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South Park Kids Adventure, a fanfiction series surrounding the South Park series that was created in 2019, while the first episode "aired" in 2002, the year the creator was born.
The fanfiction series mainly focuses on the adventures of StanKyle, Cartman,  and Kenny, in addition to other kids joining in on their wacky adventures. Stan is the leader of his gang of four, who's very devoted towards Wendy . Kyle is the short-tempered but passionate member, who--let's not forget, is a jew. He always arguing with his well-known frenemy, Cartman. Cartman is the evil and racist member of Stan's gang, not to mention he's the only fat kid of the crew. And let's not forget Kenny, the "poor blonde wearing the parka that you can't even understand him in and that's always getting killed" group member. The fanfiction contains 12 seasons, each with 18 episodes. It contains the following genres: humor/comedy, drama, and action.

Characters in this series

Stan Marsh
Kyle Broflovski
Eric Cartman
Kenny Mccormick
Butters Scotch
Craig Tucker
Tweek Tweak
Token Black
Clyde Donovan
Jimmy Valmer
Timmy Burch
Dogpoo Petuski
Wendy Testaburger
Bebe Stevens
Jason White
Kevin Stoley
Sally Turner
Nichole Daniels
Heidi Turner
Jenny Simons
David Rodriguez


The kids of South Park--as well as the parents and other adults have all sorts of crazy ass adventures, like traveling all over the U.S.A., accidently becoming superheroes, becoming pirates, etc. They still tend to have fun during school, as well. The original South Park series was developed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The fanseries will be a bit cartoony (humor-wise), however, there's lots more violence, satire and dark comedy than the original show had.

Season 1 (2002-2003)

The whole first season of South Park Kids Adventure. This season contains 18 episodes and 6 shorts.

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png The Bloody Fundraiser October 2, 2002 s1e1 1
Some of the kids are playing the game called "Bloody Mary," until they realize they got cursed by it. Stan and Kyle are making cards for the Annual Fundraiser for their school.
Book.png The Daily Life of Pets October 9, 2002 s1e2 2
All the children's pets are having fun on their own, creating havoc, making a mess, and having a great time. The grumpy budgie decides to ruin their little pet party.
Book.png Cartman's Diet October 16, 2002 s1e3 3
Eric Cartman has been made fun of for being fat for so long, so he goes on a diet to become a healthier and skinnier person. But there's one problem, he's seeing sweets and junk food everywhere, and seeing all that food is making him go nuts. Kenny and Clyde have gone to Biloxi to enjoy the relaxing sights and the adventure.
Book.png Brimmy's Diary October 23, 2002 s1e4 4
The blue-and-yellow hatted kid named Brimmy has his normal life full of everyday challenges, but when a new girl moves to town, he falls in love with her and becomes antisocial and shy towards her, so he asks Stan and Kyle to help him get meet the girl of his dreams
Book.png The Ballad of Dogpoo Petuski October 30, 2002 s1e5 5
The talent show auditions are starting today at school, but unfortunately for Dogpoo, he cannot choose which song to sing in a ballad form, so he decides to make one completely from scratch.
Book.png Craig's Gang's Freak Show November 6, 2002 s1e6 6
Craig and the rest of his gang has gotten bored, so they decide to put on a freak show for the people of South Park, but when the ringmaster sees Kevin's contortion act, he decides to steal Kevin take him to Russia, so the the gang has to go to Russia to rescue Kevin.
Survival of the Dumbest Title Card in HD.png Survival of the Dumbest November 13, 2002 s1e7 7
Stan's Gang are roughing it in the wilderness. even though they're just camping. Things start to take a wrong turn when all the food and shelter mysteriously disappeared, so now they have to survive in the harsh wild, like many do. While Eric gone bonkers, the kid's parents were worried sick about their children's safety.
Real Superpowers, Cool Title Card in HD2.png Real, Superpowers Cool!! November 20, 2002 s1e8 8
Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and other kids accidentally fall into a radioactive waste pit, and somehow get real-life superpowers, except for Kevin.
Treasure Hunter Title Card in HD.png "Treasure Hunters" November 27, 2002 s1e9 9
Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Wendy, and Dogpoo are playing pirates at Stan's house, but when a real treasure map flutters by in front of Stan's house, they discover there actually will be treasure, in which this makes Cartman feel very selfish and greedy with the reward that they can chase.  This causes him and Butters to go hire a pirate crew to steal the treasure map from their grasp.
Robo-Stan 2000 Title Card in HD.png "Robo-Stan 2000" December 4, 2002 s1e10 10
Stan was severely injured, and ended up in a hospital, and now he has robot parts to replace missing limbs. His life has been awesome, but the robotic chip on his hat malfunctions and causes Stan to turn into an terminator-like bot, which causes him to start to destroy the town against his will.
Book.png "The Boy Who Lost His Hat" December 11, 2002 s1e11 11
Craig lost his hat during school, so Tweek and Jimmy go to help Craig to find his missing hat at the end of the day. Unfortunately, they end up lost in the Lost Forest with a mysterious creature lurking around that primarily hunts down children.
Book.png "Dumb Kyle" December 18, 2002 s1e12 12
Kyle has somehow managed to get his brain lost somewhere in South Park, in which this causes him to act dumb and moronic. This causes Kyle to fail his math test and actually enjoy Cartman's teasing, and this worries the rest of the boys. Now they have to find his brain before it's too late to bring the normal Kyle back.
Book.png "Kenny’s Worst Nightmare" December 25, 2002 s1e13 13
It's Christmas in South Park, and the Grim Reaper is seeking for Kenny--once again. But this time, the Grim Reaper actually wants Kenny to go to hell just to stop Satan from making bootleg toys.
Book.png "Stanley Goes Green" January 1, 2003 s1e14 14
Stan is sick and tired of being the only boy who thinks garbage and hunting is doing the whole world harm, so he tries to be the rolemodel the town is in need of, by picking up trash and protesting to prevent people from shooting animals and littering. Jimbo and Ned are in the middle of their hunting session.
Book.png "For The Birds" January 8, 2003 s1e15 15
Kyle and Stan are trying helping the birds during “National Bird Day," but unfortunately, everyone is trying to kill the birds for some ridiculous reasons.
Camp Hellalame Title Card in HD.png "Camp Hellalame" January 15, 2003 s1e16 16
The boys are being forced to go to a summer camp, but they find it way too lame for them. Except for Kyle, who thinks the summer camp is quite fun, but they'd rather go home instead of living in the horrible place for the season, while the girls are having fun at their summer camp.
Book.png "Fishing Problem" January 22, 2003 s1e17 17
Stan’s Gang decides to find the “Crimson Mountain Tuna," but unfortunately, the Crimson Mountain Tuna is one of the biggest tuna in South Park, which makes it impossible to catch.
Kenny The Rich Boy Title Card in HD.png "Kenny The Rich Boy" January 29, 2003 s1e18 18
Kenny just won the lottery's jackpot, which makes Cartman grow jealous when he sees Kenny with his new parka and a million dollars. Cartman decides to find a way to take away all of Kenny’s money. Stan and the other boys are enjoying Kenny's new luxury mansion.

