South Park Fanon Wikia

All users will follow rules. Failure to comply will result in consequences.

These rules were last revised on March 27th, 2022.

Membership Guidelines

Becoming a User

  • Unregistered contributors who want to become registered users just have to create an account. Currently, unregistered users cannot edit articles, create comments, etc.
  • User names have to be appropriate. So absolutely no flaming, cussing, or revealing of personal information in a user name. (eg KyleFansSuck) You will be banned.
  • All Users are only permitted to a single user account. There are no circumstances where having multiple accounts is acceptable on this wiki for non-staff. If you lose your password or account access, contact an admin.
  • It is recommended new users consult the Wiki Guide for help learning the basics of editing.

User Conduct

  • Be polite and respectful when interacting with other users. We are all here to work together.
  • Do not start edit wars. Be ready to discuss your changes with others. If you disagree with another editor, discuss the issue either on user or article talk pages. Repeatedly reverting each other's changes ("edit warring") is bound to aggravate the conflict instead of solving it. If you cannot reach a consensus, ask another user to mediate.
  • Absolutely no flaming. Clear insults of other users will not be tolerated and will be removed. This includes usernames, edit descriptions, discussion comments, userpages, etc.
  • While it is acceptable to create a page based on your own South Park fan work or fan site, it should be neutral and objective and not function as an advertisement.
  • Do not 'blank' a page by removing all of its content. This is a form of vandalism and will not be tolerated.
  • This wiki follows the same terms of use as all FANDOM-hosted wikis, as detailed here.

Content Guidelines

  • All content must bear some relation to South Park or its associated fan works or online community.
  • Use edit summaries as often as possible. They are there to explain your changes, and will help with keeping everybody on the same page and prevent conflicts with other editors. Be polite and professional in these summaries; do not criticize previous edits.
  • No vandalism. This includes blanking articles or sections (see above) or replacing content with nonsense or intentionally adding inaccurate information to articles.
  • Please do not make articles for animals and buildings without staff authorization. These are usually useless articles that take up space.
  • Please do not create group character articles. These are also useless articles that take up space. The only exceptions allowed here are The Boys and Craig and Those Guys.
  • To help keep this place organized, we encourage our users to use categories. If you're unsure what category to use, look at other similar pages to see what kind of categories they have.

Fanfiction Articles

  • All fanfiction articles created must have a link to the fanfic. If the fanfic is not completed then a link to a WIP is acceptable until a link can be produced. Fanfic articles without a link will be deleted.
    • If you do not wish to post your content to a dedicated fanfiction site, posting a sample in the Blogs here section is acceptable.
    • Authors with existing work can contact admins for exceptions, but new authors must wait until they have published something.
  • Fanfiction articles must contain enough information for an article. A few small sentences or a "Coming Soon" note or even a blank page is not acceptable. It will be deleted.
    • If a fanfiction article is about a deleted fanfiction, talk to an admin and this can be decided on a case-by-case basis, such as Lex Talionis.
  • We strongly encourage all users to add summaries and/or trivia to other users' fanfiction. Many of these articles are stubs and require expansion.
  • While fanfiction articles may be linked to a chronology by an author, such as South Park Unleashed or South Park Aargh, no articles pertaining to alleged episodes from future seasons of the main show are allowed, such as claiming a fanfiction is the first episode of Season 26. This can be confusing to new users.
    • Similarly, please do not post ideas for South Park video games or movies without specifying they are your works of fiction or ideas and not actual movies.

Canon Character Articles

  • Please **do NOT add fanon material in canon characters' articles**. Since every fanfic is set in its own timeline, it is impossible to calculate all the changes. If a canon character is extremely different than their canon counterpart in the show, note it in the article of your fanfic, or make a separate page denoted by its title. (i.e. Karen McCormick (SPU)
    • Staff members have recently began adding sections to canon characters relating to how they are used in fanon, as seen on pages such as Randy Marsh. The exact format for this section is a work-in-progress.
  • Do not add anything about "Relationships" to the canon characters, like Kenny, Kyle, Stan etc. in their articles. Each fanfiction has its own timeline, it would be impossible to catalog every relationship in every fic. You may note the relationships between canon/fanon characters in the fanfiction or relevant original character articles.
  • Do not create articles for those canon "one time" characters (ex. Thomas from "Le Petite Tourette", Loogie from "Tooth Fairy Tats 2000", etc) without administrator permission. Our affiliate, South Park Archives, already takes care of this for the most part. If you are willing to discuss them in a greater fandom context, we are willing to discuss it but please consult staff.
  • The sexual orientations of characters are never to be included in canon characters' articles, as this can differ wildly between fan interpretations and can be a controversial subject. As with all other South Park wikis, the character sheets from South Park: The Fractured but Whole are not seen as fully canonical.

