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Sexual Assault is any sexual activity between two persons that does not involve the consent of both participants. Sexual assault is often perpetrated by an aggressor out of a desire to control or humiliate a victim, who is often left traumatized by the experience, especially if at the hands of a figure who was previously trusted. Those who are intoxicated, underage, or suffer from severe mental illness cannot legally give informed consent.

Multiple instances of canon sexual assault have been referenced in the series, such as Butters Stotch by his Uncle Budd, it is consequently featured prominently in some South Park fanfiction in a variety of contexts. As awareness of sexual assault tropes in fiction increases, negative depictions have significantly declined.

Some fics, such as "A scary rape" use sexual assault for shock value, while others use it as an informed background element, focusing on characters overcoming their trauma in a hopefully realistic manner. It is also sometimes used as an element for Smutfic, although this is increasingly discouraged.

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