Nora Andersen
Character Information
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Age 10
Birthday July 2
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Occupation Student
Religion Protestant
Debut Episode/Fic Nora, The Norwegian

Nora Andersen is an original character created by Finni101 on Fanfiction.Net. She has appeared in four fanfictions.



Nora's first appearance was in "Nora, The Norwegian ".

Home and Family

Nora's parents divorced, causing her abrupt relocation to South Park.

Nora is half Norwegian and has lived in Norway all her life.


Video games

When Nora first arrived at the school, she introduced herself in front of the class and said that one of her interests was to play video games on the Xbox. Kenny suggested she try playing Skyrim, since she's Norwegian which he related to as Nordic.


When Nora feels homesick for her home country, Kenny suggest that going on a hike to the mountains could make her feel at home. This cheers her up, which may show that she likes enjoys hikes.


In chapter five of "Nora, the Norwegian" she tells Kenny that she loves porn and has a whole closet filled with porn of all kinds. In "A new pet" she let's Kenny borrow one of her magazines at her home.


When Nora introduces herself in class, one of the things she tells is that she likes to go on crazy adventures, which makes Stan and Kyle think that she'd make a good member to their group.


The Undoer

In the episode "The Undoer" it is reaveld that Nora is the Undoer. The Undoer fights crime only that she has been killing many of the criminals for some reason. She tried to convince Mysterion that killing was the way but she failed. In the end of the episode she asks Mysterion if she could be his partner. At first he didn't want another partner, but in the end she managed to convince him to take her as a partner.

It is, at the moment, unknown if she has a superpower or not, but she do wear gears and she is a skilled fighter. She also talks in a deep voice like Mysterion, to hide her identity.


Not much is known about Nora's view on her religion, only that she's a Protestant. In "proms sucks part 2" when Stan asked her why she wasn't at church, she answers that it was because she was a Protestant and that there was no Protestant church in south park.


Nora at her first day at school

Nora is a white 10-year-old girl with blonde hair. She normally dresses in a red jacket with dark brown pants, dark shoes, dark blue gloves, a turquoise shirt under her jacket and a turquoise hat. Because of her hat and tomboyish way of dressing herself, people find it difficult to identify her gender from time to time. She says she doesn't like to dress in girl clothes and feels more like a "boyish girl".


Nora says that she feels like a "boyish girl" and she does appear to act like that, except for the occasion when she cries for missing home. She does appear a little shy at the beginning, but that changed once she was presented in class. Although she is a very "boyish girl", she does sit at the girls' table at lunch and not with Stan, Kyle, Kenny or Cartman. She enjoys fart-jokes just like the other guys do.

She appears to be a dog lover too. In "A new pet" she can't resist taking the puppet in and take care of it when Stan asks her to take care of it for him. She also appears to be patriotic about her home country. She feels deeply insulted when Stan mistakes her home country to be Sweden and then goes on for a half hour talking about what's so great about her country.

In "The Undoer" it appears that she has a dark personallity as well because she kills off the crimminals instead of beating them up like Mysterion did.


Relationship with Kenny McCormick

Nora walking to her locker, crying, with Kenny feeling bad for her

Nora and Kenny are very close friends, even from the start. When Kenny suggested that taking the class on a field trip could make her feel like home, she hugged him tight and said that it was the nicest thing anyone ever had done for her, and then she kissed him on the cheek which made Kenny red around his cheeks and laughing to himself.

When the boys are arguing about what they should do when Nora start crying near her locker, Kenny walks right up to her and asks her what's wrong. When she told him that her parents had just broken up, he tries to comfort her the best he can, but doesn't know what to say.

When the class is angry at Kenny for making them go on a school trip, Cartman takes Kenny's bag and pours out all the porn magazines Kenny has in his bag and shows it on the school ground to the whole class.

At the trip, Nora tries to comfort Kenny by explaining that she doesn't care, but Kenny won't listen until they get up on the mountain.

When Kenny seems to be dead from the hippy activists, Nora is the only one that cares of him being dead. The rest of the class are just about to leave except for Nora, Stan and Kyle (Stan and Kyle were waiting for Nora). Nora does CPR on Kenny and tries to make him wake up, which she succeeds in doing and once Kenny is awake the class returns to help him.

When Kenny is at the hospital he doesn't respond to any of the guys until Nora gives him a "get well" card.