Original Character Articles

  • While we accept articles on original characters, we would like to ask you link to either one fanfiction example or two fan art examples from different artists to prove notability.
  • Please do not edit others' original character articles unless adding/citing a reference from a fanfiction they have created, adding fan art or with their permission.

Pairing Articles

  • As of March 27, 2022, they must all include the {{pairing}} template at the top of the page. If a pairing article is missing the template, please add it.
  • All pairings listed going forward will require at least one fanfiction and fanart example each and **a total of at least three examples by different creators**, and they cannot be explicit or sexual in nature. This is to avoid cluttering the wiki with pages for pairings that do not exist, or are only pushed by one writer/artist. These must be external links; do not upload others' art as gallery items unless you are a creator and have staff permission!
  • Please do not add 'hints' sections to pairings without staff permission, i.e. Style and Kyman. Please include instead canonical interactions and avoid emphasizing them as 'hints' and describe them in a neutral tone without being suggestive of romantic motivation. You may discuss if fans interpret a scene as romantic on social media, but do not say in the text that you think so or suggest it was intended by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
    • Any depictions of sexual trauma are never to be considered evidence of a pairing's existence or of a character's sexual orientation.
  • We no longer cover in any way shape or form, pairings between related or adult and child characters. Referencing such content, even canonical depictions of pedophilia such as "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", is a bannable offense going forward. See also in fanfics. Some of these pairings do exist and are popular but we want to avoid any implication we personally endorse them.
  • Please refrain from leaving comments to criticize a pairing because you favor another. It's fine to have an opinion on these issues but it clutters the articles. This includes edit summaries; comments like 'nobody ships this pairing' are rude and unnecessary.

Website Articles

  • All websites included must be relevant to the South Park fandom, even if they only have a single South Park section.
  • To avoid clutter, we would like users to refrain from adding personal websites unless they contain South Park fanfiction and/or are dedicated solely to original South Park content.
    • If a website is offline and is/was important to the fandom, such as Mr. Hat's Hellhole, please add a link to an archived version of the website via


  • When you upload a piece of fanart to the wiki, please include the Fanart Template in the image description. Include the website the image was originally hosted on, the artist, and a link to the original posting. If you do not include the template and all necessary credits, the image will be removed and you will be suspended.
  • If you are the copyright holder of an image you find uploaded to this wiki and you feel that its use here does not fall under "fair use" and/or want it removed, please contact one of the Administrators
  • If the image has been created by yourself and you are the original artist, a template is not necessary but is recommended to clear up confusion.
  • Images created from South Park and are acceptable without the Fanart Template as these images are free for use. Plesse try to credit when it is used nonetheless!
  • Please note that These rules do not affect the use of your avatar as your avatar is used throughout Wikia and it would be unreasonable to request everyone to change their avatar every time you access the site.


Categories are used for both organizational and navigational purposes. When adding categories, make sure that the category belongs in the article. Also always check the description for each category before adding it.

  • Always pay attention when adding a category, categories need to be written and capitalized properly in order for them to work.
  • Categories don't work like "tags" do on other sites.

Manual of Style

Writing conventions


  • In general, content should be written in a style appropriate for an encyclopedia. Descriptions should be clear and precise as possible.
  • Please keep your articles neutral in tone. If you do not like original characters or slash fanfiction, that is your right to an opinion, but please do not express it in your edits.
  • Do not be overly specific when writing, only as specific as necessary.
  • Use full sentences where possible.


  • American English is preferred at this wiki as it is the spelling that South Park uses.
  • Colloquialisms, slang, l33t speak and other informal styles are not acceptable in articles.
  • Users can use short hand on Talk Pages, Discussions and Blogs only.


  • Do not overlink. Generally, a page should be linked to, from a given article only once, on its first occurrence. Links may be repeated if the first link is far up the page or if the manner the word is used in makes it necessary (e.g. in summary lists).
  • If a link is not to this wiki put the URL like this: [ South Park Studios]. It will look like this: South Park Studios. Notice it is lighter than internal links. If the link is to a page in this wiki just use [[pagename]] link. It will look like this: Cartman. Notice it is darker than external links.
  • To link to other wikis, you should use [[w:c: wiki name : article name | intended name ]]. (ex. [[w:c:community:Interwiki map|Interwiki map]] will produce Interwiki map)
  • If you need to link to Wikipedia you should use [[wikipedia: page name | intended name ]], for example [[wikipedia:South Park|South Park]] gives South Park.


  • Do not add any attributions (like "written by XYZ") or dates ("written on 14/02/09") to articles. An accurate record of all contributions to an article is available via its "History" page. Fanfiction articles are the only exception, in which the fanfiction's original author and date of publication should be noted.