Season 2 (2003)

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png Battle of the Bands July 2, 2003 s2e1 19
Stan’s hang decides to challenge Craig’s gang to a band battle. One of them must win the prize, but unfortunately, Clyde's terrible guitar playing ruins his team's chances of winning, and causes them to lose as a total.
Book.png "Game Night" July 9, 2003 s2e2 20
The Marshes are having a game night, but Randy goes a bit over-board with the whole "game night" stuff, as he keeps on winning. Stan and his mother must help Randy come back down to Earth with the events of their game night escalating.
Screwballs Title Card in HD.png Screwballs July 16, 2003 s2e3 21
The South Park Cows are playing baseball for the baseball tournement, but their next game they have to play against Colorado Springs Elementary School. The Cows desprately want to win the game to end the tournement as a whole.
Book.png "Kyle the Vampire" July 23, 2003 s2e4 22
Kyle gets bitten by a vampire bat, which causes him to become a vampire and begin to suck people's blood, including Cartman’s. Kyle now needs Stan’s help to become an normal kid again.
Book.png "My Stinky Step-brother" July 30, 2003 s2e5 23
When the bus drives by South Park Elementary, there’s only a ball of stinky clouds, which smell terrible. But as it turns out, it’s Arnold Petuski, Dogpoo's step-brother.
Book.png "Arizona Ranger" August 6, 2003 s2e6 24
Cartman and Clyde go to Glendale, Arizona to become bounty hunters. They're there to seek cash and well, more cash.
Book.png "The Cold Case" August 13, 2003 s2e7 25
Craig's gang is playing detective, but when a murder happens in South Park, they really need to find out who the murderer is by using the skills they've learned while playing.
Book.png "Whodunit" August 20, 2003 s2e8 26
The kids are playing a fancy party scene. While playing, somebody there has killed Cartman, and now they need to find out who did it.
Millie Title Card in HD.png "Millie" August 27, 2003 s2e9 27
Mr. Garrison has introduced the new student, Millie to the school. The girls believe that Millie came from Texas, so they ask Butters to date Millie, and everything goes as planned. Kenny has brought a stray rat home.
Book.png "The Tale of Two Stans" September 3, 2003 s2e10 28
Stan has been taken away by some fancy people, while a look-a-like of Stan named “Jonathan Chesterfield” has moved to South Park. Stan has began to enjoy the modern life of richness, while Jonathan wasn't happy about the new shoes he has--and being called Stan.
Book.png "The Lost Bed" September 10, 2003 s2e11 29
Cartman has lost his beloved bed when spring comes, so Stan, Kyle and Kenny choose to help Cartman find his bed deep in the junkyard.
Book.png "Kenny The Knight" September 17, 2003 s2e12 30
Kenny wants to be a knight when he's grown-up, but due to getting killed alot, he wears strong armor to protect any damage. But when a real knight come to South Park, he demolishes all of the buildings.
Book.png "Voodoom" September 24, 2003 s2e13 31
Stan saw a castaway voodoo doll on the beach, and just when he started to touch the doll, he felt a sense of evil rush inside of him. All of the sudden, the evil spirits inside of the doll are taking over Stan and destroying the entire town, so Kyle, Cartman, Butters and Kenny have to try to stop the voodoo doll.
New Life's Title Card in HD.png New Lifes October 1, 2003 s2e14 32
Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny have accidentally swapped bodies when they got beat up by a bully. Their new lives turned out great, but unfortunately it soon turned into a horrible nightmare. Now the boys want their old lives--and bodies--back.
Book.png "The Child Prostituter" October 8, 2003 s2e15 33
A strange woman wants to have sex with younger boys, so the boys decide to stop that crazy woman before she makes love with another boy.
Super Girls League Title Card in HD.png Super Girls League October 15, 2003 s2e16 34
The girls decide to make their own league of superheroes, but the boy's teams think they'll fail at  their new hero deeds, so they have to try and stop the girls.
Book.png "Follow That Parrot!! October 22, 2003 s2e17 35
Tweek lost his beloved parrot in his room, and now Craig and Tweek are trying to get the bird back in it's cage.
Book.png "Hellywood" October 30,2003 s2e18 36
Cartman wants to make a movie about his life, but unfortunately for Kyle, Cartman  won't allow him in his movie.

Season 3 (2004-2005)

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png "Kyle the Magnificent" November 3, 2004 s3e1 37
Kyle has put on a magic show to entertain the other kids, well, almost everyone, and that's Cartman--of course. That causes Kyle to grow angry at Cartman.
Book.png "Pip and Damien" November 10, 2004 s3e2 38
Pip and Damien are doing their original given task, but their on a Deja Vu timelapse, so together, they try to escape the Deja Vu, by doing a completely different thing.
There Snow Place Like Blizzard Title Card in HD.png "There's Snow Place Like Blizzard" November 17, 2004 s3e3 39
The boys got stuck in school while in the middle of a harsh blizzard. Kevin and Jason have won a million dollars.
Book.png "Talent Show" November 24, 2004 s3e4 40
The boys are practicing their talent for the talent show, but one of the students has severe stage fright, and that's Butters.
Book.png "Attack of the Gingerbots" December 1, 2004 s3e5 41
The doctor arrives to warn the town about the Zygons, who pretend to be people, and Dr. Mephesto has nothing to do with the doppelganger that's arrived.
Back to the 90s Title Card in HD.png "Back to the 90s" December 8, 2004 s3e6 42
The kids travel back in time to the 90's and end up trapped the past years. They now need to escape the 90's to return home to the present.
Book.png "Maine Problem" December 15, 2004 s3e7 43
The boys decide to go to Maine for the Lobster Festival, but all the lobsters went missing. So now the boys are helping the citizens of Maine to get the lobsters back, Tweek is having serious hallucinations and panic attacks.
The Good, The Bad, and the Token Title Card in HD.png "The Good,The Bad, and The Token" December 22, 2004 s3e8 44
Token has been dreaming of being a sheriff, but his dreams turned out to be real. He now has to save the citizens of South Park and face one of the most sinister bandits of all; One Eyed Denny.
Book.png "To Be Hammer or Not To Be Hammer" December 29, 2004 s3e9 45
Stan has been trapped in hammer form when Token accidentally froze him, while the other "living" objects knew that he was actually a normal boy in the form of a hammer.
Book.png "The Story of Louis" January 5, 2005 s3e10 46
This is a story of Louis. An average boy with an average life. After a while, he was startging to be treated like a slave by a group of bullies. Now he'll have to stay determined to stick up for himself and act like an older kid.
Book.png "Sleepwalking" January 12, 2005 s3e11 47
Kenny has been sleepwalking ever since a slumber party. So now the boys have to try to wake up Kenny, but Kenny is a heavy sleeper.
Book.png "Boxing Fray" January 19, 2005 s3e12 48
Butters was entered into a boxing match, but he doesn't know how to box. Luckily, Cartman always has his back. Cartman will now have to train Butters on how to be a professional boxer.
Book.png "What Dumb Luck" January 26, 2005 s3e13 49
Token accidentally shattered the mirror when he brushing his hair. Butters warns him about bad luck, so Token tries to find a good luck charm.
We All Scream for Ice Cream Title Card in HD.png "We All Scream for Ice Cream" February 2, 2005 s3e14 50
Stan and the others have been sweating and hot. They a hear familiar tune, and the ice cream truck appeared driving down the street. They want ice cream really badly, but the ice cream got melted and the ice cream driver can’t serve anybody ice cream. So now the kids have to depend on making their own ice cream.
Book.png "Turd War" February 9, 2005 s3e15 51
The boys are having a turd war. When one of their parent's saw them playing, they immediately banned this so-called game. The kids decide to unban the game by creating a whole community for this game.
Book.png "Quest of Calvorn" February 16, 2005 s3e16 52
The boys are playing an new medieval game called “Quest of Calvorn.” However, they got trapped in the game. So now they have to try to beat all the levels and get out of this game…or they'll stuck in this game…..FOREVER.
Book.png "Girl's Night Out" February 23, 2005 s3e17 53
The girls are having an night out. The boys were curious about the girl's plans, so they have a stakeout to see what the girls are doing.
The Three Blondies Title Card in HD.png "The Three Blondies" March 2, 2005 s3e18 54
Kenny, Butters and Tweek are having fun with each other in Hawaii. But all this fun was ruined when a volcano erupted, and many people were killed or were burned by it. It's now up to the blondes to stop it, by making a sacrifice...

