RIP Jenny McCormick
Fanfic Information
Series South Park Unleashed
Author JVM
Genre Hurt/Comfort/Friendship
Rating K+
Pairing(s) Kyle/Jenny, Cartman/Tina, Stendy (brief) Kelley (brief)
Written November 10, 2011
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
Link RIP Jenny McCormick
Fic Chronology
Written in the Stars RIP Jenny McCormick A Marsh Family Thanksgiving

RIP Jenny McCormick is a oneshot fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by JVM, with help from Mutt13. It was written as a birthday gift for Rachel C, and takes place from where her original stories left off.


The engine blew and the plane crashed - now Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny must learn how to deal with the death of one of the people they've spent their childhoods with.


Stan, Cartman and Kyle are at the bus stop, the latter arguing over television shows, when Stan points out that Kenny has not be in school for a few days. They visit his house to find his mother crying, but they are invited in only to find Kenny in his bed, who informs them that his sister Jenny has died and tells them the funeral is that evening, before noticing Cartman's gone. Cartman proceeds to have a tea party with various characters when Dan, Lyle and Barcman point out how harsh he's being. After Aquara points out he's being a douchebag, Cartman rushes everyone out angrily.

Kyle, meanwhile, listens to "I Miss You So Much" by TLC while crying and looking through photos from his and Jenny's relationship, but his father enters and explains he needs to stop living in how great things were, and try to make the present that great. Stan then sees Chef, explaining he's not sure how to feel about everything, but Chef explains Jenny is his friend and while they weren't close, they still cared about each other. They arrive at the funeral and all share in grief while Cartman gloats until the procession begins.

At the funeral, Priest Maxi reads one of Jenny's favorite short stories while the crowd grieves, aside Cartman, who listens to "We Didn't Start the Fire" ala Bob Dylan on his iPod, though he's hit by his girlfriend Tina. After Maxi finishes and everyone has been established, Kyle comes up and begins a speech, eventually singing Brandy's "Have You Ever?", the song that symbolized his and Jenny's relationship, fading into a long montage of scenes of them together, during which Jenny's voice joins in. As the montage ends, Kyle finishes singing only to realize Jenny is alive and was singing with him.

The McCormick family hugs Jenny, as does Kyle, and ask how she returned but Jenny is unable to explain how she managed to come back. Cartman refuses to join and finishes his own song, but once everyone else is hugging, he reluctantly joins, accepting Jenny as his friend. Finally, the ghost of Besty asks if they're allowed to bring Jenny back, and she is reminded of the kids' wish to be together forever by the Egyptian Princess Ghelia, revealing she had brought Jenny back to life in fulfillment of that wish.


  • It was the first appearance of Jenny McCormick, Tina Alveraze, Meleny McCurry, and various other original characters in over ten years.
  • The fic takes place in 2001. This is reinforced by the characters using Walkmans, George W. Bush being President.
    • However, True Blood and House, two television series which premiered several years later, are referenced.
  • Although Jenny's death occurred over New Year's, her gravestone is marked 'Feb. 24 2001', a referenced to the last posting of Rachel C's fics.
  • Every single one of Rachel C's original fanfictions is referenced at some point.
  • As this is a different universe, Chef and Pip are alive and referenced as such.
  • In form with the original series, Kenny's mother is named Peggy and Karen McCormick is not seen.

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