Stella, Kylie, Kendra, and Erica Thorn
Character Information
Gender Female
Hair Stella: Black (Moderate blue violet, as a siren)

Kylie: Strong scarlet (Strong sap green, as a siren)
Kendra: Light brilliant yellow
Erica: Grayish red (Light rose, as a siren)

Eyes Stella: Brilliant raspberry

Kylie: Brilliant cerulean
Kendra: Moderate gamboge
Erica: Moderate cyan

Age 1000 (10 in demon/siren spawn)
Birthday Stella: October 31

Kylie: November 8
Kendra: January 17
Erica: February 14

Zodiac Sign Stella: Scorpio

Kylie: Scorpio
Kendra: Capricorn
Erica: Aquarius

Occupation Student
Debut Episode/Fic The Skull Crusader Reigns

Stella, Kylie, Kendra, and Erica Thorn are original characters created by TheDerp-ist. They are sirens who were once demons, and are Satan's daughters.


The girls are beautiful but dangerous creatures, they lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island called Siréna Eden, to do this, they have to feed off their sorcery and negativity among others, Stella, Kylie, Kendra, and Erica were once Satan's daughters, they made a deal with a witch so they made their voices stronger, eventually, they turned into sirens, Satan was heartbroken, so Satan banished them to earth so their magic won't prevail, their gems on their chest eventually turned into pendants. The girls attend South Park Elementary in Mr. Garrison's 4th grade class, they came there determined to conquer the world and the school, they entered the musical showcase (now the battle of the bands event) and they hypnotised Mr. Mackey and Principal Victoria. the only way they can be defeated is by another band with music talent (Fingerbang). with their pendants, they can turn into anthro half human/siren forms, if they gain more power, they turn into full siren forms.



from greek mythology.



Stella is very concerned with power, also she is cold hearted, impulsive, and power-hungry.


Kylie is one of the most abrasive members of The Sirens, also she is smart and disapproving.


Kendra is energetic, air-headed and optimistic.


Erica is the most shy of The Sirens, also she is a little impatient, and unassertive.



Butters StotchEdit

Stella has a interest for Butters, when she is around him, she usually flirts with him.


Kyle BroflovskiEdit

Kylie really considers Kyle as the apple of her eye, this means Kylie has feelings for Kyle.


Kenny McCormickEdit

Kendra looks at Kenny as a friend, they don't like like each other.


Eric CartmanEdit

Erica thinks that cartman is very handsome, she adores him very much

Superheroine Alter-Ego'sEdit


The Siren's superhero alter-egos


The Skull CrusaderEdit

The Skull Crusader is Stella's superheroine alter-ego.


Mistress BraniacEdit

Mistress Braniac is Kylie's superheroine alter-ego.


Mysterious MarvelousEdit

Mysterious Marvelous is Kendra's superheroine alter-ego.


Lady BatususEdit

Lady Batusus is Erica's superheroine alter-ego.


Sirens' song - mysterious and incredible

Sirens' song - mysterious and incredible

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