Mysterion Has TittyVision
Fanfic Information
Series Threadbare South Park
Author ThreadbareSP
Genre Humor/Friendship
Rating T
Written January 8, 2012
No. of Chapters 3
Completed January 15, 2012
Status Complete
Link Mysterion Has TittyVision
Warnings Language, sexual references
Series Chronology
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Fic Chronology
One of the Girls Mysterion Has TittyVision Dating: It's a Process

Mysterion Has TittyVision is a short fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net and deviantART by ThreadbareSP. The story is written in the form of a script and is approximately the length of one half-hour South Park episode. It takes place after the formation of Coon & Friends but before the events of the Superhero Arc.

Charlie's superhero alter-ego Stethoscope is, in part, a parody of the overly-serious original character superheroes that appeared in the fandom following the Superhero Arc.


The Coon & Friends begrudgingly allow Charlie Pierzynski's bizarre superhero alter-ego, "Stethoscope", to work as their secretary. Meanwhile, Mysterion finds himself distracted by titties.


The story opens with a Coon & Friends meeting in Cartman's basement. All of the original members of the club are present: the Coon (Cartman), Mysterion (Kenny), Toolshed (Stan), Human Kite (Kyle), TupperWare (Token), Mosquito (Clyde), Mintberry Crunch (Bradley), and Iron Maiden (Timmy). The group appears to be disorganized; the Coon chastises them for losing the previous meeting's minutes and the "official Coon & Friends rulebook".

The meeting is interrupted when Charlie peeks down the stairs. She asks to join the group, but her request is denied by the Coon. After Charlie leaves, the Coon is annoyed, and he implies that this is not the first time she's interrupted one of their meetings.

After this meeting, Charlie designs and dresses up in an array of different superhero costumes, namely, Electroshock, Coniferus, and Doctor Faustus. Stan insists that she cannot join Coon & Friends with any of these. He explains that the problem isn't her costume design, but the fact that girls aren't allowed to join the group.

Charlie, desperate to be included, appeals directly to Cartman. Cartman initially refuses, then offers to grant her membership if she murders Kyle. Charlie (naturally) does not accept this offer, and Cartman isn't interested in any further discussion. At this point, Charlie is irritated. She vows to create "the best superhero identity they've ever seen!"

After a bit of designing, Charlie stares down at her costume plan. We cannot see what it is, but Charlie seems delighted with it, saying, "It's perfect! They'll have to let me in their stupid club now!"

At another Coon & Friends meeting, the minutes have been lost again, and the Coon is furious. A few of the other boys suggest fighting crime without all the hassle of maintaining a not-for-profit organization, which irritates the Coon.

The meeting is interrupted again by Charlie, who comes racing down the stairs in her new superhero costume. This costume includes a large, ungainly, cumbersome piece of headgear, made from foam, wire, and aluminum foil. She also wears a cape, a mask, gloves, boots, a bathing suit bottom, and a skin-tight leotard-esque shirt (which plays an important role as the story progresses). She calls herself the Stethoscope, and claims her superpowers are superhuman hearing and the ability to communicate with the creatures of the ocean. She expects the Coon & Friends to be impressed with her design, and is very disappointed to meet a lukewarm reception.

To be continued.

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