Season 4 (2006)

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png "The Last Straw" January 4, 2006 s4e1 55
Kyle has enough of Cartman’s racist jokes and comments, so Kyle tricks Cartman into going to Africa, but Cartman ends up captured by African warriors, so now Kyle must save his fremeny from danger.
Book.png "Demon Wings" January 11, 2006 s4e2 56
Randy had entered the “Hot Wing Eating Contest” in Buffalo, NY. He needs to train to earn the title of "Hot Wing Eating Champion."
Book.png "A Very Wendy Christmas: Part One" January 18, 2006 s4e3 57
Wendy has planned to save Christmas from Cartman's evil plans. It's up to Wendy, Kyle, Stan, Butters and Gregory to save Christmas. Mr. Mackey is planning a Christmas play.
Book.png "A Very Wendy Christmas: Part Two" January 25, 2006 s4e4 58
Christmas must be saved from evil Cartman. Wendy was captured by Cartman and it’s now up to Stan, Kyle, Butters, and Gregory to save Wendy and Christmas.
Book.png "Mid-Life Cartman" February 1, 2006 s4e5 59
Cartman is disappointed because he can not be a cool guy. So now he's in a midlife crisis to fulfill his life, but some of his friends think he's pushing it too far. Clyde and Token are having a conversation about Jimmy.
Book.png "The Missing Parka" February 8, 2006 s4e6 60
Kenny lost his beloved parka. Stan and Kyle have to get the parka back for his poor friend, well, almost. Cartman and Dogpoo are planning to create a bowling team.
Book.png "Crypto-Mania" February 15, 2006 s4e7 61
Kenny sees an unusual "zipping" bug. Stan realizes the little creature is actually an skyfish. Kyle and Cartman think Stan and Kenny are insane, so they try to teach them that skyfish are a bunch of baloney. Brimmy and Emerald are creating an relationship.
Book.png "Amnesia" February 22, 2006 s4e8 62
Kenny forgot that who he is, ever since the car accidents. The boys have to refresh Kenny’s memories.
Book.png "The Midnight Getaway" March 1, 2006 s4e9 63
The boys are at the trip at Las Vegas to see the world famous person, Wayne Newton, but he was taken by thugs. The boys have to save him before his song starts. Sharon and Sheila went for a girl’s night out.
Book.png "Bad News Cows" March 8, 2006 s4e10 64
The kids are ready for the basketball tournaments. Stan and Kyle need an plan to end the tournaments to enjoy the rest of the spring, while Wendy and Bebe are in detention for some reason.
Book.png "Going Crazy with Sweets" March 15, 2006 s4e11 65
Tweek saw the newest candy on the commercial called “Sugar Crave." When he tries this new candy, he begins to enjoy it a little too much, and soon he’s gone from an coffee addict to a candy craving lunatic.
Book.png "Child Charmer" March 22, 2006 s4e12 66
Cartman has an idea for a talent show, Cartman and Butters use Kyle as a assistant for the snake charming, But it's infected on Kyle, and he is in mind control. Stan and Kenny declares to build the rocketship for the National NASA Parade.
South Slammers Title Card in HD.png "South Slammers" April 5, 2006 s4e13 67
The boys go to jail, and three of the inmates are scared of the prison. So they help the inmates, by taking their place,until, they re-meet their worst nightmare--Trent Boyett. They desprately need to escape the jail..or else they'll be spending time in jail with Trent Boyett for four long years.
Book.png "Movie Trouble" April 12, 2006 s4e14 68
The boys are watching a bunch of scary movies, but the DVD player suddenly brakes, and all the monsters came out of the TV and are terrorizing the citizens. They now have to stop the monsters from scaring all the citizens.
Book.png "Imitation Boy" April 19, 2006 s4e15 69
A new kid comes to South Park, and can copy other people's voices, and it's kinda annoying. Everyone wants to get rid of him, but it turns out, he was deaf and can't talk, and is very polite and a big sweetheart.
Book.png "That is an Abomination!!" April 26, 2006 s4e16 70
Christophe and Kenny somehow fuse together by some freak of nature. Apparently, the freak of nature has made more fusions, and the results are quite disturbing...
Book.png "Alaska Travelers" May 3, 2006 s4e17 71
The boys are lost in Alaska and are very cold. They need to find their homes, where all of the parents of the are sitting, worried sick about them.
Book.png "We Stand Tall" May 10, 2006 s4e18 72
Some mean landowners want to buy South Park to get rid of everything and create amusement rides. The boys need a plan to stop the landowners from buying their beloved mountain town.

Season 5 (2007)

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png "Thief or No Thief" August 29, 2007 s5e1 73
Stan and Kyle have really done it now. They think they stole one of the most valuable treasures, so they try to go incognito and hide from detection. Cartman and Butters are looking for fancy treasures.
Book.png "Too Many Kyles" September 5, 2007 s5e2 74
Kyle clones himself to do all his chores for him. But unfortunately, the clones appear to be stupid and can’t do anything right.
Book.png "Riding The Rails to Hell Station" September 12, 2007 s5e3 75
Craig's Gang is in Chattanooga, Tennessee to explore. Satan and Clyde decide to make their very own railroad station.
Book.png "New Face of Cartman" September 19, 2007 s5e4 76
Cartman accidently smashed his face permanently, and the doctor swapped his face with Brad Pitt's face. All the childrens fall in love with Cartman, while celebrities try to kill him, including Kyle.
Book.png "Prehistoric Boys" September 26, 2007 s5e5 77
The boys turned themself into prehistoric cavemen and started wrecking havoc. So the adults have to turn them back to normal, and Wendy and Bebe want to support the adults for helping the students.
Book.png "Seven Litlle Villains" October 3, 2007 s5e6 78
The little heroes are saving the world yet again, but when seven new little villains started to bring havoc to South Park, so it's up to the heroes to stop the villains. Lola and Kyle are trapped in the villains' headquarters.
Book.png "Baking Up Some Trouble" October 10, 2007 s5e7 79
The kids are having an baking competition, but the other team's cakes are better than the boys, and they can’t lose another competition.
Book.png "The Stretchy Boys" October 17, 2007 s5e8 80
Stan, Kevin and Pete Melman are having a good time with their stretching powers
Goal!! Title Card in HD.png "Goal!" October 24, 2007 s5e9 81
The boys are playing soccers for the South Park Soccer Championship. But they meet their worst arch rivals; Colorado Springs Elementary School
Book.png "12 Outraged Students" October 31, 2007 s5e10 82
Stan is framed for taking pictures of the cheerleaders in the showers while they're naked. A jury of 12 students work to clear his name
Book.png "You Sank my Battleshit" November 7, 2007 s5e11 83
Mr. Garrison has enough with his boring life, so he decides to become an admiral with an boat that's made entirely out of shit.
Book.png "The Great Animal Escape" November 14, 2007 s5e12 84
Gobbles, Sparky and the others pets are captured by the Italian animal catcher. They need to escape the dungeon and journey to get home
Book.png "Craig's New Hairdo" November 21, 2007 s5e13 85
Craig lost all of his hair when he was combing. He went to the barber shop to get an new look. It's turns out it became more popular, which Stan grows jealous of. Cartman made a deal with Kyle to be his slave.
Book.png "Lindsay Lohan is a Total Glutton" November 28, 2007 s5e14 86
Kenny's Dad found out that Carol is gonna have a woman sleepover, without the boys ruining it. Cartman discovered the true meaning of Food Festival, and decided to run his own stand. Making fun of Lindsay Lohan for portraying her as a glutton.
Book.png "The Boys are Girls Now!!!" December 5, 2007 s5e15 87
All the boys are now females and all girls becoming males. Mr. Garrison need to find out what's causing this.
Book.png "Twesomniac" December 12, 2007 s5e16 88
Tweek can't sleep because of all the coffee he's drank, so he decides to call Craig to help him sleep.
Book.png "3,2,1, Fuck Off" December 19, 2007 s5e17 89
Kevin and Craig want to Houston,Texas to become real astronauts, but they soon realize they are nervous about going up into outer space.
Book.png "Stan vs Craig" December 26, 2007 s5e18 90
Both black haired gang leaders are having an competition to see who has the better leadership role over their gangs.

