Prey Preview
Fanfic Information
Author Suki-Itami
Genre Romance/Abuse
Rating M/18+
Pairing(s) Kyman, Style, and Bunny (Minor)
Written June 18, 2011
No. of Chapters 30
Completed July 31, 2011
Status Complete
Link Prey
Warnings Abuse/Violence, Implied Rape, Yaoi/Slash, Sexual Themes/Content
Fic Chronology
Fill Me With Your Madness Prey Insanity

Prey is a story revolving around the abusive relationship of Kyle Broflovski and his husband of six months, Eric Cartman. The story takes place ten years after the events of "You're Getting Old", and is told exclusively through Kyle's Point of View.


Stuck in his abusive marriage, Kyle Broflovski feels death getting closer and closer with each passing day. On one of those days, an old friend, Stan Marsh, appears and offers him a shoulder to cry on. Quickly, and without him realizing it, Kyle falls in love with Stan, who is the only person who could lift him back up.


Kyle is a student in college - this is lightly touched upon and it is never mentioned what year he's in - studying for one of his classes when his now best friend, Kenny McCormick, rudely storms into the library singing his name. The two talk for a bit, the conversation ending when Kenny asks about a bruise on Kyle's cheek and not getting a straight answer. Tormented about not telling his best friend what happened, Kyle goes back to the house him and Cartman live in to tell him they were invited to eat with Kenny and his fiance Butters Stotch. Instead of a verbal answer, Cartman rapes (implied) Kyle for back-talking something he said.

Later, Kyle goes over to see Kenny and Butters, who both tell him they know he's being abused. Kyle denies the claim and ends up going to KFC for dinner instead, where he runs into Stan, who just moved back from North Park.

From there, the two have a short-lived friendship that turns romantic and dangerous as they sneak around behind Cartman's back. When Cartman finds out, he tries to kill them both, but this fails and he's arrested.

The story then skips ahead to a year later, while Kenny is on leave from his deployment in Afghanistan. A few chapters are dedicated to this bit of light mood, then Kenny has to leave again and Stan, who enlisted in the military, is sent to Basic Training.

While they're gone, Cartman breaks out of prison and, with the help of Craig Tucker, makes it back to South Park. He kidnaps Kyle and is very nearly successful in killing him this time, but is shot dead.

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