he likes the sensation of Kevin’s lips on his, and he kisses him back. Things get even more intense between the two of them, one thing leads to another, and the two end up losing their virginities to each other.

They fall asleep, and Clyde wakes early the next morning still next to Kevin who had been drawing him while he slept. Both awake now and realizing what happened, they both concede to not thinking the event was a mistake and both of them really having strong feelings for each other.

The story comes full circle, when Kevin asks Clyde why he had even come into the comic book shop in the first place. Clyde, embarrassed to admit it at first, eventually breaks down and tells him it was because he was looking for the latest copy of Taco-Man and Burrito-Boy. Ironically, Kevin tells Clyde he’s a big fan of the comic and owns every copy in mint condition. Clyde settles in to read the latest copy, only to discover the storyline in the book greatly mimics the pretend alien fight that they had last night.

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