Season 6 (2008)

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png "Small Renovations" August 6, 2008 s6e1 91
Mr. Mackey wants his head shrunken down to normal size. Unfortunately, the procedure goes awry and his head ends up really, really small, about the size of a tennis ball. Meanwhile, Tuong Lu Kim fixes up City Wok as it has gotten rather shabby.
Book.png "Gobbles and the Tramp" August 13, 2008 s6e2 92
Timmy’s Pet; Gobbles was having daily feeding, when he saw the female turkey, and he had fallen in love of her. Timmy wasn’t sure about the female turkey.
Book.png "The Human Hang Glider" August 20, 2008 s6e3 93
No one know who “The Human Hang Glider” really is, so Stan and his gang try to find out who the masked vigilante really is.
Book.png "Cabin Fever" August 27, 2008 s6e4 94
The boys got tricked by some mean old men and ended up trapped in a cabin. They try to escape the cabin, but their struggles are no use. Their parents are very worried about them children.
Book.png "Cloudy with a Chance of Strippers" September 3, 2008 s6e5 95
All the strippers in South Park are going on strike. The boys need to gather all the strippers and tell them all the life of being a stripper is actually great.
Book.png "Stan in Wonderland" September 10, 2008 s6e6 96
Stan was playing football with his friends. Suddenly, a white rabbit was in the bush and Stan starts following it, but ends up on the strange place called Wonderland.
Book.png "Mining for Cash" September 17, 2008 s6e7 97
Cartman and Butters are in San Francisco for mining, but when Cartman finds gold, he and Butters become rich.
Book.png "The Return of the Crimson Mountain Tuna" September 24, 2008 s6e8 98
The Crimson Mountain Tuna is on the loose again, and this time, the boys will try to catch the giant tuna.
Book.png "Now That's The Stretch" October 1, 2008 s6e9 99
Stan accidentally got tangled up in his room when Kyle brings a rubber band ball as a gift of friendship.
Book.png "The New Scent" October 8, 2008 s6e10 100
Randy saw the new deodorant called “Manly Heavy," so Randy tries some of it, and he becomes a fresh new man all together. Sharon thinks that this new deodorant has changed his personality.
Book.png "Merry Christmas South Park" October 15, 2008 s6e11 101
Santa Claus has gone missing in South Park, and the boys go on a holiday mission to save Christmas and rescue Santa Claus…or else Christmas would be ruined for the whole world.
Jimmy The Comedian Titled Card in HD.png "Jimmy the Comedian" October 22, 2008 s6e12 102
Jimmy is nominated for the "Best Kid Comedian" award. Jimmy wants to go to Hollywood to become a famous young comedian, but he thinks he taking it too far.
Book.png "Stan's New Dog" November 5, 2008 s6e13 103
Stan has bought a new, but strange dog, just in case Sparky's been feeling alone, but Sparky disagrees about the new dog.
Book.png "Bust Some Moves" November 12, 2008 s6e14 104
Clyde is embarrassed that his dance moves can't impress the girls, and it's mainly because he has no talent of dancing.
Book.png "An Canada Episode" November 19, 2008 s6e15 105
The episode features four Canadian boys; Shuck, Toby, Sebastian, and Frederick, talking about their daily lives in Canada.
Book.png "The Three Roughriders" November 26, 2008 s6e16 106
Stan, Kyle and Kenny go to Wyoming to become cowboys, but Kenny dies during the event, so he's replaced with Dogpoo.
Book.png "The Other Kids" December 3, 2008 s6e17 107
Peter, Dogpoo, Brimmy and Francis are having fun at school, but when they having an skiing competition, it becomes a whole new exprience for them.
Separation Depression Title Card in HD.png "Separation Depression" December 10, 2008 s6e18 108
Wendy has moved away from South Park, which causes Stan's mental health to downward spiral and ends up trying to commit suicide, and his friends need to find him a new girlfriend before he tries hurting himself further.

Season 7 (2009-2010)

