The South Park Scriptorium (sometimes informally the Scriptorium) is a South Park fansite most noted for its archive of episode transcriptions and detailed timeline of the series and community. The site is owned and updated by Willie "Big-Will" Westwood, who also runs the message board at South Park Studios, and the Scriptorium's Facebook page, which often contains additional information.

Though best known for its episode transcriptions and timelines, the site also hosts a wide variety of old news articles from South Park's earlier seasons, information on other Matt and Trey projects, various useful links, an archive of South Park Studios frequently asked questions, and occasional exclusive content, such as an earlier draft of the South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut script, and the actual scripts used for most episodes from the first four and a half seasons published at South Park Studios before they were removed. Character biographies were also updated frequently during early seasons and still see occasional revision.

It the longest-running South Park fansite, managed and kept up-to-date consistently since the series' first season, with transcripts of new episodes, secrets, and guest pages usually up within a few days of the most recent episode's air. Since the launch of the behind-the-scenes LiveTweets in 2013, this information is also archived alongside each episode for which a tweet was produced.

It is additionally worth noting that Matt Stone, Eric Stough, and other South Park production staff were aware of the site and have used it on occasion; the "Kenny's Wisdom" section, recording and 'translating' his lines of dialogue, was moved at Stone's request to keep fans from accessing the information too easily.

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