On National TV
Fanfic Information
Author Icelilly
Genre Romance/Humor
Rating K+
Pairing(s) Candy, Mentions of Style
Written December 9, 2010
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
Link On National TV
Warnings Slash (Minor)
Fic Chronology
Drowning On National TV Desert Amazon

On National TV is a oneshot Candy and was part of a set of Christmas gifts. It was written by Icelilly.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Wendy is preparing for a big day. It's the last day of voting for the new South Park mayor and it looks like Mayor McDaniels is finally going to be leaving her post. Now about 30 years old and having a job as a news reporter, it's up to her and her partner to bring the latest news; that partner being Eric Cartman. However when she finds out that Cartman isn't live at the Mayor's office like he's supposed to be, Wendy is furious. What's the reason behind all this?

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The story is set way into their adulthood.
  • Cartman's line of "Everyone partying it out like it's 1999" is a reference to the Prince song of the same name.
  • This story was made for DA user, Lichtdiamant.

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