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png "Fund Du Lac" November 4, 2009 s7e1 109
The boys are at Fond Du Lac for the charity for the poor, but Cartman becomes very greedy and tries to keep the cash for himself, so he decides to steal all the money that the boys give to the charity.
Ready, Set, Go Fuck Yourself Title Card in HD.png "Ready, Set, Go Fuck Yourself" November 11, 2009 s7e2 110
The boys are having a kart rally in Indianapolis for the “South Park Rally 2013."  Unfortunately, they can’t enter with their broken-down cart.
Book.png "The Loch Ness Trouble" November 18, 2009 s7e3 111
Stan and Kyle try to discover if the Loch Ness Monster is real or not, so Stan tries to pretend to be a female Loch Ness Monster to lure the real one, but the fisherman captured Stan, believing that’s he the actual lake monster.
Book.png "An Dead End" November 25, 2009 s7e4 112
Cartman challenged Kenny to hold the firework, without letting it go. Kenny was killed, so now he a ghost, and plot revenge on Cartman for doing his dangerous challenge.
Book.png "National Cartman Day" December 2, 2009 s7e5 113
Cartman decides to create the holiday “National Cartman Day," in which no Jews are allowed and all of the citizens must worship Cartman, so Kyle and his friends try to cancel this so-called "holiday."
Book.png "The Return of Pip" December 9, 2009 s7e6 114
Pip is back, but the boys aren’t happy about him being alive once more. Pip wants to tell people why he's now alive and can't stay dead just like Kenny. Butters and Clyde are practicing their musical instruments.
Book.png "The Weirdest Appearances Kids Award" December 16, 2009 s7e7 115
Stan and the others find kids who cry blood as tears, a boy that has paper as a real human body, and a girl with a million teeth. Stan and Butters decide to join the competition by being the weirdest kids, but when the competition was dropped, the visitors abduct the weird kids, as well as Stan and Butters
Book.png "The History of South Park" December 23, 2009 s7e8 116
In the episode, it’s a timeline video of how South Park was created and how it got started, but Cartman ruins the timeline video, by making something cooler over the video.
Book.png "Green Thumb" December 30, 2009 s7e9 117
Stan and Kyle entering a Garden Contest, but end up planting a monstrous man-eating plant who eats all the citizens of South Park, while Cartman and Butters go to Brazil to find the treasures that lie there, but end up lost in a forest.
Book.png "Crazy with the Desert" January 6, 2010 s7e10 118
The boys got lost when their parents accidentally kicked them out of the car. The boys go loopy and start to have the weirdest migraines, but the boys must stay strong to conquer the heat, pain, tortunes and illusions.
Canvasback Tweek Title Card in HD.png "Canvas Back Tweek" January 13, 2010 s7e11 119
Tweek starts having a skittish breakdown when he is completeing in a wrestling competition with the most famous child wrestler “Dynamite Kid." So Craig, Kevin and Jason have to properly train Tweek at all costs, or else Tweek get crushed by him.
Book.png "Locked Up" January 20, 2010 s7e12 120
Thomas and Craig get locked up in school during a fire drill, so now they need to survive in the school
Book.png "Stuck in a Wringer" January 27, 2010 s7e13 121
Kevin got stuck on the wringer on the Wringer Museum, but unfortunately for Kevin, Jason put glue on Kevin and in result, got more stuck.
Book.png "Pineapple Brained Clyde" February 3, 2010 s7e14 122
Clyde tastes a pineapple for the first time, but he takes it to the whole new level.
Book.png "Learning About Cartoons" February 10, 2010 s7e15 123
All the children are learning about the difference between dark, satire, comedy, adult cartoons and funny, madcap, slapstick, comedy cartoons, so they make a lesson video about how life’s just like being a cartoon.
Book.png "The Little Red Riding Kyle" February 17, 2010 s7e16 124
Cartman decided to make his own version of “The Little Red Riding Hood” with “The Little Red Riding Kyle." Kyle is quite embarrassed about the book and the fact that it became popular, so Stan and Kyle need to stop the book's popularity from skyrocketing.
Book.png "Mall Mayhem" February 24, 2010 s7e17 125
The parents are having a rampage about the mall. Sharon and Sheila are buying dresses for a wedding.
Book.png "The Boy With A Stick In His Mouth" March 3, 2010 s7e18 126
The boys see a boy chewing on a stick. The boys--besides Cartman and Kennt--were so distracted and confused with his chewing, that they became low IQ replicas of that boy. Cartman and Kenny need to help the boys to become normal again.

Season 8 (2011-2012)

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png "Hiccups" October 5, 2011 s8e1 127
Kyle has the hiccups for drinking too much soda, so Stan and the others are trying to find the cures for his hiccups.
Book.png "Connecticut Whale Protection Program" October 12, 2011 s8e2 128
Stan is terrified when the hunters in Connecticut are killing the poor, helpless whales, so Stan wants to protect the whales, by making the C.W.P.P., the Connecticut Whale Protection Program, and so did Cartman and Kenny.
Book.png "Jewpaper" October 19, 2011 s8e3 129
Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and the other kids are sending newspapers to the people, but Kyle ends up being a scroll, but he's not the only one.
Book.png "The Essay" October 26, 2011 s8e4 130
Dogpoo isn’t working on his essay due to procrastination. He begins to see bizzare things and have frequent migraines. Kyle and Stan are doing their essay with Butters at his house.
Book.png "Mad Cat Disease" November 2, 2011 s8e5 131
An new disease is causing Kenny having oddly swirling eyes, sharper teeth, and is always randomly rampaging, and it’s infecting other people too. It’s now up to the kids and the citizens who weren't infected to save the town, before it's too late.
Book.png "A Boy Who Cried Molester" November 9, 2011 s8e6 132
Pyro-Man is in charge of looking out for any villains, but he rang the bell and then they soon began to prank the town.
Book.png "Ski to Succeed" November 16, 2011 s8e7 133
The boys are entering a skiing contest, but when Cartman lands on the finishing line first, he wins a million dollars. Cartman becomes obessed with skiing so much, that he begins playing it again just to earn money, but Kyle thinks that he's just being a greedy jerk--as always.
Book.png "Cartman's New Pet" November 23, 2011 s8e8 134
Mr. Kitty and Cartman are having arguments yet again, so Cartman goes to the pet store to buy a new cat friend for Mr. Kitty named “Frankie”
Book.png "Stan the Hippie" November 30, 2011 s8e9 135
Stan is tranquilized into an star-dazed hippie, animal loving kid. He begins to adapt into his new life as an official hippie, but Cartman, all he wants to do is get rid of Stan.
Book.png "That’s One Small Step from Earth, One Giant Piss to Childkind" December 7, 2011 s8e10 136
Craig and Kevin are really excited when the famous astronaut “Neil Armstrong” landed on the moon, but both of them have never been to the moon before, so the two boys go to space to be the first two children to step foot to the moon.
Book.png "Barfing it Out" December 14, 2011 s8e11 137
The boys were practicing for the “Ugly Face Contest." As the contest is about to begin, the boys take on the lead for the wackiest faces, but the girls use their secret weapon, Bebe. The boys were so sick just seeing Bebe's faces, that they ended up getting awfully sick.
Book.png "Kids Alone" December 21, 2011 s8e12 138
Clyde, Craig, Douglas, Token, and Brimmy are home alone. The boys think that there’ll be a burglar on the loose, so they create a lookout team.
Book.png "The Sundae Project" December 28, 2011 s8e13 139
The boys are in the woods looking for the witch that creates ice cream, but the boys end up possessed by the witch, so Butters and Wendy have to try to find Stan and the others.
Book.png "Lizzy Who??" January 4, 2012 s8e14 140
Lizzy has lost her memories, so the girls have to try to revive her memories, by teaching her everything and reintroducing her to everyone she knew. However, she can’t do anything right.
Book.png "The Mask of Kenny The Zorro" January 11, 2012 s8e15 141
Kenny watches the movie called “The Mask of Zorro," Kenny starts practicing moves with swords, to use braver accents, and practices battling, until he sees the real deal.
Book.png "Heaven or Hell?" January 18, 2012 s8e16 142
Cartman was killed in a car accident. Jesus won’t let Cartman into Heaven hence his bad personality, and just before he was sent to hell, Cartman wants to become a better, nicer and more gentle person than he was before.
Book.png "The Last Hope PT 1" January 25, 2012 s8e17 143
Local scientists see that asteroids are headed straight towards South Park. Will the town be safe? Or will it just become another Pompeii?
Book.png "The Last Hope PT 2" February 1, 2012 s8e18 144
The boys need to save the town from the asteroids, before it's the end of South Park for good. Meanwhile Cartman is being mesmerized by the asteroids.

