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The South Park Archives (sometimes known as South Park Wiki) is a South Park fansite hosted on Wikia that catalogs information about all things South Park. This includes character profiles, episodes, cast and crew, merchandising and much more. The fansite has traditionally supported user-generated content since it's creation in 2006, and the staff members of this wiki first began editing there before sending a request two years later to create a separate wiki for fanon.

Due to it's status as a part of the Wikia family, the staff members have changed numerous times, and the amount of content generated has shifted over time as a result of this. Staff members are generally expected to have a certain number of mainspace edits or badges.


Membership and activity on the wiki declined for a period (2013 - 2017) due to a turbulent administration that discouraged edits from other users and was often percieved as unfriendly. Many articles did not see significant updates reflecting changes to the series within that period. A turnover in leadership in 2017 has lead to a number of new features being added to the wiki, new content related to video games, and a more collaborative effort developed between the Official South Park Studios Wiki, South Park Fanon Wikia, and the South Park Archives website.

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