FANDOM is an online South Park character creation tool created by Janina Himmen (Zwerg-im-Bikini) and managed for over ten years with hundreds of items and thousands of combinations. The tool has been featured on the main South Park website and is often used by fans to create images and videos to this day.

The first version was hosted at South Park Studios with Himmen's name removed despite an agreement to keep it, and was hosted from mid-2002 until early 2008. It featured limited features, including only a handful of backgrounds and color combinations, and some inaccurate items. The popularity of the tool later gave it its own webpage, where it was updated further.

Later additions have included custom multi-layer clothing design, separations of hat and hair categories with compatible styles and a new system, different body types, new eyebrows and locations, all-new backgrounds, and every Christmas, new items are uploaded daily from December 1 through Christmas, a five-year tradition still in effect as of December 2013.

There is also a popular SP-Studio Community featuring a forum as well as voting on wishes to be added, custom galleries, and monthly contests for creative pictures made with the tool, with winners being allowed to request items to be integrated into future updates. Himmen also manages social media accounts for the game.

Himmen's graphics can be found throughout the South Park fan community, sometimes being traced by other artists, and sometimes even coped into other works, like CustomSouthParks' character creator and some of the accessories in the Official Avatar Creator, as well as in countless YouTube videos and animations.

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