Nora, The Norwegian
Nora waiting for the bus
Fanfic Information
Author Finni101
Genre Humor/General
Rating T
Written February 5, 2012
No. of Chapters 5
Status Complete
Link Nora, The Norwegian
Fic Chronology
Nora, The Norwegian Proms suck part 1

Nora, The Norwegian is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Finni101.


Nora Andersen has just moved into south park and she misses her home country. When Kenny finds out about this he suggest that going on a field trip might suit her, but that idea might not go so well with the other kids at school.


The boys are waiting for the bus at the bus stop. As they wait, when Kenny notices that there is someone new standing next to them. The boys are unsure how to approach this person and they can't tell if it's a boy or a girl.

When they arrive at school, Kenny is the first one to say hi, since she stands so close to his locker. They have a quick conversation, before the bell rings and they walk into the class. Mr. Garrison then presents Nora for the class.

When the boys get to hear about Nora and what she likes all of them, except for Cartman, wants her to join their group (or think she would have made a good member).

After lunch, they find her crying near her locker and the boys argue on who should go over and ask what's wrong, so as they argue, Kenny goes and asks her. She tells him that it's because her parents are getting a divorce. Kenny feels bad for her so he asks her if he wants to join him at pizza night at Stan's house.

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