Season 9 (2013-2014)

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png "Construction Warriors" October 2, 2013 s9e1 145
Kenny is a nervous wreck about his home, while Stan, Kyle and Cartman are playing ninjas..yet again, Kenny asks the guys if they can remodel his house, so Stan, Kyle and Cartman decided to rebuild Kenny’s house into a beautiful home before the home inspector comes.
Book.png "Wenderella" October 9, 2013 s9e2 146
The narrator is telling a different version of Cinderella called "Wenderella".
Book.png "Taffy Trouble" October 16, 2013 s9e3 147
There's a new sale of taffies at the candy store. However, some of the taffies taste terrible, so the kids try to discover who behind all of this. Pip gets stretched out--and killed--by the taffy machine.
Book.png "You Aren't Happy What It Did Last Night" October 23, 2013 s9e4 148
The girls are throwing a birthday party for Jenny Simons, but unfortunately, someone kidnapped Jenny on her first birthday party, so Bebe and Wendy have to find who kidnapped Jenny.
Book.png "Chinpokomon is REAL!!!" October 30, 2013 s9e5 149
The Japanese want to their company to be a success, so they turn the Chinpokomon toys into real-life creatures who can be their friends, evolve, and battle. The kids seem to enjoy it so far, while the parent think they're taking the whole "real-Chinpokomon" thing too far.
Book.png "The Villain Episode" November 6, 2013 s9e6 150
Some kids (a.k.a. Despair of Doom) are plotting to take over the world, but they can't take over the world in real-life, however, so they resort to just using their imagination.
Book.png "Run, Stan, Run!" November 13, 2013 s9e7 151
Stan is doing the charity track for his family, and he's also helping the kid with the broken legs to win, so he believes he can do anything to support his family and his peers, too.
Book.png "Stuck on Drunk" November 20, 2013 s9e8 152
Stan and Dogpoo are trying a the new beer called "Drunken Funk," but they got really addicted to the beer, and got super drunk, including Randy. Kyle's worried that Stan and his friends are going to start to cause mayhem.
Book.png "The Broflovski's Thanksgiving" November 27, 2013 s9e9 153
The Broflovski's are planning their very own Thanksgiving, and Kyle's even inviting his friends--except Cartman, who is plotting to join the Thanksgiving anyway.
Book.png "Twin Cities? More like Tri Cities" December 4, 2013 s9e10 154
The boys are going to Twin Cities, Minnesota, but they wound up in Tri Cities. The boys see some places that are very similar to Twin Cities. Bebe has become the second "Jew kid" in the school, because of the boys.
Book.png "How to Train Your Monster" December 11, 2013 s9e11 155
Satan thinks that Damien isn't ready to get a pet, so Damien must train a monster so he can tell his father that he can become a responsible person.
Book.png "The Mission" December 18, 2013 s9e12 156
Mr. Garrison is taking the kids to San Antonio to learn the history of the Alamo. While the class is learning, the Ghosts of The Alamo came around and started haunting the children. Randy and Gerald are getting ready for the "History Boat."
Book.png "South Park For Real" December 25, 2013 s9e13 157
The cameramen think that South Park would be a great reality show, and everyone seems to go along with it, until Kyle catches them spying on everyone. Cartman is trying to become a rapper.
Book.png "Terrance and Phillip in: The Fart and the Furious" January 1, 2014 s9e14 158
Terrance and Phillip are back with more fart jokes, and the boys are estatic about the Canadian duo's new movie entitled; "Terrance and Philip: The Fart and The Furious." However, there's just one problem, the movie starts at midnight, so the boys decide to sneak out of their houses.
Book.png "Suicide Is Not A Good Place To Be" January 8, 2014 s9e15 159
A new goth girl is hitting on Kenny, but the boys worry that Kenny will become a goth and possibly want to end his life by commiting suicide, so Stan, Kyle and Cartman go undercover by dressing themselves up as goths.
Book.png "Lil Wayne and Beyonce Sitting in the Tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G" January 15, 2014 s9e16 160
The boy are framed for creating porn of Lil Wayne and Beyonce, until Kenny and Cartman reveal that they set the whole "love" relationship up and they wind up in juvenile hall.
Book.png "The Tale of Skankasaurus Rex" January 22, 2014 s9e17 161
Dogpoo is fed up with his terrible smell, so he choses to live in a pile of muck and garbage, while his parents are worried sick about him and want him back, when Dogpoo discovers that he's now a garbage dinosaur-like creature.
Book.png "Butters Goes Bad" January 29, 2014 s9e18 162
Butters is sick and tired of being a slave for Cartman, and being grounded by his parents, so he decides to join a bunch of motocycle rebels who have no rules, and no dignity.

Season 10 (2015-2016)

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png "It's a Kenny-ful Life" September 23, 2015 s10e1 163
Kenny has died in a car crash, and now the boys has no choice but to replace Kenny with Brimmy, and Kenny now has the powers and light of a guardian angel to go against the Grim Reaper.
Book.png "Poor Token" October 7, 2015 s10e2 164
Token has lost all of his family's money when his parents came back from the casino, while Cartman teases him, Kyle tries to help Token to be the richest kid again. Stan and Wendy go on a romantic cruise, with Clyde as the third wheeler.
Book.png "Grilled Cum Sandwich" October 14, 2015 s10e3 165
Randy has really done it, big time now. Randy uses his cum to make a sandwich stand, in which he got arrested for. Stan has to rescue his dad by with a jailbreak. Cartman decides to run “Cumwich” since Stan’s dad's arrestment.
Book.png "Abduction Breakout Adventure" October 21, 2015 s10e4 166
The alien visitors have abducted the boys, and have started to experiment on them. The boys must use their strength, stealth, and blending in to escape the alien motherboard, while the parents are very worried about their boys.
Book.png "El Loco Mexico" October 28, 2015 s10e5 167
Stan, Kyle and Butters are taking a trip to Mexico. The people of Mexico see that Mantequilla (Butters) has returned. Kyle and Stan are puzzled about it for the time being, until they hear the legends of Mantequilla.
Book.png "The Assassination Strikes Back" November 4, 2015 s10e6 168
The people in the town meeting are talking about the assassinator on the loose, and that town is not safe from the killer, while Stan and the others warn all the kids about the killer, by inviting all the kids to Stan’s house for their own meeting.
Book.png "It's a Good Life without Cartman" November 11, 2015 s10e7 169
Kyle is in a coma after a skydiving incident, and during this, he's living in his own world. He sees that there's a house for rent, then his dream comes true, there’s no Cartman. Kyle wishes that this world could become a reality.
Book.png "Shaman Cartman" November 18, 2015 s10e8 170
Cartman is watching a TV show about Shamanism, and soon he desides that he'll give it a try. Randy is learning the history of George Washington and then downright killed Washington and became the first president of the United States.
Book.png "Shelly’s Babysitting Adventure" November 25, 2015 s10e9 171
Shelly and Stan have to babysit their baby sister “Maggie Marsh," but the baby has escaped and now Shelly and Stan have to go out on their own to find their baby sister, before their parents return and ground them.
Book.png "An Kindergarten Episode" December 2, 2015 s10e10 172
The episode will stars the 6 kindergartners, Quaid, Ike, Filmore, Jenny, Sally and Carlos. These tiny kids have an adventure of their own, by using their imagination.
Book.png "Goth Picnic" December 9, 2015 s10e11 173
The goth kids (plus Bradley) are having a picnic at a camping site, but unfortunately, they end up on the wrong side of the camping site., while this picnic spot is fine for the goths.
Book.png "Lebron James Is A Fucking Legend" December 16, 2015 s10e12 174
Lebron James gets his leg injured during a basketball game, and then got sent to the hospital. The NBA players have yet to see any basketball games anymore, since Lebron has gotten injured.
Book.png "City Wok's Hotel and Buffet" December 23, 2015 s10e13 175
Mr. Kim is planning to change his Chinese restaurant into a five-star hotel. so he tears down his restaurant. The boys are dumbfounded about his new hotel. Cartman has a gluttony problem on his shoulders.
Book.png "The Cissy War" December 30, 2015 s10e14 176
Cartman and Wendy are having a gender war...yet again. This time, the girls dress up as boys to prove that boys are stupid and ignorant, while the boys dress up as girls, to prove to them that they're sassy and bossy, and Stan is clearly not approving of their actions.
Book.png "Comic Con Wrong" January 6, 2016 s10e15 177
Craig and Those Guys are dressed up as the JLA superheroes. Craig as Superman, Tweek as Wonder Woman, Clyde as Elongated Man, Jimmy as The Flash, and Token as Aquaman. The other superheroes took them, and mistaken them as they're real superheroes.
Book.png "Peace and Quiet" January 13, 2016 s10e16 178
A new kid is very anxious about any loud noises, so the boys and all the other citizens of South Park have to be very quiet, but there's just one problem--the motorcycle gang don't listen to rules, and make alot of noise with their motorcycles.
Book.png "Atlanta Schmanta" January 20, 2016 s10e17 179
Six children go to the Atlanta study tour as a super secret surprise and the honor roll role. The children are planning to do a project about Atlanta. Cartman attempts to sneak into Atlanta.
Book.png "The Flu" January 27, 2016 s10e18 180
Stan has a cold, so his friends told Stan to rest, and tried to make him feel better, but it gets worse..Stan become a runny nose zombie that can infect other people as well, so they have to think of a plan to save Stan and the others before it can spread any further.

