Pair the Spares is a term used to describe the act of pairing together secondary characters, usually with little relation to the overall story.

It originated in regards to a common cliche in network television where two characters who may not have had an existing attraction or chemistry may enter a relationship shortly before the series finale, not for story purposes but to ensure that all characters had a "happy ending".

The term is sometimes used more broadly in fandom to refer to any kind of Secondary Pairing.

Example of Pairing the SparesEdit

Wendy and Stan, are an primary couple in a fanfiction and the focus of the main storyline, however, the author has suggested Cartman is also interested in Wendy, and Kyle is pursuing Stan too.

Cartman and Kyle are left in the cold and both of them have experienced the pain of heartbreak and unrequited love, so they are hooked up together. They may not have even had any initial attraction to each other in the story, but they can always hang out and reminisce about their similar failed romances, and somewhere along the way, they might just find mutual love with each other like their former partners have.

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