At the end of "Proms sucks part 2" Nora is shocked to see Kenny alive after him being killed, the day before that. Non of them remembers him dying, but Nora which Kenny reacts to.

In "A new pet" when Nora apologize to Kenny for not telling him why she just was with Stan the day before, she tells him that he is her best friend and Kenny tell Nora that she's his best friend.


Kenny shows a lot of interest in Nora, even from the start.

When Cartman finds out that Kenny made the class go on a field trip, he runs over to Kenny and claims that the only reason he is nice to Nora is because he likes her, which Kenny admits is true.

Nora also shows strong feelings for Kenny, which can be viewed as romantic feelings. Nora kissed Kenny on his cheek when Kenny suggested to go on a field trip to make her feel like home.

In the episode "Proms sucks" Kenny asks Nora to go with him to the prom, which she agrees to, only to being turned down at her doorsteps. Nora tells Kyle the next day that it was because the other girls made her do it and she also admits that she actually likes him.


In the episode "The Undoer" Nora is a the end revealed to be the Undoer. At her first meeting with Mysterion, she didn't talk much and she managed to hide her identity so well that she tricked Mysterion into beliving that she was a boy. The second time she met him, Mysterion took her mask off, but he couldn't recodnize her since she was wearing a black wig, which he didn't know. Her third time meeting him was when he rescued her from the Crips and Bloods gangs. Mysterion had then seen her true identity. Mysterion told her that he wouldn't tell the police if she stopped killing the crimminals. She thanked him for that and asked him if she could be his partner. Mysterion, who wanted to go solo, told her that he didn't want to, but she got him to agree by saying she'd tell him why he alwaysed died and about his power. When he agreed she told him that she couldn't tell him yet because he wasn't ready. She then disappeared when Mysterion wasn't looking.

Relationship with Stan Marsh

When Stan first meets Nora, he is unsure what to do. It is not until she represents herself in class that Stan thinks that she would make a good friend and be a good member of their group. When Cartman says that Nora can't join because she's a girl, Stan protests and says he thinks it would be cool to have a boyish girl in their group.

Although he later gets unsure what to do when she starts crying at her locker. He later takes her home along with the rest of the group to watch Terrance and Phillip, which Nora thought was nice.

Stan seems not to be sure what to do in tough situations like when Nora misses home, but he likes hanging around her when she's not crying and is having fun.

They both seem to have a love for animals (or dogs). In "A new pet" Stan and Nora's relationship grow closer as they watch over C.P. (The puppy) Stan asks Nora to help him take care of the puppet and she agrees to do so. Their friendship seems to grow further and at the end she wants to have a sleepover at his place because they had that when they were watching C.P.

When Stan is mad at Nora for TPing and throwing eggs at him along with the rest of Coon and Friends, Nora tries to apologize to him and tell him that she's sorry, but Stan wouldn't talk to her, which she took personal and responded in anger. Stan also acts like the father to Nora when he and Kyle tries to get Nora and Kenny to be friends again.

Relationship with Kyle Broflovski

Nora and Kyle's friendship hasn't looked deep into, yet. Kyle seems unsure what to do with Nora when she's missing home and crying. It's certain that he wants to comfort her, but doesn't know how to comfort her. Kyle is the one who think that they should go and say hi to Nora when they first see her at the bus stop. When Nora starts crying at her locker, he is the one who suggest that they do something to comfort her, but when he is asked by Stan to go to her and do that, he protests and wonder why he should go.

Nora and Kyle do share a lot of interests together, like playing Xbox and watching Terrance and Phillip.

He appears to like that she moved there and only wants her well, but he doesn't seem to get in touch with her as well. This maybe because he's shy around her.

In "Proms suck part 2" it is Kyle she tells why she turned down Kenny when he wanted to go to prom. Kyle then encouredge Nora to go to Kenny and tell him how she feels.

He was also the only one to apologize at her home for making a mess at her room in "A new pet".

Relationship with Eric Cartman

What Nora has as an opinion about Cartman is hard to tell. She does appear to dislike that he asks if she's a boy or girl. Cartman doesn't appear to hate Nora, but he dislikes that she's a girl and gets to be a part of the group. Cartman is the one that comes up with most of the arguments to why she should not join their group.

He also seem to dislike her relationship with Kenny since he thinks that Nora is "way out of his league"

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