  • If you are new to wikis, you may want to read the tutorial on Wikia Help.
  • To learn the basics of editing a wiki, go to the page editing guide.


  • Bold the article name the first time it appears in the article itself. Any alternative names should also be bolded at their *first occurrence.
  • Avoid using bold formatting for general emphasis.


  • "South Park" should be italicized, but only if it's referring to the show and not the location.
  • Italics should be used for the titles of books or fanfictions.
  • Italics can be used for general emphasis, but should be used sparingly.


  • Avoid using ALL CAPS.
  • Avoid bolding words for general emphasis.
  • Avoid using double emphasis (e.g. combining bold and italics).
  • Use emphasis sparingly and only when necessary.


  • Underlining article content should be used sparingly and only in special cases.

Fanfiction Titles

  • Fanfiction titles should be put in italics only.

Episode Titles

  • Episode titles from the South Park series should be put in quotations only.

Social Guidelines

  • Users are not allowed to share links to pages that contain illegal uploads of official South Park content, such as full episodes. This will be considered a bannable offense.
    • Please do not post pornographic content, drawn or otherwise, anywhere on the wiki including social areas. This will be considered a bannable offense.

Talk and Forum pages

  • Remember to sign your comments, you should add four tildes (~~~~) to the end of all of your comments on talk and forum pages, otherwise other people will not know it was you who made the edit. Although you don't need 4 tildes, 3 will work just fine (~~~). Four leaves you signature and the time at which you posted it, while three just leaves your signature.
  • Do not edit other people's comments: Editing or removing other peoples remarks in the forum, on discussion pages, or their personal user page is considered bad behavior. Post your own thoughts on the talk pages, and leave others to their own.
  • Users can clear out their talk pages or can create an archive for talk pages discussions.


  • Users can customize their signatures anyway they want. They can be plain, or be a different color, or be multi-colored,
    or be like Neocarleen's---->MysterionSprite.gif NeocarleenTalk MysterionSprite.gif. Note: If you choose to copy Neocarleen's you have to make it your own.

User Pages

  • Do not edit others' user pages: Pages in the "User" namespace are generally considered to be the property of the user they belong to. You can put whatever you like on your user pages (as long as you do not violate common rules of decency or insult other users) and nobody else is allowed to edit without your permission. In turn, you may not edit other users user pages without their permission either.
  • Users have the right to pretty much put whatever they want on their user page so long as it's in the bound of reason. Users can also create links to pages beyond their user page (i.e. If a user wants a sandbox they would put [[User:Name/Sandbox]] or a gallery [[User:Name/Gallery]].

Blogs and Discussions

  • The blog system is open to free discussion and posting of opinions, and is the only area of the site where you may post your own fanfiction as not to clog up the mainspace.
  • Please try to keep all blog entries related to South Park, South Park fandom or running the Wiki and not to discussion of personal issues, unless they relate to the show or wiki.
  • As the blog section is designed to be a safe space for users to talk, we would like everyone to be courteous and respectful and will warn users and remove comments when this rule is broken.
  • The same rules apply to the Discussions section, however, please consult the Guidelines in the Discussions section for additional information.

Administration Guidelines

  • Administrators are allowed to undo each other's administrative actions. However, it is expected that the one who reverts an action explains the reason for the revert. In addition, if the admin whose action was undone disagrees with the revert, he or she should contact the reverter and discuss instead of simply reverting the revert. If consensus cannot be reached, a third admin should be asked to mediate.
  • If an administrator is involved in an editing dispute, he or she should not use admin abilities or status to solve it. Ask another user or admin to mediate.
  • Admins should never remove other admins' abilities unless they have been inactive for over two years or are have requested to be removed.

Becoming An Administrator

Becoming an admin is not an easy task. One must have completed the following requirements:

  • A User must have 1,000 or more edits.
  • A User must be relatively active.
  • A User cannot have ever been blocked.
  • For you to become an administrator, someone with bureaucrat access must make you one. The minimum requirements for becoming an administrator are 1000 edits in the article, category or template namespace (i.e. talk page, blog and forum contributions do not count) as well as a continued activity of at least 3 months on this wiki.
  • If you meet these requirements and want to become an admin, you need to start a forum thread, titled "Adminship request - [your username]", where members of the South Park Fan Creations community will be able to discuss whether or not you should be made an admin. In the thread, say why you think you should be made one. The final decision will be up to the bureaucrat(s) after the community has its say.
  • Please note that administratorship is not a reward for good contributions nor a promotion to have more authority than other users. Simply put, an admin is a user who is being trusted with access to certain technical features to aid in maintenance. Not everybody who meets the requirements will automatically become an administrator; admins are appointed on a per-need basis.