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Most Notable Work "Can you draw Wendy Testaburger Marsh with her son"

Ric122 is a former troll who has been active in the South Park fandom in early 2017. He has been notable for plagiarizing fanfiction and fanart, impersonating other users, attacking Kyman fans, sending unsolicited fan art requests on Tumblr, impersonating YouTuber Angryjon within the South Park fandom, and causing problems on Twitter. He attracted considerable attention in mid-2017 for this behavior.

His work is published on FanFiction.Net, DeviantART, Archive of Our Own and Tumblr, and generally follows his original characters, the offspring of the show's canonical characters. He has, through these fics and his art requests, affirmed support for the Stendy and Kybe pairings, often against the popular Kyman pairing, which also attracted attention.

He has caused many members of the fandom to leave the community and in some cases remove their works or delete their accounts. Upon gaining infamy within the fandom, he attempted to cultivate a status as a meme, and regardless of his original intentions, some of his more recent behavior is likely a result of trying to maintain this status, including trying to create his own memes and continuing to pester artists.

Despite repeated apologies, he has continued the same patterns of behavior mentioned above, although he has primarily left

No one truly knows when he started, some say he's always been there, watching, waiting. You can often find him in tumblr users' inboxes with one chilling message: "Can you draw adult Wendy Testaburger Marsh with her son?'"'. He has recently changed his behaviour for real and had not cause trouble anymore ever since.


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