New Kid in South Park
Chance Moore
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Author Pandapika
Genre Humor/Friendship
Rating T
Written January 21, 2012
No. of Chapters 5
Status Complete
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New Kid in South Park

New Kid in South Park is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Pandapika .


The new kid, Chance Moore, seems to get along well with the kids in South Park, especially the boys, except Cartman. His friends all seem to like Chance more, so he is excluded. Stan and Kyle expect Cartman to get back at Chance, but they don't know when or how it's going to happen, so they just have to wait to see what his evil plot will be to get rid of his new nemesis...


Chance finishes moving into his new house in South Park, when Butters knocks on his door. Butters asks a few questions, and leaves. Chance goes back to his room and falls asleep with the TV on. Meanwhile, Butters goes to the boys in a small hideout they had constructed, and tells them everything he learned about the new kid. From then, they debate whether they should invite him to their table or not, when suddenly a loose plank of wood falls from the ceiling and kills Kenny. Then, they decide that they should invite Chance to their table the next day, and Cartman becomes angered and leaves.

The next day, Chance comes to school and briefly introduces himself. When he sits down, Cartman whispers to Kyle and Stan that he is a tool. At recess later, Stan and Kyle approach Chance and ask if he wants to sit with them at lunch. Chance agrees, and they walked away. While they are at lunch, Butters asks Chance if he wants to come over to his house afterschool, and Chance said yes.

In school the next day, Chance heard Cartman mumbling things behind him, such as "Blond dumbass..." Then, Cartman calls attention to the fact Chance isn't paying attention and calls him stupid, and suggests that Mr. Garrison send him to third grade. Chance is angered and threw a text book in Cartman's face. He is sent to Mr. Mackey's office, but his scolding is relatively short and he is free to go. At recess, Kyle approaches Chance and says that what he did was really cool. Suddenly, they heard Cartman shouting that Chance's cat was a ginger. Kyle begins to defend Chance and yell at Cartman, until Cartman shouts that since Chance has a ginger cat and is friends with Kyle, then tries in vain to prompt everyone to attack him. Craig says that Cartman is stupid, and Cartman gets angry at him instead. So, since Cartman wasn't there to be a nuisance anymore, Kyle invited Chance to dinner at his house, to which Chance accepted.

The day after that, Chance is home playing on his Wii, when Stan, Kyle, and Kenny enter his house. They ask if they could play because Cartman is calling them constantly, and Chance allows them to. Meanwhile, Cartman is at Stan's house, asking his mother where he is. When Sharon replies that Stan is at Chance's house, Cartman begins to run there. Sooner or later, Chance receives a phone call from Cartman, who is very angry. He puts him on speakerphone, and Stan tells Cartman to leave him alone or else they will replace his spot at the bus stop, an action which Cartman says that Stan doesn't have the balls to do. Sure enough, he did, and Chance was in Cartman's spot with the boys. When they get on the bus, Cartman is forced to sit by Butters because his friends were all sitting with Chance. At lunch, Chance gets the idea that if he gives Cartman a 'Reasons You Suck' speech, he'll stop being a douche. So he walks over to him, and delivers his speech. Cartman is frozen with shock, while Stan and Kyle are afraid that it will be Scott Tenorman all over again if they don't do anything to stop it. Later in the hallway, Stan tells Chance to stay at his house that night. Chance wonders why, but Stan doesn't explain. On the bus, Cartman forces Chance to sit beside him, and asks why Chance hates him so much. Chance responds that he's just defending himself from Cartman, to which Cartman falsely apologies for and asks if they can be friends. Chance says he'll think about it, and gets off the bus, as Cartman scribbles down his address.

A week later, Mr. Garrison assigns a project on foreign countries' cultures, and Chance and Cartman get paired together with Italy as their country. They go to research in the library, and as Chance did all the work, Cartman asks if Chance will call him that night, to which Chance says he'll answer him at lunch. At recess, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are trying to decide where Chance should stay for the rest of that week. When all four of them can't accommodate him, Cartman comes over and tells them that he's not planning anything and backs it up by saying that if he did something to Chance, he would flunk the project they had just been assigned. On the bus, Cartman pleads to Chance with motions for him to call later that day, and Chance agrees half-heartedly. Later, when Chance decided he would call Cartman, Cartman immediately begins listing negative things about his friends. When Chance states he doesn't care about any of these things, Cartman becomes angered and demands that he stop liking them. A bit later, Cartman runs over to Chance's house and eggs it. Chance called up Kyle, and informed him that Cartman's plan had been carried out and he and Stan need not worry anymore. When the project is due, Chance turns it in for him and Cartman, and Cartman asks if he wants to play a game during recess. Chance accepts, and later at recess, they decide to throw around a football. Chance throws it to Cartman, and accidentally hits him in the face. Just then, the bell rang and they went inside. There, Cartman asks Chance if they are friends or not. Chance says whatever, and Cartman says he will call him that night. At night, Chance answered the phone, and heard Cartman trekking through snow as he spoke. They converse for a bit, until Cartman tells Chance to look outside. He does this, and sees Cartman standing in front of his house with a lit torch. He then throws it at the house, setting it aflame. Kyle is meanwhile at home, watching Terrance and Phillip, when Stan calls him and tells him to turn on the news. A report is being made on the arson of Chance's house and how he and his parents were killed. After the report, Cartman calls Kyle and begins talking about how great it that now they will be friends again, forever and ever and ever. Kyle, who is now creeped out, goes upstairs to fall asleep.


In this fanfic, there is only one original character, which is Chance. Other than that, all of the other canon characters appear.

Chance MooreEdit

Chance is the main protagonist in the story. He moved to South Park from Chicago, Illinois. His appearance is described as shaggy blonde hair, a gray baseball cap, a dark gray scarf, and a gray coat. He has trouble making friends with the students, mostly Cartman. His first friend is Butters, which is obviously no surprise.

He is described to have a voice like Kyle's, and his personality seems to be normal, but if any distinctness, he is sometimes secretive. In the second chapter, Cartman says the first two sentences he said to the class were "very dumb-ass things to say", even when these sentences were "Which one's Eric?" and "Oh, okay".

When Cartman starts antagonise him, he acts accordingly and takes a dislike to Cartman. But he isn't very sure how to have an enemy, so he happens to do a lot of things to piss him off by complete accident.

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