Season 11 (2017-2018)

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png "Christophe’s First Date" October 4, 2017 s11e1 181
Christophe has a huge crush on a girl who is also a misotheist. The boys are helping Christophe to become an fancy bachelor. Randy is setting up a surprise party for Grandpa Marsh.
Book.png "Terrance and Phillip Rip-off War" October 11, 2017 s11e2 182
The Canadian Television Company has cancelled Terrance and Phillip, leaving the kids to dwell in their sadness and anger. A new show called “Gilbert and Frank" takes the original's place, and it’s a total rip-off of Terrance and Phillip.
Book.png "Gregory’s Pet" October 18, 2017 s11e3 183
Gregory has a new pet poodle name Dominique. The boys are glad that Gregory has his very own pet. Stan is trying to train Sparky for the Annual Dog Show.
Book.png "Class of 1800’s" October 25, 2017 s11e4 184
The kids are doing their homework, and the question “What did the kids of the 1800’s do in their quality time?” appeared. Unfortunately, they have no idea, so they go to the 1800’s to find the answer to their homework's question.
Book.png "Catch that Rat!!" November 1, 2017 s11e5 185
Kenny has lost his rat while watching TV, and the rat has rabies..Now the boys must catch that rat, before it spreads it's rabies to the citizens of South Park.
Book.png "The Lovecation" November 8, 2017 s11e6 186
Clyde asks Bebe to go on a vacation with her, so they go to Hawaii to spend some quality time together, but some mysterious Hawaiian figures kidnapped Bebe. Stan has his own date with Wendy.
Book.png "Ode to Ike" November 15, 2017 s11e7 187
Kyle’s little brother Ike went missing while having an peaceful picnic. Stan and Kyle have to look for Ike, on their own, while Ike is surrounded by ghetto babies.
Book.png "The Rain, The Park and Some Country Music" November 22, 2017 s11e8 188
Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Butters decide to start a country music band on a rainy day.
Book.png "The Return of Mysterion" November 29, 2017 s11e9 189
Ever since Kenny lost his weather powers, he's reverted to his old superhero alias; Mysterion. He even has MintBerry Crunch at his side to protect the citizens from evil.
Book.png "The New Kenny" December 6, 2017 s11e10 190
Kenny discovers the wonders of the second-hand store and buys himself some clothes and wears everything ither than his orange parka, and everyone thinks that he's a new kid.
Book.png "Butternochio" December 13, 2017 s11e11 191
Butters is in a pickle. When he lied to his father, his hair began to grow. Now whenever he lies, his hair grows a lttle longer, and Cartman wants to get Butters into serious trouble. Kyle and David are watching a movie about the terrors of religions.
Book.png "Drawing Hearts" December 20, 2017 s11e12 192
One of the Raisins girls--Mercedes, has been drawing hearts in her notebook. The gang finds out that she fell in love with a boy that had been nice to her and protected her from a violent attack and not seeing her as a sex toy. They soon find out that her crush is Pete, one of the goths. 
Book.png "Welcome to Sooner City" December 27, 2017 s11e13 193
The boys are at Oklahoma City, to practice for the 2017 Music Parade. Stan and Kyle are lost and end up with a bunch of hillbillies.
Book.png "Kyle’s Bored" January 3, 2018 s11e14 194
Kyle's bored of doing the same thing everyday, so he declares that they do something different. While looking, he finds a new arcade, a restaurant and a museum.
Book.png "South Park Family Reunion" January 10, 2018 s11e15 195
Henrietta’s crazy aunt is visiting, and she tries to fix them problems of all the South Park kids, especially their behavior, teaching them important lessons and helping them communicate. Can she help Kenny at all?
Book.png "It’s Cool in School" January 17, 2018 s11e16 196
South Park Elementary School has become an ice rink. The kids are enjoying the ice rink that they deserve, but some of them contracted a disease and could starve to death.
Book.png "The One-Way Ticket to Assterdam" January 24, 2018 s11e17 197
Cartman has gone to Amsterdam, Germany to tell them that Jews are very dangerous and can spread like wildfire, but as for Cartman speeches, Kyle has a plan to get Cartman back for making fun of his whole religion.
Book.png "100,000 Leagues Under the Sea" January 31, 2018 s11e18 198
The boys find the submarine in Cartman's backyard. They guys dig it out and Cartman names it "U-Bobby." They take the submarine underwater go on an expedition, but a giant octopus grabs the submarine with the boys still inside.

Season 12 (2019-2020)

