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Welcome to the South Park Fan Creations Wiki Guide!

If you're new here, the important thing to know about a wiki is that anyone, even you, can become a contributor. All you need is a FANDOM account and you're ready to go! Make sure you've logged in at the bottom left corner of the screen and click 'Sign In' if you aren't!

Ready to make your first edit? An “edit” can be as simple as fixing a typo or a spelling mistake, or involve adding dozens of new paragraphs of information from new releases or something you've re-watched recently.

Page Formatting

Before you do anything else, you should know a little about wiki markup -- this is the code that helps the function of a wiki. This works the same on any MediaWiki-powered wiki, including all of those on FANDOM -- but you'll need to use the Source Editor to view it!

Link to another page like [[this]] or [[Stan Marsh|this]]!

==New Section==
===New Subsection===
*Bulleted Point

For example, a simplified character page may go like this:

'''Stanley "Stan" Marsh''' is a fourth grade student and resident of South Park. He is the son of [[Randy Marsh|Randy]] and [[Sharon Marsh]]. He is ten years old and currently lives at [[Tegridy Farms (location)|Tegridy Farms]] with his parents and sister.

Stan loves animals, as seen in "[[Fun With Veal]]" when he wants to save the baby cattle from being slaughtered; he does not like hospitals, however, which he acknowledges in "[[Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut]]" and "[[Chicken Pox]]".

*Stan uses an inhaler, as mentioned in "[[Sexual Harrassment Panda]]".
*Stan's birthday is October 19.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=FAQ - South Park Studios|}}</ref><ref>As seen in "[[You Have 0 Friends]]".</ref>


You can see all of the formatting used -- trivia is bullet points, the titles of films or series are italicized, name in the overview is bolded, there are links to episodes and other characters, and you can get some idea how a page is organized.

If you need more advice on wikitext, look at this article at FANDOM.


Unlike our friends at the South Park Archives, references aren't as necessary here since we cover fan-created content and not official or canon content -- still it's a good skill to learn, especially for discussing canon characters or citing social media posts. This can be really intimidating when you're a new user, but you can get the hang of it quickly. These are best when you want to include information but do not want to break the text to mention the source.

For a primary source, such as an episode or film, you can use a citation template, but you may also state plainly what is said since this is a South Park wiki. It helps to include a direct quote or specify which scene, so other editors can check:

<ref name="age">Randy (as Lorde) is referred to as a 45-year-old man in Colorado on a magazine clipping in "[[The Cissy]]"</ref>

<ref>Kyle's birthday is seen on his monitor while playing Farmville in "[[You Have 0 Friends]]".</ref>

These are the formal templates for citing an episode and the template for citing a DVD commentary or bonus feature, which often include statements by Matt and Trey:

<ref>{{cite episode|title=EPISODE TITLE|series=[[South Park]]|date=AIRDATE|network=[[Comedy Central]]}}</ref>

<ref>{{cite video | people=Trey Parker, Matt Stone|year=YEAR OF RELEASE|title=DVD TITLE AND EPISODE TITLE|format=Audio commentary |medium=FORMAT|publisher=Comedy Central}}</ref>

For a secondary source, there are multiple templates to use depending on the medium, most commonly for citing websites, such as South Park Studios or IMDB, or news sources:

<ref>{{cite web|url=SOURCE URL|title=NAME OF PAGE|publisher=NAME OF WEBSITE}}</ref>

<ref>{{cite news | author = JOURNALIST | title = HEADLINE | newspaper = PUBLISHER | date = REPORTING DATE| url = URL| access-date = DATE YOU ACCESSED IT}}</ref>

This makes it easier for other users to verify the information you've shared, and sometimes can bring entirely new sources of info to light that may have more information to use! It can also help keep pages clean without citing in-text all the time.

Please note that voice actors must include a reference to imdb or a more reliable source; while many voices can be guessed at by ear it just isn't enough for the wiki.

Editing 101

There's two major ways to modify a page:

  • editing the whole page at once; click where it says 'EDIT' at the top of the page next to the title
  • editing specific sections of the page; click where it says 'Edit' next to the section title

We recommend source editor so you can view the wiki markup code as you edit. Make whatever changes to the text you need, and try to include references as covered above.

Try to be clear and concise for you edits; many of your readers will be viewers who aren't up and up with every episode and detail. Make sure your goal is to improve the contents of the wiki.

When you've finished, click the "Show preview" button to see what your changes will look like before you save it. Previewing your changes will often save you a lot of time and effort in catching minor mistakes, so try to make that a habit. Another option is the "Show changes" button -- this allows you to see the differences between the current version and your edited version.

When you're done, you can use the 'edit summary' button to write a short note to other editors and staff describing your changes. Don't think too hard about it, just put in a short description of what you changed. For example, you might say "fixed typo" or "added more information about Cartman". This summary gets stored alongside your edit, and allows people to track changes in the Wiki more effectively.

Check the box if it is a minor edit and/or if you want to watch the page, and after double checking your changes and if you are happy with them, click on “Save Page”!

If it's a big edit, like adding a new section with multiple paragraphs, we recommend copying the information to a notepad file so it is not lost if the save fails.

Try to add all the information in ONE edit if possible; making several edits to the same page in some hours is considered "edit boosting" and against the rules.

Protected pages

Halt! A protected page is a page where normal users are prevented from editing. Only a moderator or administrator can edit, move or modify a protected page, though other users may request protection be changed temporarily if they have information to add.

These are usually high-traffic and important pages such as for main characters or controversial episodes. We may also decide to protect some pages because they have been repeatedly targeted with vandalism, false information, etc.

Creating New Pages

Creating new pages is easy - whether you want to add an original character, a fanfiction, an author, a fansite, or a fan artist! The best method is to find an article with the right structure, copy it, and then edit to fit your idea.

Some examples to consult:

When creating a page, make sure the character or pairing is used in at least one published fanfiction or fan art and be ready to include a link to them in the page as an example. It is also useful to link to their AO3 tag if possible. If a page is lacking such evidence, feel free to add it.

The staff will reserve the right to include certain pages for ships/characters where the material is deleted if they can attest to it having formerly existed. For example, Lex Talionis is no longer online, but at least one staff member has seen it when it was online.

If you ever need to rename a page, visit Special:MovePage/{the page name}. For example:

To see all the pages that link to a particular page, visit Special:WhatLinksHere.


While any wiki is intended to be collaborative, since this is fan-created content it is generally intended for users to manage pages for their own content or to collaborate to discuss other users' content posted elsewhere, such as a fanfic, or you may have a conflict on a canon character article. You may want to discuss changes or ideas with other editors first in some instances -- every user on the wiki has a message wall for this reason, and you also have the option to create a talk page; or you can discuss with other editors on discord! You can also contact an administrator or staff member if see an error or have concerns about the wiki.

Need more help with editing wikis? Help is available from FANDOM HERE. and Wikipedia at HERE.

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