South Eater is a fan made crossover/parody of the anime series Soul Eater. It has gained a dedicated fan following.


The sequence is based on the first opening of Soul Eater, with several differences:

  • The scenes where Shibusen are shown, as well as the scene where Death is posing in the Death Room are cut from the beginning of the sequence. Instead, it is overlaid with scenes from the anime reenacted by the South Park cast (Maka attacking Soul, Black Star and Kid meeting Excalibur, Liz punching Kid for groping her breast).
  • The scene where Spirit is shown changing to Death Scythe is cut. Instead, it shows Butters as young Crona being interviewed by his own shadow.
  • The entire ending sequence is cut.

The song has the same action packed sequences as the first Soul Eater opening, only South park Characters play their roles.

It begins with the boys being shown, then, the camera shows a panoramic view of South Park, passing several characters, before showing the two primary characters' silhouettes, with the title appearing.

Next, Stan Marsh (Soul Eater Evans) is struggling to join hands with Kyle Broflovski (Maka Albarn). They manage to do so, and Stan turns into a scythe. Kyle then stands and strikes at the camera.

It then shows several pictures from the "series". First, it shows Kyle hitting Stan, then Towelie posing while Cartman screams at the camera with Kenny looking bored, and ends with Wendy punching Craig while Tweek looks frightened.

It then shows Kenny McCormick (Medusa Gorgon) doing an elaborate, serpentine dance, and then shows Towelie (Excalibur) twirling.

Next, Stan glares and snarls at the camera as it moves in on him, while Kyle stands looking effeminate. Kenny (Tsubaki Nakatsukasa) is seen smiling warmly, before Eric Cartman (Black Star) emerges, throwing a punch at the camera. Next it shows Wendy Testaburger (Liz Thompson), Tweek Tweak (Patti Thompson) and Craig Tucker (Death the Kid) go into a totem pole-like pose. Then it shows all of the characters except Wendy sitting at a table while Shelly Marsh serves food before Wendy, in a skimpy catgirl outfit (Blair) jumps in, shocking everyone present, Stan getting the typical anime nosebleed, showing he's both shocked and aroused.

Afterward, it shows someone writing tally marks in the sand, followed by a weeping shadow. The shadow is revealed to belong to Butters Stotch (young Crona) who begins to cry. It then shows Christophe DeLorn (Dr. Franken Stein) taking a puff from his cigarette, while an anonymous blond boy's face most likely Gregory (Medusa Gorgon) looms menacingly in the background. Mole then closes in on the camera, grinning sadistically. Then it shows Butters again, this time older and dressed as Margarine (teen Crona), looking depressed and commanding a menacing furry creature, possibly ManBearPig or Mr. Kitty, (Ragnarok) to attack. He then wails and uses large sword to make a screaming noise which affects the entire screen. It ends with chibi versions of the cast, looking a bit disturbed, before Cartman emerges unexpectedly, screaming. It then shows Kyle and Stan standing next to each other as the sequence draws to a close.


  • Kyle Broflovski plays the part of primary protagonist, Maka Albarn.
  • Stan Marsh plays title character Soul Eater Evans.
  • Eric Cartman plays the part of the rather comedic ninja, Black Star.
  • Kenny McCormick plays the part of the kind Tsubaki Nakatsuka.
  • Craig Tucker plays the part of Death's symmetry obsessed son, Death the Kid.
  • Wendy Testaburger plays the part of Kid's first partner Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson.
  • Tweek Tweak plays the part of Kid's second partner, Patricia "Patti" Thompson.
  • Towelie plays the part of the legendary sword, Excalibur.
  • Shelly Marsh briefly plays Maka.
  • Butters Stotch plays a young version of the ambiguous gendered swordsman, Crona.
  • Christophe DeLorn plays the mad scientist, Franken Stein.
  • Marjorine plays a teenage version of Crona.
  • An unknown furry creature plays Crona's demonic yet comical partner, Ragnarok.
  • Medusa Gorgon, the primary villain of Soul Eater, is briefly played by Kenny. She is later played by an unnamed boy (it has been suggested that this is Gregory Thorne). The large breasted catgirl, Blair, is played by Lambtron (as a cat) and Wendy as a human. Spirit and Death's parts are cut entirely.


The video is widely popular with fans of both Soul Eater and South Park, and it is primarily featured in fanart as well as being on YouTube.

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