Image Title (Fake)Release Date Production code #
Book.png "When Time Flies" September 25, 2019 s12e1 199
Clocks went missing in the town of South Park, and no one knows who stole them. They need to find out who stole the clocks of South Park. Detective Cartman is looking for evidence.
Book.png "Pip Stark" October 2, 2019 s12e2 200
After Pip reads a comic book about Janus Stark, he begins to practice a trick, just like Janus Stark. Cartman is performing a magic trick to impress Heidi.  Kenny and Butters are practicing their ball juggling for the trick they're preforming tonight.
Book.png "Tom Cruise Has Sex With Lady Gaga" October 9, 2019 s12e3 201
Tom Cruise has sent to jail for having sex with Lady Gaga, but Tom is 100% innocent, and didn’t have sex with Lady Gaga at all, so the boys have to tell the truth that they made it up for fun. Randy is practicing for his Lorde concert.
Book.png "Accident Can Be Troublesome" October 16, 2019 s12e4 202
Kyle accidentally broke Stan’s Xbox, and he tries to apologize to him, but Stan is downright furious at Kyle, so to make it up to his best friend, he has to come up with the money to buy him a new Xbox.
Book.png "South Park Carnival Palooza" October 23, 2019 s12e5 203
The carnival is in town, and the boys are thrilled to go to it. There's one problem, however. Nobody is at or owns this mysteriously fun carnival...
Book.png "Werewolf of South Park" October 30, 2019 s12e6 204
The citizens of South Park are terrified when a bloodthirsty killer werewolf is on the loose. However, the boys are thinking of a plan to trap the werewolf, but what they don't know is that this werewolf is one of their friends...
Book.png "Cartman Noir" November 6, 2019 s12e7 205
Cartman is playing detectives with his partner; Butters. While playing, his toys are stolen and now the two need to find the person who commited this crime. Randy's watching the classic 1980's romance movie called “Some Kind of Beautiful.”
Book.png "Meet the Whites" November 13, 2019 s12e8 206
The episode features the Whites. Jason has a busy schedule; doing chores, going to school, finishing his homework, and some difficult tasks that're goning to be challenging.
Book.png "Iceland, Straight Ahead" November 20, 2019 s12e9 207
The Marshes are taking the boys to Iceland to visit Stan’s second cousin “Skylar Marsh." Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny were playing in the snow and having fun while Skylar tells them about vikings.
Book.png "The Rise of Ads" November 27, 2019 s12e10 208
Ads return to South Park to take vengeance, by creating false, love-hurt and gross ads, but that's not the worst part, it's make people lose their money and everything. Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Wendy need to save the town from the ads, including Leslie. PC Principal is up for this new challenge.
Book.png "Fifty Shades of Farts" December 4, 2019 s12e11 209
Stan is nervous about having a date with Wendy, because of him vomiting and gross-out neglections every time they talk, so the boys take Stan to the hypnotherapist to take care of his vomit, but it's contain side effects on Stan. Now instead of vomiting, he farts.
Book.png "Journey to The Center of The Earth" December 11, 2019 s12e12 210
The boys are going underground to discover what's at the bottom of the Earth, but they end up in the Earth's core.
Book.png "South Jumanji" December 18, 2019 s12e13 211
Kenny finds an ancient game board from under the snow. Kenny has read all the warnings, but the boys were so fascinated by this game, they begin to play it with no care for the warnings. When they start playing the game, all the animals come out of the game and start to cause destruction to South Park.
Book.png "I'm Fogged Up" December 25, 2020 s12e14 212
The misty fog approaches South Park and causes distractions to the townspeople. The boys must get rid of all the fog to be clear from all distractions and have life go on as normal. Randy and Stan are working on a science project.
Book.png "Randy’s Love Drive" January 1, 2020 s12e15 213
The Marshes are having an Valentine drive for the school. Kyle tries to find a girlfriend, but he causes more problems than ever.
Book.png "Honestly and Royalty" January 8, 2020 s12e16 214
PC Principal has to been very honest to his wife, his kids and the students at South Park Elementary. The kids are taking an test about what they'll do in middle school.
Book.png "The Last Show PT 1" January 15, 2020 s12e17 215
The boys begin to grow older, and now the boys have to go to middle school. When the boys hear the news, they plead to stay in elementary school, but it doesn’t last too long.
Book.png "The Last Show PT 2" January 23, 2020 s12e18 216
The boys are so glad to meet new friends, including their old past friends from elementary..Their friends are having fun together, and are sharing some good memories from South Park Elementary School.

Scrapped or Unused Episodes Idea

These episodes that haven't been planned or planned, but never released, being removed from the series or being moved to the other series "South Park Abridged". If you want to use my idea, Ask me first.

Image Title (Fake) Release Date Production code #
Book.png "Morph City" N/A n/a n/a
the kids are on a strange city that they can morph into anything they wanted.
Book.png "Jersey Devil" N/A n/a n/a
Kyle is the only boy who live in New Jersey (who also Jew) has to face the 10 deathly challenges. Stan is also his assistant. While Cartman has a new money scheme, and with his partner, Butters.
Book.png "Cartman's Little Gayass Secret" N/A n/a n/a
Cartman was being threatened by Kyle and Wendy, during to Cartman's behaviors. Wendy in the other hands, want to tell Cartman embarrassing secrets. Cartman has to think of something, before the secret is revealed.
Book.png "Africanadian" N/A n/a n/a
The protesting of an canadian having an single Africanadian, can cause a major populations. Stan has a plan to get rid of them, with the help of Ike.
Book.png "Obama Falls" N/A n/a n/a
The Presidents Revolution are back again, and this time....Obama vs Trump battle is about to begin. Who will win the battle.
Book.png "When Cartmans Flies" N/A n/a n/a
Cartman has a funny dream that he can fly. Kyle in the other hand, think that Cartman is insane. While Cartman can showed Kyle that he can really fly.
Book.png "Mexijew" N/A n/a n/a
Kyle and David are having a bake sale, and it's was a success hit. But unfortnatuly, Cartman and Butter's snack sale became a huge hit. While Randy once again hits alcoholics
Book.png "Randy's Beer Factory" N/A n/a n/a
Randy has a greatest idea that no man has ever have before...He made a beer factory called "Kuckers". All the men was so drunk, they begin to lose their shits, COMPLETELY. While Kyle has to get a girlfriend.
Book.png "Clown Central" N/A n/a n/a
Stan discovered a new phobia called "Coulrophobia". So he can't come out, until all the clowns are leaving, But Kyle want to help Stan to conquer the fear of clowns.
Book.png "Hide and Seek" N/A n/a n/a
While the kids are playing "Hide & Seek", Pip and Damien went missing, due to Damien's transformations.
Book.png "Don't be a Dickhead!" N/A n/a n/a
The students voted Cartman as "The Most Meanest Kid" in South Park Elementary. But Cartman behaviors can be a big situations.
Book.png "The Fatboys" N/A n/a n/a
Cartman and Clyde decided to gather all the fat people and started a band.
Book.png "When the Fucking Gets Tough, the Tough Keeps Fucking!" N/A n/a n/a
Kenny is operated and become a boss of the Hotline. Stan think that's Kenny shouldn't go to that jobs.
Book.png "Scam or Scan" N/A n/a n/a
Kyle was being framed by the bunch of angry jews, for pretending to be an evil demon in disguise. Stan try to clear’s Kyle’s names. While, Cartman evil plan work very well, except Craig caught him in sight.
Book.png "Fish N Dicks" N/A n/a n/a
Stan invited Kyle, Butters, and Kenny to search for a perfect place to make their food restaurants. Butters has a secret ingredients that may never unrevealed
Book.png "Reaching from Batter to Worse" N/A n/a n/a
When Kyle was killed in the hot, greasy, fry oil, Cartman decided to eat him. But if Cartman eat Kyle, He'll make him a cannibal. Or should i say, "Jew Cannibal"
Book.png "Smart Clyde" N/A n/a n/a
Clyde is sick and tired for being the dumbest kids around. So he trade Wendy with her smartness. Making Wendy act like Clyde and dopey.
Book.png "Cartman's Better Half" N/A n/a n/a
The boys decided to remove his bad side, and leave nothing, but his good side, With the help of Dr. Mephesto. But the result can cause the whole mountain town jeopardy.
Book.png "Tweek's Slushies Bar" N/A n/a n/a
Tweek decide to make other than coffee. It's called Super Frazzushies. The governments want Tweek to make a commercial of it.
Book.png "King Me" N/A n/a n/a
Cartman was to be a King when he grown up, Despite Kyle's hatred of Cartman taken over the world. He want to make sure that he can't let Cartman win.


  • The episode "Stuck in a Wringer" is a parody of the Spongebob episode "Stuck in The Wringer"
    • Both of these are the 13th episode of season 7
  • In the episiode "Crypto-Mania," the "zipping bugs" and "skyfish" are actually called a "rod." Rods are elongated visual artifacts that appear in some photos and videos
    • Paranormal proponents claim them to be extraterrestrial lifeforms, extradimensional creatures, or very small UFOs
      • These are actually just afterimage trails of flying insects and their wingbeats
  • The episode "Gobble and the Tramp" is based off the Disney movie called "Lady and the Tramp"