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Shelley Marsh
Shelley Marsh.png
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 13
Hair Long, Straight, Brown
Occupation Baby Sitter, Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Debut Episode/Fic "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig"

Shelley Marsh (sometimes Shelly) is Randy and Sharon's daughter and Stan's older sister. She is ill-tempered and aggressive, referring to those around her as "turds" and often beating or even torturing Stan when adults are not around, though nonetheless compassionate; later seasons have instead emphasized her as assertive and focused more on her relationship with her father.

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Shelley Marsh wears a grayish-white shirt and pink pants. She has long, brown hair and bangs. She has bad dental problems and has to wear orthodontic head gear, giving her a very unappealing appearance. Because of that, she is usually scowling or frowning. She has a distinct adenoidal, slurred voice, where she breathes heavily through her mouth and nose, and lisps.


Shelley is often defined by her anger and aggression towards others, which she often expresses towards her brother Stan, who she has had a contentious and difficult relationship with. Even when heartbroken over not being able to see her boyfriend in "Over Logging" when Stan tries to comfort her, she nonetheless attacks him to express her feelings. Though his friends do not tend to take Stan very seriously when he discusses Shelley's behavior, they nonetheless appear intimidated by her as well. Her aggression seems to be rooted in an insecurity based on her looks, as mentioned by her brother in her debut, when he suggests she has been beating her up because she had been given new orthodontal headgear, and she admits in "Cat Orgy" that nobody had ever liked her before and that nobody would go out with her because she was "ugly". She accuses Stan more than once of staring at her braces and accuses him of lying when he denies it, further suggesting serious insecurity. She has also exhibited jealousy of her mother's relationship with her brother, accusing her of "always taking Stan's side", though Stan has conversely claimed they believe she is "innocent and sweet", suggesting they both feel competitive towards their parents' feelings.

Shelley has often expressed open belief that most other individuals are dumb or stupid, often referring to them as "turds" and in "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special" expressing concern that marijuana is making others dumber than they already are. However, Shelley is also shown to be compassionate, and is willing to protect her little brother from threats besides herself, most prominently in the episode "Pre-School" where Shelley vows to protect her little brother and his friends from being harmed by Trent Boyett because killing him is her job, but conditions her protection that they come out confess the truth about what happened, and emphasizing their responsibility for their actions. This suggests she shares her mother and brother's sense of morality.

Shelley notably is less complacent to inconvenience and obstacles than those around her and not afraid to take matters into her own hands when necessary. She burns down the Blockbuster when her father begins to exhibit more unhinged behavior such as taking away their phones, she is willing to interfere with her father's marijuana when he continues to neglect the family, and when Skyler breaks up with her she takes joy in executing a revenge plan against him. She does not turn to her parents or authority figures in challenging situations and is more than willing to handle them herself

Fanon and Fandom


Shelley's name has often been spelled Shelley as she is based on Trey Parker's sister of the same name; however, from 2008 on, Comedy Central often insisted on the spelling Shelly in official materials for unknown reasons, which many fans adapted to as a result. The name confusion continued into 2021, when Comedy Central used both names on different pages for her birthday. However, South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid used the spelling Shelley on multiple props.